Learning Who I Am

This is the first story I am publishing. This is a true story. I have written down most of my sexcapades throughout my life; I have wanted to share and now I will share them. There will be fantasies also, but I will specify truth or fantasy each time.

It is 1991, I was in the Air Force newly stationed at Norton AFB CA. I had been at the base now for 3-4 months. I had recently moved on from a 2 year relationship that was called off because she didn’t want to leave the east coast. We grew up in New Jersey and knew each other over half of our lives. I had joined the AF so that we would have a great life, or so I thought; it backfired on me. To this point in time I had only two partners, the 2 year with my high school sweetheart and one prior when I was not yet legal. More to come on that at a later time.

I was living in the dormitory with a roommate, Tom, at that time, so privacy wasn’t something any of us had. Out of the blue one day my roommate’s phone rang and since he wasn’t there, I let it go to the answering machine (lol, remember those?). The voice on the message was a female. She left a message in a very sexy voice, “Hey, not sure if I have the right number, but call me back, it’s Robyn.” Then she left her number. I had never heard Tom talk about a Robyn and he had a girlfriend anyways. I thought about it for almost 15 minutes and decided to call back and see who she was looking for.

I called and that sexy voice answered, “Hello?” I said that she had just called and I wasn’t sure who she was trying to get a hold of.

Her answer floored me, “Maybe it was you.”

I answered back, “I wish.”

She asked who I was and I told her my name. She asked where I lived, I told her on the Base. I could tell she was almost excited to hear that.

Then she asked, “Are you busy tonight, want to hang out?”

I told her I was free tonight. She asked what I like to drink, at that time it was Vodka and fruit punch, I was guessing we were going to get drunk. So we had agreed to meet up later that night. I got her info and hung up. I wondered who she was and what she even looked like, I didn’t even ask. I was nervous but intrigued. I had always been a shy person, so this was completely unlike me to meet someone like this. This was what changed my life.

Later that evening I headed over just after dark. I had a bottle of Vodka and a six pack of punch in cans. I pulled up to the apartments where she lived and then made my way to her door. I knocked and the door opened with her behind it, I couldn’t even see her. I got the willies for just a minute, but still I stepped in. As soon as I cleared the door she closed it. She was a large woman, not anyone I would ever look twice at. 5’8″ 280+lbs, long brown hair, early 20s, and the sweetest voice. “Hi” was all she said in a quiet voice. I returned the hello.

“I know I’m not what you were expecting, but I’m just looking for a friend to hang out with,” she said.

I told her it was ok, I had no expectations at all and I needed a couple of friends since I was new in town and all. She had the TV on and made her way to the kitchen and grabbed some cups and sat on the couch. She patted the couch cushion next to her, “I don’t bite, sit over here.” I made my way over and sat down. We made some small talk and watched some TV and got to know each other some. We drank the punch and vodka for an hour or more opening up about one another’s lives.

After a lot of alcohol, I know I was feeling pretty relaxed and we were just laughing having a good time. She asked me to shut the light off that was to my left on the end table. Quickly a thought – “hell yeah!” – ran through my mind even though she looked nothing like anyone I would ever date. I turned and reached under the lamp shade to turn the switch off. As I did she leaned over and began fumbling with my zipper and button on my pants. I didn’t stop her or say anything, as she undid the button and pulled down on the zipper.

She asked “You can help me out here?!” I lifted up and pulled down on my pants as she pulled them down too, leaving me sitting in my briefs with my jeans at my knees. She pulled back my briefs and reached in and grabbed my semi hard cock that was quickly hardening. Without any direction, I pulled my briefs down and then wiggled my way out of the jeans and briefs. Now naked from the waist down sitting back ready to enjoy whatever was about to happen.

With her head at my lap, she turned and looked up at me and blurted out, “My nickname is Bobbin Robyn.”

Before I could even respond she had my cock in her mouth sucking like she was having her last cock, still to this day no one else has ever come close to performing like her. Within minutes, I told her I was cumming. She never stopped, just kept sucking and stroking me until I exploded into her mouth and I felt it run all down my balls and inner thighs. She slowed down some still sucking and now slurping up all the cum she could. “Wow, you’re awesome,” I told her. She stopped and looked up long enough to say “Thanks.”

I will finish this in the next story. This was the start of me now realizing that I’m a sex addict. I never admitted it until just a few years ago, I always thought it was just a high sex drive. I now know it goes way beyond that.

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