Sex In Different Ways

I am over 70 but everyone believes me to be in my mid-50’s (to my advantage somewhat), so when I talked with my doctor about my sexual inabilities he first of all gave me some Viagra to try.  I used it a couple of times and was able to make my partner cum five times the first night and after that it did not work any longer, so after several months and many nights of watching porn I was unable to be aroused.  I tried to masturbate while watching some good porn movies but did not achieve any satisfaction from that, so I would turn off the internet show and walk away feeling very dissatisfied.

I made an appointment later with another doctor who specialized in erectile disfunction and was aroused when he examined me.  He put his finger in my ass and pushed it in to the hilt to explore my prostate and grabbed my soft cock in his other hand.

“That’s ok,” he said, “I think I can help you out, but first, we have to have a little discussion on what we have to do.”

“Ok,” I answered, “anything to make it work.”

He laughed and said, “I need to get your approval to touch your body any way I need to get your reaction, so, if I play with your penis and balls and ass and any other part of you, that will be confidential and you will agree to let me do this?”

“Yes,” I said, “you have my permission.”

“OK,’ he said, “but you will have to make another appointment for tomorrow around five pm and plan on staying about two hours. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes,” I replied and left his office and made the appointment for the next day at 5pm.  The office woman told me that he was a hard working doctor and that often he would work past his regular shift, but she would not be there.

The next day, after taking a long shower and all that, I went to his office and the office lady let me in and said she was leaving in ten minutes, so if you need another appointment, the doctor can leave me a notice.  I thanked her and she told me to go into the room with the door open and wait there.

In a few minutes, the doctor came in and told me to get undressed and put on one of the funny gowns they always have for you.

“I will be back in a few minutes,” he said.

“OK,” I answered.

H was gone a few minutes but suddenly reappeared with a surgical gown, mask and headdress.  He told me to bend over the examination table and hold on to the other side, that he was going to put some lube on and in me so he could get started.  I felt him behind me and felt his hands massaging my balls and rubbing some gel on them, he then proceeded to spread the gel onto my cock and worked some around my asshole.  There he inserted a finger and lubed inside really good and then went back to my prick and began milking it.  As he did this, I felt a faint glimmer of hope as my cock began to slowly harden.  I then felt something hard against my asshole and a large object began working its way up inside me and began a slow pumping, in and out, and I noticed his hands were still on my body.  I did not say anything, it hurt but soon did not hurt that much and suddenly he picked up the pace and he was pumping in and out rapidly. Soon a big groan came out of his mouth as I felt hot fluid hitting inside me.

“OK,” he said, “that was good.  I have to tell you that you have a very tight ass and I came in you to see how you reacted.  You did great and for that, I know now what will make you desire sex.  I have a class three times a week at my house and there are seven more patients with what you are going through, so I think by you attending, we can have your problem worked out very soon.”

Continued in part two.

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    this is my first time reading male’s creampie each other and this made me hard

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