Lines of Love

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She turned the page and the sun went below the horizon. She could wait no more. Inspite of telling herself every five minutes that he would be here any minute now, she knew that Roger was coming no more. No more would she see his beautiful, yet manly face. No more would his hands caress her breasts tenderly. No more would he call her his poupet. She got up and went back inside.

For Ryan, it was a regular fixture to watch his beautiful neighbor sit outside on her porch every evening till the sun went down. It had been going on for last seven months now. As usual, she was elegantly dressed, as if awaiting the coming of a special guest. A special guest that she must seduce into staying by her looks and nothing else. Tall, flowing long black hair, blue eyes and a angel face. Ryan sat on his window looking at her. At 19 years old, any woman was good enough for him to get rock hard. But with this one it was special. Every evening Ryan would rush home so he could see this beautiful stranger to his fill. Every evening when she went back inside she took a piece of him with her. Was he falling in love or was it just lust? Ryan remained ignorant of his own feelings. The only thing he knew was that he would see her again. See her long tanned legs, that peeked beneath her flowing skirt, see the outlines of her milky white breasts as the removed her hair that were falling over her bosom. How he wished he could see her breasts. He wondered if they were tanned or did she have bra marks, did she have large nipples, or were they tiny? What color were they?

They were pink and perfect. As were her breasts. Well tanned as her legs, she was hardly a prude. Every occasion she got she was at the local nudist beach. Though men looked at her often, her eyes only awaited the return of her dear Roger. Tonight she was checking herself out. She wondered if she would still please her dear hunk. As she removed her panties, he looked into the mirror. Her long black hair fell seductively over her eyes, flowing down to her left breasts. She gently pushed them aside, revealing picture perfect bosom. Soft and tight 34 C breasts, tanned to a seductive brown and yet without a trace of bra that she abhorred. On top her pink nipples looked like strawberry topped caramel cake. Delicious. If she was a man, she would have loved to suckle on them. That didn’t stop her from touching them ever so gently before her eyes moved down to her washboard flat waist. She had not an extra ounce on her, her pubic hair were trimmed into a single file and shaved over her lips. Her ass was tight as that of a 13 year old boy. Tomorrow she would be 35. Maybe Roger would come to greet her on this birthday.

Ryan raced at the top speed. Today was the day he had been waiting for ever since the beautiful stranger had moved in next doors seven months ago. He had quite accidentally found out that 13th March was her birthday. He had been saving his money to get her a good present. And after much thought he had decided on a beautiful necklace that he had picked from an online store. It had cost him all his savings, but it was perfect. It was also the perfect opportunity to talk to her. Today he would not wait for her to come out in the evening. He would pick up the necklace at his place and go in to see her. Wish her a very happy birthday and maybe tell her the story of his obsession with her.

Oh how she was obsessed by her lost love, that hunky Roger. Smiling she chided herself that she couldn’t live without him. Just as a girlfriend would have chided her. She had no girlfriends though. Ever since she had moved here, she had stopped responding to calls from her friends. Initially, they would call again and again, but soon they had given up on her. The only person she wished to talk to was Roger. Roger had never called. She thought fondly of the pearl necklace he had given her on her first birthday with him. Throughout the night they had made torrid love. She could still feel her loins burn as she thought of his manly hand caressing her soft back. That night was a very special night for her. She had been going out with Roger for exactly 2 months. However, she knew that they were deeply in love. A feeling that is so intricately woven with feminity. And she was as feminine as they get. Her hand reached down and gently massaged her pubic hair. Her thoughts turned into a faux reality. She felt Roger’s hand gently remove her hair to get a better look at her long, thin neck. His head bent over her as his hot lips touched the only fault in her entire body – a small mole on the base of her neck.

During those numerous afternoons that he had spent looking at her, Ryan’s eyes would always go to the small mole on her neck. It was so seductive. Just like a star on a clear blue sky… more like the star, Ryan said to himself. He wished he could kiss her long neck and then leave a mark around the mole. It was this small imperfection of her skin that made her so dear to Ryan. How he would love to descend down her spotless back, his tongue drawing a line on her spine. Soft kisses as his hands roamed discovering her, as he kissed her on the bottom, while massaging her breasts.,

Her hands went involuntarily to her breasts as she remembered the torrid night of sex and intimacy. She could feel Roger’s teeth dig into her flesh as he rediscovered her appetizing buttocks. She remembered fondly how they excited Roger. Sometimes he would see her bent down, clothed, to pick up something, and then move behind her, his pelvic pressing into her ass. That night it was his tongue that pressed into her ass. His hands massaging her breasts, his tongue swirling her butt hole. And then he changed his mind. Turning her over he kissed her breasts and massaged her behind. That was soft. Then the rage picked up, and the kisses turned into sucking. She was sure if Roger continued sucking her at that speed she would start lactating. When she told him that, he sucked even harder. And then he laughed. Oh how she loved his laughter, so full and so frank.

Ryan laughed at his own thoughts. Did he really think that his beautiful neighbor would just fall for him because he gave her an expensive necklace? Yet, he couldn’t help fantasizing how it would be to suck on her breasts. Massage her flat tummy with his hands, and then let them slide into her deepest secrets. Gently parting the lips of her vagina. Ryan would never call it cunt. Cunt was for whores, but he wondered what she called her vagina. Surely not pussy! He could feel his erection pressing his tight jeans.

She could feel his erection against her tummy as Roger’s tongue entered her mouth. Gently with one hand she had reached down to his sex. Massaging his rock hard manliness gently in her soft palm, she had directed him into her sweet piss hole. She loved to address her vagina as a piss hole. It seemed so perverted. It excited her. Today, it was her own fingers that violated its privacy. However, she could feel Roger’s cock inside her, inspite of the time gone by. Though enraged by his own hormones, that seemed to be getting out of control against her silky skin, he had been soft. He entered slowly, savoring her juices around his hard cock. Slowly his hips bucked as he pushed himself deep inside her. As deep as he could get. And then he pushed some more. She let out a small oomph feeling her vagina envelop his manhood, deep inside her most secret garden. Her own hips moved in a rhythm with his. Her hands came around his neck, and she pulled him over her, onto the bed. For what seemed like hours, they moved in unison. Her butt gyrating over his cock, so she could feel every inch of it inside her. The gentleness gave way to rudeness. Love became sex as Roger moved with an astonishing speed inside her. She could feel him in every part of her. One second his manhood tickled her clit, the next it pushed the walls of her piss hole into her womb.

Ryan was dreaming even more fervently as he walked over to her house. A while ago he was inside her, fucking her with all his lov
e, the next moment he was dreaming abo
ut their baby coming out of her womb. How happy would they be! Her, him and a small miniature of that beautiful stranger. His desire peaked, his feet moved even faster.

Her hands moved even faster than Roger’s cock had moved that fateful night. She could hardly control herself. But she must come with Roger, that was the epitome of love. In her dream world Roger drove his cock into her with an ecstasy that she didn’t knew existed. His hands were all over her. It was as if he was Satan… or god himself. Such ferocity she had never known in him. She could see his face contorted with pleasure of their union. She could feel his hardness inside her growling like a caged tiger. Her Roger was screaming with forgiven pleasures and then he could take it no more. The cage opened as he shot drivels of cum inside her.

Ryan was cumming and it was involuntary. His mind had excited him so, the movement of his legs and his pressing tight jeans had caused an accident just as he had rung the doorbell. In his mind he was deep inside her, making babies. In reality, his underwear was soiled with his sperm. But it was too late to turn back. When he got no response he pushed the door to heaven.

Man attains heaven inside a woman. The pagan religions have long believed that it is during an orgasm inside a woman that man is closest to god. Thus the infamous orgies of pagan worshippers. That night Roger had an orgasm of his life. Today it was her turn. When Roger had started cumming inside her, she was sure he would make her pregnant. He had closed his eyes and let out a blood curdling scream of pleasure. Inspite all her wishes, she couldn’t cum at the same time, but seeing Roger’s face, his eyes closed, his face contorted had given her immense pleasure. Today she was coming with him, her eyes were closed and she was screaming.

Ryan heard the scream, and rushed into the bedroom, only too find her in the midst of an orgasm. Her eyes closed her face contorted.

Roger never opened his eyes again. His heart stopped beating during the orgasm, but his cock continued to spray her with its juices. Now she realized what had happened. He had been so close to God that he had decided to stay. Today she was at the very place. It was her decision whether she would stay or go back to earthly pleasures. She decided to stay, never opening her eyes again.

The screaming stopped, but her hips continued to buck as Ryan gaped in silence. And then there was quiet. Ryan moved towards her to touch her. She was dead.

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