Caught on film-

Clare walked slowly up the stairs, biting her lip.
Her boss had called her up over the speakerphone, he had sounded pissed of, and every single person in the whole store had heard. She had no idea what to expect, Tom was normally a pretty nice guy, he was fifty-ish, with grey hair and a well kept beard, he was pretty trim for his age, something which Clare had noticed more than a few times.
Clare reached the last step and stood frozen in front of his door, she heard a voice yell ‘come in’, she hadn’t even knocked, how the hell had he known she was there?
She turned the knob and stepped over the threshold regretfully, it was day one of her university break and she didn’t want it to start on a bad note.
Clare walked in and sat down, her boss sat with his back to her and began to speak, ‘Clare’, he said gruffly, ‘do you know why I’ve called you in here?’.
Clare swallowed hard and shook her head, ‘no’ she muttered.
He turned his chair slowly, Clare was expecting Tom to look angry, but if anything he looked slight bemused.
‘Well’…he started slowly, ‘unknown to all the staff, we installed security cameras last week, I understand you were the last person to leave last night?’.
Clare froze, she knew now why he had called her in, last night when everything was locked up she had heard a knock on the back door, her boyfriend Jack had been waiting outside, she’d let him in and they had sex right there in the shop, they hadn’t had video cameras since the shop had opened, it was just that kind of town. Clare bit her lip again, recounting in her mind the way Jack had groped her body, how he had man handled her, bitten her nipples, slapped her on the arse and taken her from behind, she went bright red and stuttered, ‘you saw that’.
Tom smiled, ‘everything, and I’m afraid that your going to have to step down, we can’t have staff having intercourse on the shop floor’.
Clare nodded, tears started to well in her eyes, how embarrassing! She got up to go but stopped short at the sound of Toms voice.
‘Unless of course Clare, you bring your tight arse over to this side of the desk and cum for me like you did last night for Jack’.
Clare’s eyes went wide, ‘what!? I can’t do that, you can’t, we can’t!’.
Tom nodded, ‘I thought you’d say that, but I’m a little surprised, I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t know’.
Clare went even redder, ‘that’s just looking’.
‘Well…’ Tom grinned, ‘this is just sex’.
Clare went to move towards the door again, but Tom wasn’t going to give up that easily, ‘look’, he sighed, ‘you can either walk out and never come back or speak about this, or you can lock that door, keep your job and have a little fun.’
Clare kept on moving towards the door, just as she was about to step out she thought again, slammed it shut and locked it. She knew she wanted this, and what was stopping her? She couldn’t bear to go home and tell her parents she had lost her job, and of course, they’d want to know why, hell, they would probably ask Tom why, after all he was a family friend.
She walked over to Tom and quickly stuck her tongue down his throat without thinking, she felt him respond, he grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto the chair with him, Clare moved her legs and straddled her legs around Toms waist, she felt him go rock hard within seconds, suddenly she understood that Tom had wanted her all along, he had just been looking for an excuse to have her, any old thing would’ve done, it was a pity that he hadn’t know that from the start.
Clare quickly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his body, he had grey wispy hairs all over his chest and a slightly saggy tummy, Clare started to feel hot, she leaned in, bit his ear and whispered, ‘your turning me on’.
Tom hugged Clare to his body and slowly stood up and put Clare on the chair, he spread her legs wide and dropped his pants. Clare gasped, his cock was huge, she felt a little unsure all of a second and a little scared.
Tom smiled, ‘don’t worry, it won’t hurt that much’. He opened his top draw and took out a bottle of lube, he poured it on his fingers and then rubbed them together, he began to massage the lube all over Clare’s pussy, she began to moan and he pushed his fingers in harder. He lowered his mouth down to her clit and began to lick furiously, she moaned harder and struggled to move, Tom forced his tongue in and rotated it around and Clare began to come. Her juices shot out and Tom drank them up. He then stood up again and began to slowly push his huge dick into Clare, she moaned harder and he asked her how bad she wanted it.
‘To bad’, she groaned, ‘just fuck me, Tom pleassee, please fuck me’.
He pushed his dick in the whole way and Clare opened her mouth in pain, but let out a huge groan instead. He began to push harder and harder and Clare could do nothing but keep up with him.
Just as she was about to climax, Tom stopped and pulled out, ‘not like this he muttered’. Clare begged him for more but he refused, ‘no, I’ve got a better idea’. He commanded her to get of the chair, he told her to stand like a dog, he faced her toward the TV and pressed play, on the TV was her and Jack doing it doggy style, Clare yelped in embarrasment and turned to look away, but her eyes were glued to the screen.
Tom pressed pause and Clare sighed, please leave it on Tom, it turns me on even more’, Tom nodded, satisfied and pressed play again, he yanked her by the hair and kissed her hard, full on the mouth. ‘I didn’t know you were such a dirty girl Clare.’ She grinned and whispered, ‘you don’t know the half of it’.
Tom grabbed her tight arse and pushed his dick in, Clare let out another yelp, she wasn’t sure if you could handle all of Tom, he pushed harder and harder and then began to move back and forth, he slapped her on the arse, grabbed her tits and fiddled with her clit. Clare began to moan louder and louder, she shuddered and moaned, she couldn’t handle it anymore, cum shot out from Clare just as it did from Tom.
Afterwards they got dressed, Tom slapped her on the arse and told her she could take the rest of the day of but to make sure to come to work tomorrow bright and early.
Clare nodded, smiled slyly and promised that she would.

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