Doing Mary Anne

Mary Anne and I had been up late fucking. We’d been
together a year and
the sex was still getting better. We just couldn’t get
enough of each
other. I opened my eyes cautiously. Too bright out there.
The music was
still on. The same CD’s all night, ones with hard driving
beats. I
liked to get in time to the music as I drove in and out of
her, faster,
slower, then double time.

We reeked of sex. I reached between her thighs and ran my
fingers over
her still sopping cunt, then up to my nose. Ah! What a
heavenly aroma!
I was ready for more. As Mary Anne struggled to wake up, I
sat next to
her and started gently tweaking her nipples. Those small
dark buds were
incredibly sensitive. I had a theory that given the right
she could reach orgasm with this stimulation alone. I was
soon rewarded
with a series of moans that told me that we wouldn’t be
doing anything
but fucking for the rest of the morning.

I wanted this to take a long time. I noted that she still
had a black
silk tie knotted on one of her wrists from our play the
night before. I
was inspired. I took hold of her wrists and quickly tied
them together.
Getting up from the bed, I pulled her to her feet with the
end of the
tie and led her towards the row of large windows facing
Dearborn Street. In
front of these we had positioned a hook in the ceiling
with a rope
attached and dangling. Without a word, I stretched Mary
Anne’s arms
Above her head, ran the rope between her wrists, pulled
until just
short of getting her on her toes and tied it securely.

What an exciting picture! At 5’6″ and 115, she had a sexy,
lean body
with the trace of a washboard stomach. Stretched out like
this, her
ribs were particularly visible and she was irresistible.
My penis,
already hard, seemed to swell even more. Her legs and
arms, long and
thin, were lovely. In this position, her small breasts
looked even
smaller, and her nipples stood out dark and hard.

I pulled the blinds up completely, so my sexy creature was
on display
for anyone who was lucky enough to be watching from the
lofts on the west side of the street.

I started to spread Mary Anne’s
legs when I realized I had shortened the rope so much she
would be up
on her toes with her spread as much as I wanted. A nice
look indeed,
but I didn’t want leg cramps to interfere with her
orgasms. A happy
solution – I brought out a pair of her black five inch
heels. Naked in
heels, legs spread wide…what else. Ah, yes. Her nipple
clamps. I
attached these last and stepped back to admire.

Now I was ready to begin. I got behind her on my knees as
she faced the
windows and the hungry eyes of Chicago. I started gently
on her ass,
licking the cheeks lightly, always moving toward the
center. Licks
turned to nibbles, which turned to bites, smaller and
bigger. In time
she was spread wide, pushing back into my face as my
tongue got closer
and closer to the flower hidden there.

I don’t know how long I held off, darting my tongue closer
then away,
but I finally lost control and plunged deep inside her
little anus. I
thought little Mary Anne would explode. I probed and
probed. She pushed
and bucked, moaning and sighing . Even though my mouth was
focused on her rear, by now my hands had reached around to
occupy her
pussy. Did I mention that she was shaved? A taste of mine,
but she got
into it in time. The combination of her smoothness and was
wetness was
perfect for stimulation. My fingers slid freely, in, out,
pulling on
her labia, sliding in between to her clitoris. After
enough of this,
she her juices were running down her thighs. I stayed with this
through two orgasms, then moved around to honor her pudendum. I
between her legs and worshiped her glorious sweet-tasting pussy.

I was rewarded for my devotion in the end. As she reached
her third and
most explosive climax, my mouth and face were flooded with a
combination of her juices and spurts of her piss as her
body let go
completely to pleasure.

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