Older women are great

Older women are great!

All of the names have been changed but other wise this is a true story.
Like a lot of people I have more than one job to make ends meet. My side job is helping people learn how to use a computer. I work with mostly older people who want to learn the basics about the internet and email and maybe some word processing and occasionally some spread sheet work. The reason I work mostly with older people is that younger people already know this stuff. I think that one of the reasons I seem to be popular with the older generation is that I’m in my late forties and they are more comfortable with me than a twenty something instructor.
I was making a presentation on email at a local old peoples home. These people have their own apartments and usually their own computers. As I always do I tell then that I would be happy to help them on a one to one basis for a very small fee, usually $5 an hour. As usual I had several people ask to have me help them chose a computer and set it up for them. All of the apartments have cable and can get a cable modem, which is wicked fast.
One of the ladies was in her late sixties, lets call her Betty. Betty was a short woman about 5′ and quite heavy with huge breasts and a big butt. Her gray hair was long and straight almost down to her big butt. She was a widow and lived alone. She had a dark complexion and brown eyes. She looked a bit like an aging hippy chick, not a bad thing. Now I suppose I should explain that I love large women. Age has never been an issue with me either.
“Hi Tom, I’m Betty and I want to be able to use email and the internet. My daughters and grandchildren say that I can actually sure some sort of camera and have conversations with them using some sort of messenger. Just like on the science fiction shows. Is that right?”
“Yes it is all you need is some basic stuff and it is easy to use.”
“Can we go to my apartment and see where I could put the stuff and make a list of what I need? Will you help me buy it and set it up? I’m not good with these things.”
“Sure that’s what I do. When would you like to buy what you need?”
“Lets go to my place so I can show you where I want it. OK?”
I agreed and followed her to her apartment, in the new wing. It is a nice two bedroom apartment with a lot of room. She had a nice desk that would be perfect for her computer set up.
“Do you remember Janet? You set up her computer for her and she loves it.”
“Yes I remember her I still chat with her once in a while. She is a nice lady.”
“She recommended you she said you were nice. Wait right here I want to show you something.” She left the living room. I remembered Janet alright I was fucking her about once a month or so. I thought Betty was going to bring out some ancient apple two or and old lap top to see if it would still work. She came back and I was shocked, and happy, she was in a black see through nighty.
“Ta Da! Do you like what you see? Janet told me you liked us full figured women!”
“Very nice! I’ll have to thank Janet for recommending me!”
“Don’t you dare she told me when she was drunk and she would never speak to me again if she found out!”
Betty was standing right in from of me her huge breasts hanging down her nipples were a good three inched in diameter. I’m only 5’2″ so I was just a bit taller than she was. I reached out and gently pinched one of her nipples and she moaned. I kissed her on the lips and she pushed me down on the sofa and slipped her tongue in my mouth. I kicked my shoes off and pulled her nighty over her head and fondled her nipples as we kissed.
Then I slid down a bit and was sucking on one nipple I was playing with the other.
“Damn that feels good the guys here are so old pills don’t help them get it up.”
“So I’ve been told, You have great tits!”
“So I’ve been told and I know how to use my mouth as well!”
She unzipped my pants had pulled my cock out.
“Good it isn’t to big I hate huge cocks they hurt a little girl like me.”
She licked the head of my cock and then sucked very gently on it. I fingered her pussy she sat back and moaned and arched her back enjoying herself.
“I can’t suck cock and have someone play with my pussy I’m afraid I’d bite.”
I just laughed and stood up and stripped and then spread her legs and sucked on her clit as I fingered her. She came is a few seconds and I kept it up. She was very wet and came again extremely fast.
“Shit don’t stop that it feels wonderful. I love getting eaten and your pretty good.”
I got her off three more times before she made me stop so she could catch her breath. Then she grabbed my cock and licked the head and shaft and then sucked on the head until I came. I warned her that I was about to cum but she didn’t care she swallowed it all.
“When I give a blow job I like to finish it.”
“Well that’s the best I’ve ever had by far! To bad I don’t have any condoms or we could kick it up a notch.”
“Never under estimate me young man. I bought some yesterday when I heard you were coming here and that Janet was visiting her children. Now lick me again I love a hot talented tongue!”
I rubbed her clit with a moistened finger and tongue fucked her at the same time. She came so hard and fast that she screamed and pushed her pussy hard into my face.
“I hope nobody heard that or they’ll think I’m raping you.”
“Don’t worry these places are pretty much sound proof. Oh your hard again! Here’s a condom I like to fuck doggie style.”
I put the ribbed condom on and she bent over the edge of the sofa and I slipped my hard cock in her dripping wet pussy. I love to see the ripples move on a woman’s ass as we fuck doggie style. We both came at about the same time. I pulled my cock out and she turned around and kissed me.
“Now about a computer maybe we should get dressed and buy one and then after you have set it up maybe we could play some more.”
“Sounds like a perfect plan to me!”

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  1. Nice…I would love to bang an older woman. I have always wondered how the older pussy tastes.

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  2. rick

    Nice! I love big women to!

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  3. bunty

    hi ol;d women . do u want to sex with me so pls contact me 9213924963.i am very crazy about sex

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