The Mother,Daughter ,and Grand daughter part 2

Mother , Daughter , and Grand Daughter all in the same week !
Part 2 The Daughter
By Rick

I was in the electronics store getting more memory for my computer when I heard someone call Aldrich ! I haven’t been called by my proper name in years everyone calls me Rick most people don’t even know my proper name . I turned around wondering who remembered my name . It was Debbie , her mother is Dorothy who I had fucked earlier that day . Debbie had inherited her mothers huge tits and crooked smile however Debbie had a much larger butt . Debbie looked very much like the British comedian Dawn French How did you recognize me ? I asked . We haven’t seen each other since high school . I saw you walk in I was buying a new computer game for my daughter Diane . Mother told me that you drove he home from PT today thank you . Sometimes dad is so rude . I hope mom didn’t bother you with that silly photo album of me . She did I said but she is a nice lady who seems to be uncomfortable at home alone . Yes she is Debbie said . Hey you recognized me easily enough after 25 or so years . Was it my great smile or my big tits ? It was your beautiful face I said lying . She blushed and said nice try but these are my most recognizable feature pointing to her huge tits . You got me there . Your mother told me that you had split from your hubby . She frowned and said yes her was a bad apple I was afraid of what he could do to Diane if her got drunk and hit her . I guess big John gave him a piece of his mind and a few hits as well . Debbie laughed I guess so he put the bum in the hospital for eight days . The final paper come through in a few weeks and I’ll be officially free . Are you going to stay around here ? I asked . I think so Debbie said I have a nice job and Diane is working on a masters at Colgate in Hamilton so she is near by . Makes me feel like an old fart to think that your daughter is in her twenties . Me to she said . I understand that your dad doesn’t think to much of me either so I had better stay away . I said . He just didn’t like you for some reason . I’m surprised that you even remembered me at all I said . You were dating Anne after my dad told me not to see you but I always liked you . You weren’t always grabbing at my tits . I laughed I was grabbing at Anne’s tits . I understand that you were doing OK with her Debbie said with a big grin . I guess I was how did you know ? I saw you two fucking in the park one Saturday afternoon . Oops I said . That’s ok I was going there to fuck Tommy B . Ok then I don’t feel so bad I said . Didn’t Anne get married and move away ? Debbie asked . Yes she did I said . We should change the subject I said I’m getting horny ! So am I Debbie said I haven’t had sex in quite a while . Well we could go to my place and do something about it I said . She looked at me as if I was nuts and said won’t your wife object ? I don’t have a wife to object I said . I thought you married that Polish girl Mary . No I said . Are you sure ? I think I would remember something like that I said . dad told me that you had married her fifteen years ago . I think her husband Ed would have something to say about that I said . I suppose he would Debbie said . Was that the Ed that was about 6’6″ and maybe 100 pounds . That was the one . Shit Debbie said she’s a foot and a half shorter and 150 pounds heavier than he is . About right I said . I’d like to see them fucking it must be funny . I have a tape of that I said . What !? Debbie said . You do? Yes I said I make tapes for people and they were one of my first customers I kept a copy of it because it was so funny . I have to see that Debbie said . Lets buy our stuff here and I’ll show you the tape and then we can get naked and see what happens .Cool Debbie said lets go .
Debbie followed my to my place . When she saw the double wide she smiled and said . Dad wouldn’t approve he hates these things . It’s good enough for me I said and it’s paid for . She looked around and said more room than I thought it would have . Just a minute I said and got the tape . I asked Debbie if she would like something to drink and she asked for a soda . I got one for each of us . I turned the TV on and played the tape . Mary had Ed handcuffed they were both naked , Mary had actually written a script , she has big tits, not as big as Debbie’s but darn nice . Your in my power Mary said as she whipped Ed’s butt so lay down and do as your told . Yes mistress Ed said and laid down on the floor .
Mary straddled Ed face and rubbed her bald cunt in his mouth . Ed licked eagerly and Mary was obviously enjoying the ride . Mary wrapped the whip around Ed’s hard cock and pulled . Ed tried to scream but couldn’t with Mary’s cunt pushed into his mouth . Squirm you skinny assed worm Mary said . Bad acting Debbie said . I know they tried to sell this but not even the porn industry would buy it . Now fuck your mistress salve Mary said and sat on his cock dropping her big ass hard on his thighs as his cock went into her cunt . All it took was three strokes and Ed came . The cum ran out of Mary’s cunt and all over Ed’s balls . Oh shit you asshole Mary said you came to soon again we’ll have to do it all over . She looked at the camera and said cut god damn it . Debbie was laughing and said is there more ? Yes I said on the fourth take that afternoon it took him twelve minutes to cum and Mary was screaming fuck your mistress all the time . I think she came thirty times in that twelve minutes . I edited it into a thirty minute tape that they tried to sell . That’s to funny Debbie said . I reached over and gave her a big wet kiss and said want to see how many times you can cum ? Yes I do she said I’m horny and that tape made it even worse . I took off her top and bra . Her tits were even bigger than her mothers put she had tiny nipples . The label in her bra said 52 JJJ ! I licked on her nipples before removing her skirt and her panties . Her panties were size 32 which I think means that her ass was 64 inches around ! I fondled her ass and said that’s magnificent ! Thank you she said but you don’t have to carry it around all day and along with the tits I get a lot of exercise just moving around . I laughed and said I will help you carry either around if you like . I’ll bet you would she said . I spread her legs and sucked on her clit and she pulled my head into her with both hands . Keep that up and you’ll drown in my juices she said . I lifted my head and said sounds good to me . You pervert she said ! I smiled and said true and then stuck my tongue in her pussy and rubbed her clit with my finger and she came so hard that she pushed her pelvis up and into my face pushing me backwards.
UUGGHH ! She said I love that ! Her belly started to quiver as I continued to tongue fuck her and rub her clit . She was twisting her own nipples and then she came again bouncing her huge ass up and down . UUGGHH ! UUGGHH ! She said again . I sucked on her clit twirling my tongue around it as I sucked and fingered her pussy with three fingers deep inside her . She came so hard that when she squeezed her thighs together my head almost cracked . DAMN ! She shouted and bounced her ass up and down at least a dozen times . Thank you she said I’ve never cum that hard before . I grinned as I took off my clothes . I hope you enjoy the ride . I took a condom out of the drawer and put some maintain on my cock before I put the lubed condom on. Oh fuck me she said . I tipped her legs as far up as I could and put my hard cock in her cunt and stroked slowly as I fingered her clit . She bounced and moaned and screamed as I slowly fucked her rubbing her swollen clit . After she came a few more times she said faster and I stroked my hard cock in and out of her as fast as I could . When I finally came and my cock went limp she said Holy shit I needed that . Where did you learn to eat pussy like that ? From a bi girl I know I said . Well who taught you to fuck like that ? An older lady I knew when I delivered papers . Well you were one good student she said . You know how it is I said when
you want to learn yo
u learn . I knew that I didn’t have a huge cock so I had to do something else to keep women happy . Debbie was just catching her breath and she said we have to do this more often . Sounds good to me I said . Debbie said I’d better be getting home dad like to have dinner exactly at six . She got dressed and said what’s your phone number ? I gave her my office number and my home number and said to bad we spent so many years apart because you dad doesn’t like me . Yes it is she said but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him . What he doesn’t know won’t hurt me is more accurate I said . She laughed gave me a kiss and got her jacket . I followed her to her car and opened her door for her . She smiled and said my ex never did that in twenty three years of marriage . Must have been uncivilized I said she laughed and left . I went in the house and said to my self I hope she doesn’t tell her mother everything or I’ll be dead meat .

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