The Surprise

My man asked me to surprise him and bring something different to his place when we got together that night. We had done so many things together I really had to think it over. Then, I came up with a unique idea for us. I went out on a limb and got a few things at the store, before I went over. When I arrived at his house with a bag from the store, he seemed a bit surprised. I am ssure he thought I would have stopped at the adult store and got something. He wanted a surprise and that was what I got.
Tonight, I wanted to skip the preliminary stuff and go straight to the bedroom. So, I took his hand, and my bag, and led him into the bedroom. I told him to strip. he didn’t have any problem doing it. Once he got his clothes off, he looked at me and asked if I was going to take my clothes off. I said not yet, I have a surprise for you. I said, lay on the bed. He laughted and did what he was told. I took the bag of goodies to the bed. Then, I straddled him. he started to undo my shirt. I said no, not yet, and grabbed one of his hands. I put it over his head, grabbed a silk scarf from the bag and tied his hand to the head board. He layed surprised. Before he could make a remark, I tied his other hand to the head board. he asked what are you doing? I said, you wanted a surprise and that’s what I am giving you. Relax, trust me, this will be fun. If you don’t like it, after i get started, I will let you go. But, give it a chance first.
I got off of him and stepped back. Then, gave him a striptease, something a little sexy and out of reach. As I took my clothes off, I rubbed my tits and sucked on them. Then, I rubbed my pussy and put my finger in it. I made him watch me enjoying myself for a while. It felt so good I moaned and purred a bit. I wanted to really tease him. He begged me to come closer, so he could feel me. No, I said, I am having fun. He begged, I laughed. I said, begging wouldn’t work. I continued dancing and playing with myself for a while more. I just felt freer with him tied up and not being able to get at me. Finally, I got closer to him so he could smell me. It looked like he was drooling. And I could see how hard his dick had gotten while I was playing.
I liked the look of him tied up and his dick dancing for me. he begged me to get on him and ride him, he was almost in pain from how hard his dick had gotten. No, I said again, I have more surprisses in the bag for you. I reached into the bag and pulled out two more items, some chocolate syrup and a bottle of whip cream, two of my favorited flavors. His eyes widened. I opened the bottle of chocolate syrup and squeezed some on his chest and licked it off. I heard him moan. Then, squirted some whip cream on one of his nipples and sucked it off. I heard him gasp with pleasure.
Then, I thought, all of his hair was going to get in the way of my goodies. So, I got up and found some razors. Thank goodness he didn’t have thick chest hair. I was surprised he didn’t protest about the shaving. I shaved his chest and would stop once in a while to play with his cidk and balls, just to keep him interested. Or, I would bend over to give him a kiss and stick my tongue in his mouth and run it around his lips. When, I had his chest shaved, I moved down to shave around his dick and balls. He told me to be careful down there and don’t cut anything off. I laughed, and said, I would be extremely careful with my precious toys. I carefully shaved all the hair off his balls and from around his dick, nice and smooth. As I was shaving him, I licked the head of his dick and watched it jump each time. he would jump and groan every time. I was having fun. I thought, since i was shaving him, I would do his legs as well. I got even hotter the more I shaved him. Now, he was smooth all over and I could enjoy licking his entire body better.
I started at his feet, just to tease him. Sucked on each toe. Licked his left leg to his inner thigh. Then, I sucked his inner thigh, left my mark on him. He gasped as i sucked on his leg. His gasping delighted me. Then, licked his balls, just a little and up his dick, making it bounce. I got out the chocolate syrup and dribbled it over his chest, making a few designs, then dribbled some on his dick. the chocolate ran down his dick and over his balls. It looked delicious. Now for the whip cram. I shook the cand and sprayed it on his nipples, over his chest and stomach. Then, I went to his dick and sprayed some around the bottom of it and on his balls.
Now, it was tiime for the fun part, licking all of it off. I started at the top and sucked his nipples until all the whipped cream and syrup was gone. Then, kissed and licked the rest of his chest and stomache. the whipped cream and syrup combined with the taste of him was wonderful. As I was licking, he laughed a little and said it felt good. Next was the real goodies, his dick and balls. I went down and licked the head of his dick. he jumped with surprise. Then, I licked down one side and back up the other. I put the head of it in my mouth, just the head. I wasn’t in any hurry, I was having fun. Tickled the head with my tongue and gave his dick a few strokes with my hand. I let go of his dick and licked the base of it. I was trying to be sure to get all of the whipped cream off of it. Went down to his balls and gently sucked on them. The smell of the chocolate and scent of him mixed together, made my mouth water even more.
I could hear him moaning and see how swollen his dick was. It was time t get down to business. I went to the head of his dick and slowly lowered my mouth over it. I put it in until it touched the back of my throat. Then, wrapped my lips around it and tightened up my throat, moved my tongue around on it. mmmmmmmm, he tasted so good. This was my favorite sucker. I felt him push up toward my mouth, trying to stick in farther. So, I pulled it out slowly and felt him shudder. He wanted it badly. Then, slowly back down, up and down slow and steady, listening to him moan with pleasure. I spent several minutes sucking on him. As I did this, my pussy got wetter. I could hear him moaning with each strok. I didn’t want the fun to stop, so I stopped and pulled my mouth off of him. He sucked in his breath in so hard, I thought he was going to swallow his tongue. he asked me why I stopped. I told him to be quiet and wait, he would enjoy it.
I had gotten so horny I needed him immediately. Now, I straddled him with my ass toward his face. Slowly I slid my hot, wet pussy down over his big, swollen dick. I shuddered as I slid over him and let out a moan. It felt so good to have him in me. I bent down to face his toew and slid up, almost off of his dick. In this position, he could see his dick coming out of my pussy. And I knew it would turn him on even more. He begged me to let him cum, his dick was aching and beginning to hurt. I wasn’t in any hurry. I slid back down slowly. Just wanted to tease him a little more. I took my time sliding up and down, squeezing my pussy on his dick. Oh damn, it felt good. I couldn’t wait any longer. I sat up more and began picking up speed. We were moaning together, it was sooo good. He was pushing up in me and I slid back and forth on him. Oh yes, yes, yes, this is what I have wanted. Fucking him was such great pleasure. Yes! I could feel myself getting ready to cum. he was begging for me to keep going. A scream was welling up inside of me. Yes! Yes! Yes! I screamed as I reached my peak. Then, he yelled, Fuck! and squirted his cum into me. Oh god, that felt so good, all that hot cum filling me up. I slowed down and pumped on him a few more times, wanted to get all the cum out of him.
Finally, I stopped to let my muscles relax. I could hear his heavy breathing from behind me. Then, I slowly let his dick slip out of me. It made him jump a little. I turned around, went to his dick and licked all the cum off of it. Licked the head and all around the base and balls. Didn’t want to leave any behind. It was so delicious. The taste of the two of us together mixed with a little chocolate and whipped cream. Now, I was done and ready to rest. I went up and untied his hands, layed back on the pillows and closed my eyes.
All at once, I felt him slide his hand between my legs. My eyes popped open and looked at him. he had his face down by my pussy and wanted me to spread my legs. With great delight, I spread my legs wide for him. He put his mouth to my pussy and licked it out. I wiggled with pleasure. By the time he was done running that wonderful tongue up and down my pussy, I was exhausted and completely satisfied. And, thank goodness, so was he. We snuggled together and went to sleep.

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