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What do you guys do against the flood of immigrants?

the major group of immigrants in my place comes from china or other eastern asian countries, that’s why my post will concentrate on them, mostly. they are taking away our jobs and get paid like beggars and live in shitholes if they even have a fixed place to call their home.

so anyway, a couple years back i noticed, how many of them live in cheap motels/hostels. i read up on it, apparently we have so many jobs that they flock in without even having a decent place to stay.

not much later i noticed it myself in a hostel. you see, it is hard to go to a nice place in a nicer country for vacation, if they lower the wages so much. anyway, cheapest hostels usually have you sleep in large, gender mixed dorms. some even have the same thing going on for showers, i was really surprised when i first saw that. i assume the same for that first asian woman i met in this way, little did i know i’d make this a habit of mine:

nice first day at the beach, come back to the hostel, go to changing rooms (only some benches and a tap), get undressed, still thinking about a lady (well, mostly about her cleavage) i saw on the streets, walk in to get a shower. i hear a small scream. left to me there was a small asian standing, probably in her early 30s, trying to cover her totally unshaved womanhood, pulling faces all while still staring at my semi. you see, i might not be “hurr durr 14 inch bbc masterrace” but obviously my 7 incher still made a big impression on her and, as i will get to know first hand, on pretty much all other asians as well.

first thing i say is: “sorry, i mustve gone to the wrong shower”, i turn around rapidly, made my dick swing unintentionally, made her silently squirm more and left the showers. but the sign outside said for both men and women.

i went inside again, making sure i was covered and tried to explain and shit, didnt exactly expect her to be frozen in time and not move at all when i came back, still covering herself in the same fashion. i dont know if she understood me or not, as she still didnt react to me talking at all. so in the end i just asked her if she was alright with me taking a quick shower now, i tried to explain with hands and signs, made a nodding expression saying yes and once she nodded back i undressed myself again, showered with my ass towards her and left.

was fucking weird to shower like that; even when i left she was still in the same corner, but i never saw her in the hostel again.

two days later something very similar happened: i had a night sweat so i took a shower in the morning immediately again, this time 2 old men were in the showers when i entered, we were all standing politely in the corners, them in the far corners from the door, but soon got done and left. instead, another asian entered the place. she didnt look around much or she would’ve seen me, but once she turned on the shower and turned around to apply soap to her body she saw me and turned away again. she must have been in her thirties aswell, nice rack, unshaved, but at least she could speak our language well.

she said she was sorry and started small talk in a very nervous fashion. the kind of talk people do in movies when they are terrified and try to waste time before the bad guy kills them. i was just trying to be polite and always answered her, i was long done with showering but didnt want to walk out, as the conversation just didnt come to an end. she had no ass to look at, there really was no reason for me to stay, the beach and ladies were waiting for me i thought, kek. ok, not gonna lie, i hoped for some glimpses of her rack while she showered. what felt like 20 minutes after she entered she finally asked if i was done and wanted to leave, to my honest answer and asking why, she said after a moment of silence that she was ashamed. so i excused myself and went off. fucking asians. making me feel bad for them.

at the end of that week my stay there ended and i kind of realized this new fetish of mine, exhibitionism. i guess it is fairly obvious that it is because i met so many women in the showers, because as the days went on i still met them again, but none asians. i also discovered that people in hostels are generally quite loud, but if suddenly most women’s voices get totally quiet, it is because they all went to take a shower. yup, walked into one of those once. i should have known, there were tons of clothes in the changing room. nothing happened really, they all glared at me when i entered, immediately exited again and waited for them outside. some hotties were among them, but those are stories for another bread.

what DID happen though is that an asian moved into my room the night before, but probably seeing as there were men in the room, she didnt undress to sleep, but kept her skinny jeans and everything on, heck she didnt even let go of her big ass backpack. was a sight to behold, no idea about her looks though, it was too late. so no wonder she slept badly, the two of us were the last ones in our room. i came back from the beach early to pack my stuff and leave, she was still sleeping in the same position she fell onto her bed the day before.

i figured i could change my clothes while she’s sleeping, nobody would notice. i really needed a shower, but no time for that anymore, gotta pack stuff. so i was taking off my swimming gear and as soon as my ass was showing, i noticed behind my back that she turned her side away from me. *recalculating* so she wasnt asleep then. dafuq was she doing? me, being a polite idiot, stopped, went up to her, as if she was still sleeping and calmly said i was sorry about that and that i thought she was asleep. as i was saying that she slowly sat up and turned around. she saw my dick and was very surprised, she opened her mouth in a pointy O shape, turned her head away and down towards her for an asian very large breasts, saying in broken language, “oh, oh no, i am so sorry, i thought you were done.” me still being a dumbass realized what i just did, (going up to her still naked) and just grabbed my dick with both hands in an effort to cover it. that doesnt work with my tiny ass donald trump hands and i should have known it, because the tip still poked out. i assume she got a quick glare again, because she suddenly took her hands and covered her eyes. i excused myself again and said how inept i was. she answered “please, i am ashamed”, then i went back to my stuff, got dressed, packed and pondered about what the fuck just happened. i came to the conclusion i must have some special sort of autism.

that winter i went to the hills to go skiing and to catch some sun. in the first place only one interesting thing happened really. the third day there was an asian girl (i mean really, a GIRL, she was tiny. also cute, but no boobs and small ass. she was alone though so she mustve been at least 18) who was just about to leave the place. i saw her the days before, but only ever exchanged a hi and a bye because there were too many other people around. that day though, because i slept in after drinking a lot the day before (to be fair i drink every day whenever i am on vacation. also every night. also outside of vacation i drink a lot. forget that i meantioned drinking) and she was looking for something in her stuff i assumed. we were able to talk for a bit at least.

she soon found what she was looking for, turned away from me and started getting her shirt thingie off. i assumed she was ok with men and women changing in the same room (honestly, by far most people are. i have never seen a man give a shit and women, well at least white and black women mostly ignore other people aswell, other races and religious ones are modest once again tho) so i took off my sleeping clothes and got my new clothes to get dressed.

what i didnt notice is that the girl didnt do a full change, she only changed the top layer i assume now. so me still standing there, not noticing, morning wood wobbling the eff around probably, wanted to continue the talk to make the silence less awkward, but she didnt answer. i repeated myself, maybe she didnt hear because she was changing something else, too, right? nope, she was just standing there, facing me with her body turned 90 degrees away. i was bent over while fixing my socks so i didnt see, but when i stood up she visibly slowed down all of her movements more and more and slowly opened her mouth. me, not having boned an asian before, only latinas and whites (no fugly negroes) remembered from the net that asians usually are very awkward when it comes to sex, so i assumed she got horny off of me. i first didnt know what to do, so i just continued to talk and let the whole thing become a monologue, as she still didnt answer.

what started out as morning wood and obliviousness was soon an erection as hard as wood and readiness to bone. i walked towards her, she still didnt react so i did my moves and changed the subject to her being sexy and shit, the usual stuff. this usually works, but she probably wasnt up for it at all, because all of a sudden she faced me again from her former frozen position, spoke again, but much faster this time and was arranging her stuff. me being a bit confused just stood there and enjoyed the view whenever she bent over to pick something up. i closed in on her more and more, no idea why anymore. it became obvious that she was packing her suitcase to leave, especially once i got so close that i was basically in the middle of her stuff and she had to do laps around me because she didnt want to come near me as if my cock had a forcefield of a kind.

heheh, at some point i tried to reenact that one gif where a guy pulls his dick to the side, lets it go and slaps a whore in the face with it. i actually did it, even if from another direction: she was looking under the bed for something. i stepped from behind her to her side, took a finger, pulled my dick up and once she got up i let it go so it slammed on her head. she said (well, almost shouted) “oof, sorry. oh no! [when she noticed my dick dangling] i’m really sorry, i didnt see you there” kinda pointing with the palm of her hand towards my crotch, as if to not let her fingers go too near to me. “are you alright? yeah, sure, thanks” we then both said, we giggled a little for being n’sync and she said very astounded: “what? really? but i just…you know…my head and you…your…”

“oh dont worry about me”, i said, “i am very fit down there and can take a pounding” she nervously laughed and continued packing, faster than before. my puns dont seem to work with her, eventhough i had good experience with that. anyway.

she is really cute and also kinda hot, from what i could see, but my boner was getting soft. i decided i could jerk my dick while she isnt looking, my size doesnt change with hardness, but an erect dick is always more appealing. so whenever she turns towards me i had a hardon, when she turned away i would touch myself. i gave it my best to keep the small talk going on, but she only answered with yeah, no and other short sentences anymore.

at some point i jerked it too much so i came an assload onto her pillow, when she wasnt looking. luckily she was arranging stuff in her suitcase for a long time. i dont think she caught me doing anything aside from standing a lot around her, so at some point she was done, got her stuff, said goodbye and shit and left.

i also got dressed then, but something funny happened just before i left while i was checking my phone: one of her friends quickly came back, a white hottie, they forgot a comb, grabbed it and wanted to leave, but she discovered the pillow (i totally forgot it there) and quietly asked the asian who presumably just stood out the door, if she had what google translate calls a “discharge” at night. i dont know what happened then, because i didnt see the asian anymore but i still hooked up with the white one later on. maybe she told her some good stories of me who knows xD

at this point i knew about my new fetish and i was going out of my way doing dangerous stunts to get exposed. i like the hostel setting, so i would come back to the same ones often.

second week i changed to a motel at a different place with an ice lake, because the first one got more expensive for the second week for some reason. it is located in a shithole in comparison to the first one but it’s also the cheapest i have seen in the hills in winter. the place was just perfect. mixed dorms, mixed showers, very large and wide area, no cameras, no security, nothing. also, only few tourists, high season must be in summer.

my first morning there, after i woke up, i went to take a shower immediately, i wanted to smell good for the ladies i’d meet…potentially. when i came back to the dorm, everybody aside from two asians left. the larger group looked and sounded like they were on their way to an all-day trip somewhere, the asians made the impression on me that they would stay for a while. they were quiet and polite, even when talking to eachother, but then again i dont think they knew eachother, as i think i remember them not talking to eachother in the very beginning.

i was incredibly horny that morning and those times my brain seems to turn off reasonable thinking. so what happened was that i figured i should shave in the room. we had a mirror and a sink in our dorm of 8, so i took off my t-shirt, put pre shave on my face and shaved. (also i combed my hair in the mirror and stuff) i could perfectly see the asians in the mirror while doing all that, but they didnt seem to bother. then i applied after shave and seeing as they didnt care, i started shaving my armpits. there wasnt much to shave there, so i was done in no time. still, i didnt see a reaction from them. (by the way they were sitting on the complete other side of the room, so it could have been that they didnt really notice me or that i just couldnt see them well enough at that distance).

anyway, i got my shirt on again, but i just couldnt give up yet. i decided that remembering all those bushy, unshaved asians i could shave my pubes in the mirror, too, for maximum effect. so i pulled down my pants and got going. i was trimmed already so i didnt have much to remove once again, but at least i could do something. this is when they definitely noticed me. i could see them look up slowly and then quickly go back to what they were doing beforehand once or twice each. when i was about to shave the difficult parts, between the balls and the legs, the balls themselves and the base of my dick, i am sure they caught eachother looking at me. that’s when their conversation stopped, so i checked in the mirror and really, one turned her body completely away and the other just turned her head down to maybe her phone or something and sometimes quickly looked behind her a couple times, eventhough there was nothing there.

i decided it was time to show off some more. i was done shaving anyway, which allowed me to just put a little plastic thing on the blades of my shaver so that it couldnt do much more in case i fucked up. i turned 90° so that they could finally see what they were looking for all the time. i still did the same shaving movements, but this time i concentrated on getting and maintaining an erection. i had a semi all along so it was comparatively easy to accomplish. i continued this fake shaving for a good 5 minutes when i switched to getting body lotion all over my skin. i remember hearing a sigh when i stopped using the shaver and went for something else, but they didnt know what else i had in store. i rubbed it nice and slowly over my body, trying to imitate what i saw in erotic media. the last body part to put the creme on was my crotch of course which i did continuously for at least another 5 minutes. if i didnt have one before by then i absolutely had a raging hardon, because in the end i pretty much wanked, just slower than usually.

at some point the one that turned away completely left the room. when she was on her way out i decided to use my last chance so i turned towards her swiftly, making my dick sail in the wind and told her bye. she didnt answer, but had a rather stern look on her face. that’s when it hit me that she might go and get some help from an employee. i had about 15 minutes i estimated which is how long it takes to get to the reception and back from there.

i stopped spreading the body lotion and went to take my clothes and sat next to the other one. i was horny beyond measures and she wasnt even that good looking. small tits, no noticable ass and i wasnt sure if she was fat or not. i hoped she had a low self esteem and therefore was an easy fuck. so i began doing my moves and everything, but naked. butt naked. it was ridiculous, because she still couldnt really look at me and i was just there flailing my arms and dick around talking loudly but in a friendly way to her trying my best at getting something. didnt really work. she was pretty bad at english and had to use a dictionary quite some times. i did find out about her age (24) and that she had boyfriend for 6 years but they didnt even kiss. she hasnt seen a cock in her life before, either. when she told me i asked if she liked it and if she was impressed, she said she is kinda scared so i just said thanks and that i’m proud xDD in the end i asked her if she knows about sex and shit and how boners work, i first had to explain what i even meant and then i had to explain her basic biology. she really had no sex ed at all. (before you even ask, my moves arent talking about science. she just completely ignored my advances, asked me all kinds of shit in exchange and i was desperately trying to keep the conversation alive.) my last question was if she wanted to know how semen looked like. unsuspectingly she said yes, so i grabbed my dick and stroked it. i stroked it harder and harder, but she didnt seem to understand what was going on and asked why i touched myself and that i was being indecent all the time, especially right then. she was looking away almost constantly. i told her that aside from sex this was the only way she could see semen come out of my dick. she probably still couldnt deal with the amount of information i gave her on the subject, so she just kept repeating “what”. she said that many times in our whole conversation, so i told her, she could jerk me off, too, if she liked that more. once again: “what?” at that point i couldnt be bothered anymore and just said “look, this is how men cum” she didnt look my way, probably because she still didnt understand jack shit, so i reached out for her head, softly turned it my way and jizzed all over her mouth, chin and top. she shook a little, then she froze and looked at herself in awe, her arms bent and slightly pointing away from her. “see? this is what babies are made of”

at that point i remembered the time, got dressed, quickly packed my stuff and left the room. i put my suitcase in one of the lockers that were readily available outside the rooms. there were always two rooms in one house, between their entrances were some lockers. most people didnt use them (there werent enough for everybody anyway) and just put their suitcases under the bed. i usually do that aswell.

i left the place as fast as i could, only taking my wallet and important stuff with me. i planned on coming home late, so that if the other chink really had told on me i could hide in the other group once they came back. i also hoped those asians couldnt tell me apart from any other person in my country, either, just like i cant tell them apart (for the most part).

i dont know what exactly happened, because that night i ended up staying at an elderly lady’s place. i figured i’d rather fuck an old hag and have the most disgusting experience in my life than getting thrown out the hostel, maybe getting on a black list for hostels or even facing jailtime. this was probably a low point of mine and it would never repeat itself. or at least i hoped so. anyway, i picked her up at a local bar where no tourist go to usually. shit looked boring as fuck. soooo many old people. meh, was pretty easy to get into her panties and it wasnt too bad either after i overcame my initial disgust.

next day i came back to the hostel just to shower and change clothes and wanted to flee the place asap. i wasnt sure if i should just check out of the hostel and quit my vacation prematurely. or if i shouldnt even check out for safety reasons and hitch hike back home instead of using the travel car that most tourists came with.

i had a long warm shower that calmed my nerves and decided that if i got told, then yesterday i would have been fucked already. but here i am and nothing happened. looking back, this was too optimistic, but in the end i wasnt caught, so everything is alright. once i came back from the shower the room was empty, so i stayed and waited for people to come, but they only arrived in the evening. the next days there were long and boring. i dont know how, but i never really met anyone outside of those few large groups, not even in the showers and i checked on them every hour or so. everybody arrived late in the afternoon at once so no chance for me. i mean sure, in these showers i got plenty of glimpses of beautiful ass, but what am i gonna do? those groups arent exactly inviting to people like me.

one day i was finally rewarded for my patience. when i woke up i could hear some showers running. i knew that was my opportunity, so i grabbed my towel and shower gel, peeked inside and there i saw them, the two asians showering. i quickly left my clothes and towel outside, made sure i had a boner and not just some leftover morning wood and went inside to take a shower. they noticed me pretty much immediately as i entered and made huge jerky motions with their arms, as if their reflexes couldnt decide what to cover, their tiny boobs or their hairy cunts. their asses werent worth to be hidden from the male gaze either. it was really disappointing, actually, but i’ll take what i’m given. i said: “woops, sorry girls…but it’s too late, i already saw everything” and went to a shower head. the one that walked out the first time ran out this time aswell. the other one finally decided to cover her bush with one hand and her boobs with the other arm. it was useless, because her small hands could never cover her whole bush and her boobs are difficult to make out eitherway. she tried to tell me to go out as that was the women’s shower, but i told her she was wrong and that everybody had to shower here. i went on by asking her who told her this was for women only, as they must be mistaken. i also told her to relax and shit while i changed to a shower next to hers. she just couldnt, she looked like she was thinking really hard and was on the verge of crying, so i tried to comfort her: “hey, i’m sorry, is it in your culture so important not to be seen naked? i have seen many women naked, most of which i fucked later on. besides, you covering yourself now wont change the fact that i have already seen your body full and well.”

this didnt exactly help her so she broke down sobbing. i went to her (dont forget, i had a hardon while all this is happening), hugged her and asked why she was crying. she explained how her friend and basically everybody she knows are very judgemental and how her friend might tell them how she and a western guy were naked in a room. she thought her life was over. i almost lost my erection at this point, so completely ignoring what she said i asked her where her friend went last time and now, turns out that friend goes to the bar all by herself a lot to drink. even in the morning. our conversation went on quite long as we already knew eachother a bit and she always seemed to care a lot less about this stuff than others, but yeah. she must’ve had a fucked up past…

anyway, i asked her: “if she is away and will probably tell everybody about us and they wont believe you anyway, why not let them be right?” she didnt understand, so i went on: “they obviously assume the worst of you, but i can see that you cant get your eyes off my dick, why dont you go ahead and try it out? it’s not gonna make your situation any worse.” she stopped crying but didnt agree with me, i tried convincing her for quite a while until she started to squirm away on the bathroom floor. i always stayed next to her, by now concentration alone couldnt get my dick up anymore so i had to help a lot with my hand. she saw me stroking my dick of course and didnt look away. i always looked her in the eyes, she didnt. at some point i just took one of her hands, so that she couldnt crawl away, and put the other on my dick. now i quit the bullshit talk from before and talked dirty to her. as she tried to get away more and more i wrapped her hand around my cock and moved it up and down. she got close to the exit, so i made a strategic step between it and her and sat down next to her, grabbing a boob of hers with my other hand. i am pretty good at pleasing women with my hands, so after a while when she stopped trying to go out of the room, i asked her if she liked it and wanted more. she snapped back to reality from her pleasure dream and attempted to escape again, but i wouldnt let her. as she was about to stand up, i grabbed her and pulled her to the floor. i ended up hugging her with one arm from behind, being slightly above her and her almost laying on the floor and my legs. i adjusted her more and pulled her towards a corner so i could put my back against a wall and began touching both her boobs, while an arm was also kinda locking her. after a while i took one hand and checked her pussy. she clenched her asscheeks together and tried to squash me between her thighs (those were the only really nice body parts of hers, she must be good at some sport i am sure, typical ugly athletic woman’s body). that didnt work and i could feel her getting slowly but surely wet.

i guess the rest is pretty straight forward, just imagine me trying to put my dick inside her while she was trying getting the fuck out. before you even ask, i didnt rape her. in the very end, when she was laying tired on the floor in front of me, i asked her if she liked it. after a couple seconds she uttered a quiet yes. funny thing is, i just gave up after like 20 minutes with her, i was way too tired and just couldnt cum. maybe it was too cold. but at least i could take her virginity. thinking back, she was very quiet all along…anyway, i was getting ready to leave the shower, i just washed her blood off my dick when she got up, once again covering her body when she actually just asked me to do the same to her friend. i was caught completely off guard: “lolwhat, what do you mean? are you asking me to take her virginity? i wasnt very good with you just now…” and she answered me like the main character from kill bill: “no, what you did to me i cannot forgive, but i cant change it either. what i want you to do is make her and me even.” i couldnt even answer her: “do it or i will never forgive you” she said with a death stare. wow, women sure are crazy. i mean i dont care if she forgives me or not, but if she’s on my side now, hell yeah! also; she only let me do this because she was horny as hell but now that everything was over she wanted cold blooded revenge? as said, fine by me if it’s just me fucking another woman, but that particular one always ran out on me. looked like a difficult task.

i was getting dressed, still thinking about what happened, thinking about if i should leave this place early and shit. i came to the conclusion that i had to try at least. so i remembered her saying the other one was an alcoholic. the reception of this motel also sold cheap and strong stuff, so that’s the first place i checked and sure enough i found her right there at the motel’s bar (which was right in the entrance to the reception) staring down her drink. she already had two empty glasses next to her, but she made a pretty sober first impression on me so i decided to wait. when she emptied her next one and ordered something new i sat down to her. place was fucking empty, so empty that noone aside from me was there to chat with her, the person at the bar/reception looked female (ugly as fuck old hag probably ruined her skin with too many smokes and tanning). i said hi to the asian and the first few things i heard from her were some grunts. “jackpot” i thought. i started chatting with her and she looked like she didnt remember who i was and overall she mustve been pretty drunk already. at some point i said loudly that we should go to her room and let her sleep it out. i made sure the lady at the bar heard “you sure had enough, honey” i made her get up and go out of the bar, i quickly came back and asked the bar lady to not sell her any alcohol anymore as she had a problem but she just told me with her broken ass voice: “i sell to anyone that pays me, her problem is your problem and not mine.” although unfriendly, it was good enough for me as she didnt seem to care about anything. i just didnt want people to have a bad impression of me, like an even worse one. i quickly caught up to her and made her go to our room. she walked in snake lines already, she had way too much at the bar, but hey, that’s perfect for me, i just needed to put her in a bed.

we arrived, noone there as always, i made her sit on her bed and started stroking her hair and face. as before she tried to turn away all the time. then came kissing, groping her through her clothing and so on, as i went on i noticed how she got heavier and heavier as she could hold herself less and less from being so drunk. i had to undress her myself but at least i could keep the foreplay short and made my way straight to her pussy. when we were both almost completely naked, i waited a bit, overthinking what i am about to do, when i heard a voice from behind me: “do it finally, do it as long as she is drunk” i turned around and saw the head of the first asian poke out from under a blanket on top of a bunk bed. she totally watched me all the time! holy shit that bitch is crazy, but ok, here i go, i even have someone watching me. “wait, go a bit to the right, i want to have a good angle” she literally got her typical asian brand video camera and wanted to film me. i was diamonds in no time.

i decided to go all out on her, do things i only saw in porn and that i dont really enjoy myself all for the sake of making a good porn for the people watching in asia in the future. still standing up, i started with taking the drunk asian’s head and made her deepthroat me forcibly. i was really just shaking her head on my dick and sure enough she threw up soon. luckily, only my dick got wet, i could dodge the rest which all splashed on the floor. i jumped into her bed and continued, telling her to clean my dick. then, i threw her on her back, climbed on top of her and wanted her to give me a boob job, but her mosquito bites of boobs were useless, so i was just climbing around her for a minute. i 69’d her face but didnt lick her myself, no need for bush in my face. i pounded her face down for quite some time with my pelvic thrusts, but i didnt wanna injure her so i stopped after a while. then i stopped screwing around and went for her pussy. she was very easy to penetrate and didnt scream or bleed. whilst fucking her, i turned to the camera, saying: “this aint a virgin pussy”. i fucked her real good, probably the roughest fuck i had in my life. after fucking that half-passed out asian for another 20 minutes, i finally had an orgasm. it was very messy and i jizzed all over her face. the cum from many days and the blue balls from fucking the other one earlier that day had an amazing effect on the amount, she was just plastered. the other asian even climbed down to have a close up of the drunkie. i got off of her, got dressed and went to go eat something, i left the cleaning up for them. they didnt have much time, as it was about that time of the day when the others came home. i dont know how they fared. btw, i never looked for the video on the net, but maybe she did upload it in the end. look for it if you want to.

when i came back from dinner everybody else was back as well. i went to sleep, but not before asking the asian (the one that i fucked in the shower) quietly: “are you satisfied with how i dealt with our little situation?” she nodded with a mischievous smile. “so you have the power now in your hands, right? your friend probably wont tell anybody anymore, right?” she nodded again. “tomorrow, when everybody is gone, we should meet again and continue what we left off with today, i know you liked me touching you” she gave me a strict “no”, i tried to convince her, but she grew up in a different culture so was unconvincable. the drunkard was still laying in bed but a bit cleaned up and without any vomit on the floor.

next day, the two of them woke me up. i sleep quite a lot more than others, it seems, because once again we were the last ones. the asian i fucked in the shower said she wanted to show us a video, the alcoholic asian didnt know what she was about to see, but i sure did. she started our little amateur porn, things got loud, complicated and they started talking like ching-chang-chong, so i am not sure what exactly they had a hissy fit about, but i guess it is obvious. the shower girl smiled like crazy and the other was furious, but also hung over. at some point she ran out again. fucking priceless. i turned to the shower asian and asked her: “you sure you dont want some? because i could give you some of that in the video, too” she declined, so i just whipped my dick out and masturbated in front of her, soon my dick was as hard as ever again and she couldnt let her eyes off of it. now she did the same as before and tried to walk out, or at least she looked a lot to the door, so i stood between the door and her, while closing in on her. i made her sit back down on her bed, fapped right in front of her face, smacking her face from time to time with my dick, telling her to suck it or she’ll end up like the drunk girl yesterday. i did this a couple times, at some point she said: “do what you need to, but dont make my clothes or hair dirty” i answered: “open wide!”, grabbed her head, forced my way inside and shoved it all down her throat. i had to force open her mouth with my hands and just kept some fingers in the side of her mouth to make sure she didnt bite. it became very important because soon she started coughing a lot and choking, her face swelling up, turning red and slowly purple. i shook her on my dick some more meanwhile until she almost turned completely blue and came down her throat. i slowly pulled out, saying: “excuse me darling, did you try to say something? i hope i didnt mess up your hair or clothes.” i was grinning like crazy, because i could see she drooled all over her clothes and surely there was some cum in it, too. when she finally caught her breath she cursed at me which i rewarded with throwing her on a bed (one hand still half in her mouth and half covering it) and shoving it up her ass. just like that. no fucks given. no preparation. my stay in this motel was the craziest ever, so my stories will become more boring again as it goes on. still, so as said, she cursed, i threw her, pulled her pants down and in i went. she mumbled very audibly and in fear of her screaming later on, i tried to muffle her screams with a pillow but there wasnt anybody nearby anyway, i was sure. after i gave it a couple pumps, maybe 3 minutes, my dick began to hurt as she was really narrow, so i pulled out. to be fair i didnt go very deep at all, was difficult enough as it was. you can imagine how my dick looked like. shit and blood covered, but i blamed her and had her lick it off of me. i finished with her deep throating while telling her not to be so disrespectful towards me and being a piece of shit, overall. i abused her quite a bit, almost like in facial abuse porn. i was never into hat shit but she needed that. fucking asians.

i didnt cum a second time yet, though, so i told her to clean up and wait. which she actually fucking did. i went for the drunk sot again, it was even easier than last time because she was still drunk from last night and didnt exactly drink any less. i was less careful with her, too. so i got her back to our room, and basically had a threesome with a barely awake drunkard and the other one. after such a long time i could quite easily ejaculate again and creampied the drunkard. she didnt even notice, because by then she was deep asleep. the one from the shower once again filmed the parts where i only fucked the other one and made a close up of my cum and her juices flowing slowly out of her hairy snatch.

i guess this is how i found out about my dominant/sadistic side, which i would never really show again. but it might be that the days before i got fed up with asians everywhere at my work place and i needed to let some steam off, dont remember so accurately anymore. i was very lucky with how everything turned out and could finish my vacations without police involvement, but not before i got lucky in the showers at least one more time. aside from what i did with those asians my stay there was surprisingly boring, i would have guessed a lot more shit would go down there. but yeah, at least the last day there i could fuck a blonde.

i didnt have vacation for a long ass time, times are hard here. first chance (not counting those tries when i went to a new place for a weekend but nothing of interest happened) i had i went for a long weekend (i had friday evening and monday off) to a place near where i lived to save time and not spend it on travelling. i got myself a mixed room of three people. fucking weirdass cheapo place. every room had a bunk bed where three beds were on top of eachother but the rooms werent that small that you had to save space that much. the shower/toilet was part of our room, but it wasnt seperated that well. the whole room gets humid whenever someone uses it and you cant lock the door. anyway. first eve i was alone in there. i went out clubbing, tried hooking up with someone but i was very out of shape in picking up girls. too much work and too little fun had its toll on me. saturday two tourist guys came into my room for one night, once again i went out with them but no luck, so i had a wank in a public toilet.

finally, sunday an asian changed to my room. she mustve been in the hostel for a long ass time, because she had a lot of baggage (so much that when she came in with all her shit i couldnt even see if she was hot or not) and seemed very used to the setting. she even had working clothes and everything with her. i am absolutely certain she’s been living there for months upon months now. we quickly introduced ourselves and then minded our own business. on my part mostly because i was depressed from not hooking up with anyone all weekend long and because i didnt wanna try any funny business as long as someone new could enter the room at any time.

i wasnt too hungry, so she went out to get dinner way before me and ate it in our room. in the end, i got horny anyway, so i went to take a shower. i started out with taking off my clothes and walking to the shower naked with a semi swinging along. she didnt bother at all, either she concentrated too much on her spicy ass smelling food or i was really just too defensive. while i was in the “bathroom” and got done with everything i made sure to have a hardon when i came out. i thought about how to get her initial attention, so i decided to tell her loud and clear: “hey, the shower is empty, you can use it if you want.” the “hey” i said was pretty damn loud, so she immediately turned my way and then just nodded thanks. she soon got up, but only changed the place at where she sat. i think she sat next to a radiator earlier and she might have gotten too hot (that’s at least what she was trying to show me by taking off her hat and scarf, in reality she just tried to sit away from me). knowingly or not, she sat next to my pile of clothes that i put on another chair after undressing.

so she just gave me a whole bunch of opportunities right there. i went to my pile of clothes from my bed so now we were very close. like a step away from eachother. first things first, i turn towards her, away from my stuff and put my socks on, heh. next the t-shirt, my sweater and then only did i put on my underpants. i tried doing all this as slowly and as clumsily as possible, dropping my clothes every now and then, tripping when putting on my socks and so on, just to make some noise and sudden movements as an excuse for her to look at me. Didnt work. She had some real asian self-control going on, she never even so much as blinked.

when it came to getting into my trousers, i stalled. i wanted to weird her out some more, i felt like i wasnt done yet. so i figured i would kinda try different fashions of how to wear underpants. more specifically, how my dick is positioned inside of it. so first with some rocking motions and a firm grip on it i made my erection stick out all the way. i waited a bit, made it swing up and down, made a little grunting noise and said “yeah that’s no good, gotta try something else” and rearranged myself. i grabbed inside my underpants, put my dick on one side and pulled them up until half my dick stuck out on the side. acting as if i was still unhappy with the result, i put my dick against my stomach and let the underpants hold it there. for that i pushed them down a little so that it showed more.

i didnt tell you guys this yet, but my underpants are usually on the smaller side for obvious reasons. i bought them recently deliberately for situations like these but also so that any time i had an erection it would show very well. but this time i even had the smallest on that i own. i had a plan. i called out: “damn it”. i asked her directly if the way it looked was good enough. she looked up at me with the most innocent face ever, asking: “what is?” i lied to her of course and told her about my situation, how i accidentally washed my clothes too hot and then didnt fit in them anymore, no way i tried. i also made up a story of how i wanted to go out with some friends of mine but i wouldnt if my boner was still showing so obviously. i asked her again: “do you think this will be obvious?”, pointing at my dick, which was sticking out the top of my underwear. she said something along the lines of “yeah of course if you dont put your penis away properly” she turned away after the first long look she gave me earlier and only quickly turned back to look at what i was pointing at and then turned away again completely.

i told her that that was the best i could come up with as the other variations were even worse and even asked her to look. when she actually looked my way again, i first of all couldnt believe what was happening, but i quickly showed her the others; boner making a huge bulge in front and the other where half of it stuck out at the sides. “see? this is worse, right?” i said. only turning my way for a short time once again she said: “yeah you’re right, the first one was best. i think it isnt even visible at all if you wear your t-shirt and sweater properly.” i still played dumb, put my dick back upright and said: “you really think so? thanks” she tried to finish the whole thing with: “yes and now please put it away”

but i wasnt done yet. while she finished the last few bites of her meal, i prepared my pants and underpants in a special way that i tested out at home. i got dressed with everything else, only my pants were a bit under my hips. when she got up to throw away her plastic dishes and looked my way for a brief moment, i pulled up my pants and my dick perfectly fell out the zipper. you see, i prepared it by opening the zip, closing the button and pulling my undies a bit down, so that i can directly access that hole. when i pulled up the pants, it also pulled up my underpants which then pulled my dick up that then went straight through the zip hole. she was very surprised, when she saw this happening while walking by next to me. it was the first time she saw my dick pretty much completely, before that i assume she just thought my dick was as big as any other asian dicklet. but now that she saw the full glory of western penises, she just couldnt stop herself: “oh wow, so this is why you had trouble.” me still playing a saint, put on a belt (dick still hanging out) and asked what she meant. she pointed towards my cock of course, i looked down, acted surprised and put it away. took me only like a minute. xDD but she started to get interested it seems: “did you have an operation? or is this the effect of rhino and elephant horn powder?” so she was from one of those places where they believe in this shit. loool. i used my time to check her out, this is the first time she was standing up and nothing was covering her. she was pretty small even for an asian and had a good ass and tits. nothing too big, nothing too small. face was alright. looked like a 6 or 7 with no real upsides but also no downsides. when i was done checking her out i asked her some stuff about the whole horn thing. she told me some bullshit on it how many in her village or whatever believe that this would improve manliness and their chances on getting kids. she, as a totally sane academic, believes that it’s because it makes penises grow for more manliness and chances on impregnating a woman. i didnt want to put her off so i accepted that and asked in return: “do you think i am manly for having such a large member?” “yeah, definitely the manliest that i have ever seen.” (we didnt actually use the word “manly”, in my language there is a far better word to use but whatever) i asked her some more things about how i always thought asians had to be virigns until they marry and shit, but apparently she isnt from china and more from the south from a country whose name i cant remember and probably not even pronounce if i read it. she still looked like any other chink to me and had a working visa for sure, which is reason enough for me to do what i do. what i am trying to say (and what she back then probably tried to say) is that she doesnt need to live by those rules and had quite some men before in her life. she must have only fucked other asians or i am just lucky that she hasnt seen anyone as big as me because i am not THAT large. i continued with some medium talk, we both sat down at a table and i was thinking about what else i could do, because seeing men naked obviously doesnt shock her in the slightest.

i couldnt come up with anything until late, when she went and prepared for shower and i was supposed to go meet some of my chums. i planned on waiting a bit and watching her undress but she took everything in the bathroom. i tried to tell her that it’s cramped in there and that everything will get wet, but she was like: “thanks, i’ll manage somehow.” i told her goodbye and that i went out now and left the room, but i didnt go anywhere, i stayed and waited in front of the room until i heard her turning on the shower and quietly went back in. after like 15 minutes i heard her turn it off. everything was silent. i swiftly opened the shower door and quickly grabbed a random object at the sink that belonged to me. she got very surprised, even jumped a little and shouted: “HEY!” i claimed i forgot that thing (i honestly dont even know anymore what that was) and that i needed it. “but i’m still in here” she said and i answered: “sorry, it was all silent i thought you were gone…[she stayed silent for a moment]…but damn, now that i see you, you sure you didnt take any powders from your home country to improve your looks? you look hot!” i didnt even bother with coming up with a more elegant way of praising her looks. she didnt really know what to make of this and just kinda snuggled herself up more in the shower curtains. you see, she was doing something with her hair when i came in and was stark naked, so when she noticed me she took the shower curtain and put it around herself. but it was useless: “hey uh, the curtains are white, i can see your body quite well through it. just sayin” while she looked down to check for herself i said while overdoing it a bit: “but hey, no problem, you have nothing to be ashamed of or to hide, you look ravishing.” seeing as i still stood in the doorway and there was no escape for her, she almost ripped the curtain off. i handed her her towel, saying she shouldnt break hostel property for wanting to hide her body from me. i have seen everything already afterall. she became more and more silent, didnt even say thanks when she grabbed the towel with one arm. i tried to clear up the mood and jokingly said: “that bush between your legs doesnt allow me to see your pussy anyway, so no reason to be afraid.” she was like: “could you please stop looking at my body? i am trying to get ready to sleep and go to work tomorrow morning. and my “bush” needs a lot of time dry.” she said the word bush as if she had never heard it used this way or at all before, but she was weirdly ok with talking about it in that fashion. maybe because she doesnt recognize it as a “dirty word” she is ok with it? i really dont know. anyway, i told her she should shave it off, that way it wouldnt take so long to dry.

this part is pretty boring, so i will cut out 40 minutes of talking and jump straight to the part where she comes to me, more or less saying: “i am afraid that i cut myself, could you please help me with it?” (this actually happened, if you are curious about how this all went down, i can write that for you later on) i have no idea where she got all her guts from, suddenly giving me this task. maybe it was our medium talk from before? but yeah, we went to the bathroom and i started shaving her. i was very thorough, i shaved every place and fold from multiple directions. meanwhile i touched her pussy from all sides, by the time we came to an end and she wanted to apply a very soft after shave gel, i grabbed it myself and took it out of her hands and did it myself. once again, i was very thorough and i didnt stop applying it to her pussy. i rubbed her for a couple minutes and i was good to go, boner rock hard in my pants. i grabbed her boobs with the other hand and did foreplay until she was soaking wet. by then she laid down on the floor of the shower. i took my hand away from her boobs, but she said i should continue and soon enough she had her first orgasm. i kept playing with her pussy and used my other hand to finally unbutton my pants and take my dick out. she noticed something and said: “please touch my boobies some more” i ignored that and prepared to thrust straight inside her. i stood up on my knees, but she tried to interrupt me: “hey, wait, nobody said anything about putting your elephant penis inside me” but me, still ignoring her, grabbed her by her shoulder and pushed her down and put my other arm around her hip and pulled her ass up and inserted my penis abruptly until i hit a wall – her cervix. i expected her to scream in agony, but she just pulled a pain filled face, opened her mouth wide but remained silent. i waited a bit longer until her face relaxed, pulled a bit out and shoved it right back till where it was. we repeated this, me slowly getting faster and her slowly doing less and less painfilled expressions. i rammed it more and more inside her. sure it felt good, but nothing is as good as going balls deep. she didnt have a minute without pain that night i suppose from her facial expression, but she didnt say anything so i just assumed she was alright with it. pretty soon her face started to disgust me so i turned her body around and continued doggying her, which was pretty difficult due to her size. i soon just picked her ass up from the floor, while her hands and arms were still in the shower and fucked her half levitating body. that shit was great because from that angle i could go balls deep and therefore didnt last much longer. right about then i asked her while still pumping her: “hey, wanna have beautiful white children with bodies, eyes and dicks that arent as small as the grains of rice you eat all day long?” she answered like rocky balboa after getting beaten up: “huh? whu? i…uh…yeah…buh” “yeah thanks no time for more details, here you can have this as a present for you and your whole tribe” obviously i was barely able to keep my stupid laugh in and also i breathed heavily, so i sounded pretty much like her, i was just too lazy to write it in a similar way. i proceeded with cumming deep inside her, but what i planned to be a tsunami to eradicate all asians turned out to be only some raindrops. yeah, wanking the day before ruined my load. but it was just once…damn, unlucky.

i got up, turned her on her back again while slipping my arm out from under her and pushed her stomach a little to push the juices out of her. i quickly said: “see? one more upside of being shaved, much less messy.” then i went out to my fantasy friends but a real club which was really full with fantasy (nonexistant) people. i got smashed, somehow hooked up with an alcoholic 40 year old who could still reek the asian pussy on my dick while sucking it. she literally guessed her asianness. thought i told you this anecdote.

fourth night there i had to change rooms (if you wanna ask me why i sleep there on monday eventhough i only got monday off it is because it is fairly near from where i work and i wanted to save some travel costs and also get some more time in the hostels, by going to work directly from the hostel) interestingly enough i had to change class in the hostel aswell, this night was cheaper because the room was bigger and had way more beds. the room was in a different building of the same hostel, much farther away from the reception and the bulk of the guests, for some reason, eventhough it was cheaper. anyway. so there were like 6 beds in there and barely any were being used. the two of them that were, belonged to an old dude who looked like a straight up hobo and an asian girl. i was lucky again. UNluckily the showers were outside, single and lockable. but first things first.

so in the morning i got up and tried to fuck the asian that i fucked the other night, but i kinda slept in and she was just about to leave. i desperately tried to make her stay but she was on her way already so she couldnt even see my morning wood i tried to greet her with. i still had some hours before i had to change my room, so quickly before anybody entered the room, i jerked off and marked her stuff with my seed. to make sure it gets everywhere and that she doesnt notice immediately and washes it off, i smeared it all over her crap with her crap. essentially i used her used panties as a rag and “washed” her bed, cushion, suitcase and some clothes with it. again, wouldve been nice if i produced more cum in such a short time, but hey, at least i never get caught.

i then moved my shit to the other room and went to do stuff on my phone. it’s annoying as hell but yeah, even on vacation i have to check on my phone for work. then i had lunch and went back to my new room. so as said, there was this old fag and an asian. she didnt look like much, but hey, another one to possibly send back home. face 3/10, boobs 5/10, ass 2/10, waist 8/10. you know, at least not fat or old. for some reason these two stayed in the room all day long. honestly? i think it’s because she thinks he’ll steal her shit and the hobo probably just doesnt trust asians. anyway. they didnt talk with eachother. i did to both of them, but tried to ignore the old hag. it was hard to keep a conversation going with the asian the way i usually do, but at some point the hobo looking ass fell asleep. it was very dark already, so we wanted to turn on the lights, but we didnt want to wake him up either. as all the beds were single beds and had some space between them and i tried to be as close to the asian as possible, i unfortunately was also close to the guy. over the day as i was doing stuff there i slowly but surely made sure to build kind of a wall between him and me, my large suitcase really came in handy here. anyway. once he fell asleep i change into pj’s and did so whilst showing off my dick to the asian for a good long time. i dont think she saw jack shit because it was dark, we only turned on a dim ass table lamp, she was reading and i was trying to hide from the creepy dude more than i was showing my goods. i changed tactics and told her that i was bored and wanted to show her some memes. she liked them quite a bit so we continued. “by accident” i went on 4chan (it was totally no accident) and after we were done with the first ylyl thread (and saw some naughty memes) she noticed the other threads aswell and was intrigued. but literally the next thread we saw after she said how much she liked this was a porn thread and she was like wtf. i tried to play it off, you know, stupid boys post that stuff and so on, but she kept on insisting in her weird way of talking (but talking only very little) and i was like “oh come on, have you never seen this before?” and she answered me with a clear “no”. after a bit of talking she told me about how her internet at home is censored. and eventhough all she sees here (at first) are naked women, she wants to dig deeper. she didnt say that though, she just wanted to see some more memes. i clicked on catalogue and search for a good one and indeed, porn memes. first we went to my bed though so i could load my phone. after a long time of essentially watching porn, i asked her if she wanted to drink a coke with me outside our room. (asians dont really drink alcohol) she agreed and i got dressed again. and yet again i tried to show off my goods and yet again she ignored me. goddamn i was unlucky or incapable that night. i bought us a coke from the vending machine standing in the hallway and once we were done with it, i asked her to come to the bathroom with me. she immediately came with me for some reason and only once we were almost inside did she ask why. (it was only two steps away.) as i was waving her to come inside i told her that i wanted to look at more funny pictures with her. as soon as we came across the first dick in a post, i started stripping while standing between her and the bathroom door. first she asked if i was warm and when i answered that i was VERY warm and continued taking off my pants and underpants saying “this is how hot i am.” she finally asked what i was thinking. i grabbed her side with one arm and her arm with my other and put it on my dick. she tried to pull away saying something along the line of “hey i never agreed to any of this” with her silent ass voice. but i just answered that when you go out for a “coke” in my country, you go out for “cock”. i made her jerk my dick for a while and seeing as she didnt answer me i started stripping her. i fondled her all over aswell and by the time she was in her underwear and i told her to turn around and bend over onto the toilet, i was sure she was stunned by the stupidity of my answer. she wasnt horny, she wasnt willing, she wasnt looking good and she wasnt shaved. but hey, she bent over on the toilet and as i was forcing my way inside her minge and pushed down on her back, neck and head, her hair went inside the toilet. she moaned silently in pain in very quick succession, it was super annoying. after the first thrusts i had to take my dick out, jerk off for a bit and enter her again with regained hardness. anyway. after a long time of not cumming, she finally got wet, but also loose. it wasnt enough, obviously, so i forced my dick inside her asshole. she was in serious pain, her thin voice was at her limit at times, but most of the time she was trying her best to keep it down. it was all a bloody mess. after way over an hour of trying my best and pounding her harder and harder, i pulled out, made her turn around and sit on the toilet. she looked exhausted and done for, eyes closed and head turned to the side, mouth open and breathing heavily. i cleaned my dick with the tap water, then jerked off until i came and jizzed on her. surprisingly, i blew quite a load, maybe drinking soda right before helped. i then heard a noise in the hallway so quickly pulled up my pants, put my t shirt on and left the bathroom and went to my room. i left her inside there with the lights on and the door open, as far as i could tell she didnt move until i left. as i was about to fall asleep i could hear her come inside our room (which suddenly had way more people inside) sniffling and with a serious limp of sorts. when she wanted to sit on her bed and go to sleep, she gasped once audibly with a pain filled expression and made her crotch point up. she was kind of making a lil bridge on her bed with her feet still on the floor. then she turned to her side and slowly covered herself and went to sleep.

the next morning when i woke up to go to work she was long gone with all her stuff. i faintly remember her telling me she had a flight or something. was it a tourist? i don’t know and i don’t care.

what i sometimes do is to find out if and then follow asians to the beach. not many of them go there at all, but often as part of small talk i tell them to do so. i also sometimes do it with random asians. anyway. so when i do what i do, i make sure the beach isnt overly full and that the asian lays alone a bit off from other people in order for it to look like i am her bf or husband when i lay right next to her with my towel. nobody would do that otherwise, right? exactly. then i do my usual routine of being naked and obnoxious and eventhough i’m on a beach, most people (cops included) dont really care because we arent that prude generally but also we are perceived as a couple, so that looks fine. this can go multiple ways: either the asians knows me somewhat or not at all and either they wanna get the fuck out of there or they try to weather the storm. when the asian knows me i generally have much more time and leeway to do my thing, but on the other hand when we dont know eachother at all in the very beginning i have a bit more time if i can fake being some random guy trying to pick her up like they normally would. no matter what though, at some point they would start to get defensive and that either shows by them trying to get away or hiding from me by turning around and stuff. the getting away part seems to be the more troublesome version at first sight, but that i usually can easily solve by stealing her bra or bikini bottom and in some cases when they wear one piece bathing suits i even rip it at the shoulder straps and the pussy part. no asians goes away like that, if anything, they’d try and change right there and only then get out, but if they changed in front of me that would help me a whole lot. so that problem would be solved. the other thing is a bit more annoying, because i either have to make them turn towards me with some force or walk around her or something, but even that is solvable.

let me show you an example from how i did it: i didnt have any asians in my place that time aside from some that work 24/7 so i went to the beach without an aim, but still with a plan. i went at a time, when fewer people come and i went to a corner of it where the least people go. granted, i didnt find an asian right away, but after a little while of searching i found one laying alone, away from people. i took out my towel and laid down next to her and started some small talk. she said hi back but it took a sentence or two for her to turn towards me when we talked, before, she was laying on her back all along. at least i could see that ass of hers from the start. it was damn nice. as we talked and i regularly checked out her tits which once again were quite big, nice and juicy, especially for an asian, my dick grew to a proper erection, pointing straight at her. it was at this point when she felt turned down, noticing my erection and me checking her out all the time. her facial expression changed a little and she turned a bit away from me and the more i tried to keep the conversation going the more she would talk in a direction away from me and not look towards me anymore and eventually even turned onto her back to protect her tits from my glare. at some point she didnt look at me at all anymore so i started applying sun lotion to my skin. i offered her aswell but she declined unfortunately. i asked her if she already applied some and she said no, so i kept on pressing her that it was dangerous and so on and in the end i just applied some myself onto her body. i made sure to really massage her well, especially those juicy buttocks. i even applied some under her bikini on her back where the straps are and even went a bit along the sides forward towards her tits. she then turned towards me with a face that said that i crossed a line there, but i ignored it and applied some to her stomach aswell as she kinda got up with her upper body and tried to go on, but she said, she’d finish the rest herself. for once i was compliant. i then took off my bathing trunks and applied some to my dick. when she asked what i was doing with a little repressed laugh under her breath and if i thought those parts of me would get any sun, i just said that it depended on her. we were both sitting at that point and she didnt seem to know what to say, so i just continued jerking my dick for a few moments with the sun lotion on it. she then said much more sternly, looking down with her whole head and putting a fist in front of her mouth as if to hide the fact that it’s her that’s talking (or to cough): “please stop that. please put that monster away…please dont get anywhere near me with that thing.” when i asked her what she was afraid of she kinda shook her hands a little like a little girl and looked around real quick. she tried to put my swimming trunks over my dick with a quick grab with a finger and get her stuff but first of all my dick was too big at that point and wouldnt allow that and second when she was about take her stuff i quickly laid on top of her, holding one of her arms. she couldnt hold the both of us with only her other arm, so she laid down. i then took her swimming gear off and shoved my lubed up dick straight into that shaved pussy. i am not sure if i hit it the first time, but by the second pump i could definitely feel her cervix, which is when she let out a second, much more audible moan and said smart-alec: “ugh, that’s why, you see” i ignored that and kept on pumping it, it felt amazing. but everytime i pulled out, she shuffled a bit and it felt like she was about to get away, so i slammed her right back onto my dick. i once slipped out though because of all the sun lotion and our juices, which is when she tried to make a run for it. but i grabbed her by her bikini which made her trip and not even be able to stand up. i then took the oportunity of her being bent over and penetrated her asshole with ease. she tried to resist as much as possible but with an arm on her shoulder and one around her waist she was mine. after a while i applied some sun lotion directly to her asshole to make the whole thing go even smoother. i came in her pussy before but kept on fucking her in the ass now because it felt so good until 20 minutes later i came again. we were both tired and very sweaty at that point so i pulled out and made her turn around. i laid down on my back and she laid on my thighs. i put my calves on her to hold her, same with my arms. i then made her suck my dick in an attempt to clean it but that was nigh-impossible due to all the greasy sun lotion. she spat a whole lot and i made sure it went next to me onto the sand. meanwhile all this happened i noticed some people leave but that could have happened anyway. at some point i got bored and went to wash myself properly in the water. when i came back she was still laying there kinda done for, but she did move. i took my stuff and left. when i looked back one last time over my should i saw some scrawny ass looking guy bending over her. i stayed a minute or so to watch but the sun was annoying.

one spring i went to the main party place of my country at the sea. it wasnt too far away but it was kinda off season, so it was cheap. the plan was staying a few days in one room and then changing once. i‘m not complaining, it’s cheaper this way. anyway. the place was the largest i’ve ever stayed in if you count bedrooms and beds, i am sure, but also cheap by default, not just because it isnt booked. that’s why we had one large shower for everybody, which is tons of people. but dont get too exited, there were ALWAYS men in there and when there was at least one woman inside it was at least half full, so no time for any funny business. it was a real downer. at least when i went out i could stare at the sexy bartender while trying picking up chicks. but yeah, after a while it gets boring. at least i had another chance by changing rooms soon after.

so i had to go to a completely different part of the complex, so much so that while walking there i could visibly make out where old buildings and roofs used to stand and how they got constructed to look as they do nowadays. the system of showering was also different around here. there was a big shower outside our rooms but it was seperated by sex. i was alone in my new room at first, only saw a 10/10 asian babe going out and possibly some other people (as some beds looked untidy), but the room didnt look too occupied. i was tired, didnt want to do shit. i suddenly got horny, watched some porn and after making sure noone would come in the next few minutes (by looking and listening outside in the hallway) i jerked off a nice load onto the hottie’s bed. i left it there deliberately to dry, but even after an hour it looked very liquid and was easily identifiable, so i panicked a little and put the blankets on it and smeared it all over the bed with it, opened it and let it dry again. but that wank wasnt enough so i got ready for round two (my record is 4 in a row) and jizzed on her pillow, too, smaller load though and many drops.

i didnt want to risk anything so i went out of my room to go drink in the bar next door. at 2 am i came home drunk and our dorm of 5 was still empty. i couldnt be bothered at that point, shit looked dry enough and i went to sleep. no idea how her night was, at 9 am i got bored of waiting for them to get up, went to take a shower. noone there, so i came back afterwards with a towel around my waist, as this place didnt have a changing area at the showers.

seems like they finally woke up, so i waited with undressing and started chatting with the whole bunch of them. btw, all of them were women age 18-22. finally they went to the showers, but contrary to what you’d expect they didnt wait for eachother. they went one by one with like 10-20 secs of difference between them going. the last one was the asian, so i used my chance when the third left, i stealthily brushed my towel against the hips of hers (i was standing to make place for them to leave, it was a cheap and tiny ass dorm afterall) and made it fall. luckily, it fell very slowly, as it was around my waist firmly enough, so that the third could leave and close the door while i was still talking with the last one, acting, as if i didnt notice it happening. (to be fair it really didnt feel like much, dont know if i noticed it if it happened to me accidentally)

the towel fell, my erect penis was showing in all its pride after hanging out with these hotties for so long and for the first and one of the few times, the woman was not negatively surprised. she first jerked her head back a little, stared at my cock (she might have seen the bulge in the towel earlier, dunno) and said very audibly: “woah, that’s large!…holy…!” she then bit her lower lip a little, i said “whoops” and asked if she was alright. i knew what was going on inside her, she waited a bit and said quite naturally: “yeah, yeah, dont worry, i, like, was just, like” she stuttered. i couldnt find out if she just said “like” a lot or if she actually liked what she was seeing, but then she gave it another try: “you’re, like, so much bigger than, like, my bf…i mean, like, my ex of course”

as she was stammering i came closer to her and asked if she wanted to try it out, the first ride was for free ;) she declined, but she did want to touch me. long story short, she ended up blowing me, too and i blew my load on her face because i cheekily pulled her face close at the critical moment. i was surprised about the amount myself, it was a normal amount again, even after yesterday’s double wank. it must be because i ate half a water melon earlier, at least that’s what some people say it does to you when you eat a lot of it.

the first one came back already from showering, she was the only one that didnt wash her hair today, but she was the third to go. i was dressed already, but the little asian was still cleaning her face at the tap. i think nobody noticed, but what do i know, maybe they could still smell the aftermath hahah.

anyway, i had a threesome that night with the asian and another one, i assume her best friend. good stuff, all shaved ofc. took the asian’s anal virginity on our last night there, the friend was good help, but i’m afraid she didnt enjoy it a lot. heh.

while i wasnt fucking them, i had other business to do. i was very horny, i see now, not having a steady gf does have its toll…anyway, so in the other showers (from the first day) i was still looking for fresh meat. i took very long showers those days, but mostly i was just standing in the showers creepily waiting for someone to come by and keeping/getting an erection. mostly men came to shower so i either acted like i was taking my sweet time until they left or went to my room and then back quickly, to start all over.

in comparison to other times when i did similar things i was unlucky, but at least once on the forth day a lady came alone to shower. i peeked out the door and saw her shadow from far away, prepared a boner until i heard her footsteps and proceeded with washing my hair, so that i can show off my manhood. she wasnt very beautiful, but hey, who am i to complain? at least she had a big ass and mom boobs. must’ve been around 40 and not the oldest hole i fucked.

she saw me immediately when she came in because she looked around first, asked if she was disturbing and i said “no, not at all”. that shower room was square shaped and had five showers on each side except one where there’s a doorway in the middle instead of another shower. i am always in the corners next to the door, so that people cant see me immediately. but instead of the complete opposite side, where people usually go to, she came practically next to me but on the other side of the door. i first just assumed because she didnt want to be seen by everybody in the changing room.

in comes an asian woman, but i only saw her for a brief moment because as soon as she saw me, she slams the door and goes away. only once did i ever see her again, i wonder if she even showered while her whole stay because i sure did. and a lot. anyways, she runs off, but the lady just laughs and says “looks like you scared someone off.” didnt take much after my question if i’d also scare her off and soon i was hammering her in her bed. funny thing is, the asian from before came in with piles of mcdonald’s (she’s quite chubby) and caught me doing the arm chair, aka the octopus with her. well goddamn i didnt expect them of all people to be room mates.

The summer after i didnt even go to a beach anymore on my vacations, but to a large city where i knew many hostels were. Turns out, asians dont take vacations in my country or at least like to spend it on some more cheap ass work. by this time there were more and more asians everywhere. even before i arrived at my destination i saw so many of them that i just knew there’s gonna be tons in my place, too.

i was right. even the receptionist, if you can call them that, as it was still just a tiny hostel-like flat, was asian. goddamn, they are literally taking away all our jobs…and these jobs are usually taken by elderly women…so anyway, i went to my dorm and started unpacking. it was still empty, but once it turned 7:35 pm, a flood of asians appeared in the hostel. every day at that time. in the beginning i thought it was a tourist bus or something, but no, they were all workers. as soon as they arrived the showers were being used and it took until late at night, when i could finally use them, too. the place wasnt large at all and the showers had cabins between male and female, still, the dorms (even if they were for only 4 people per room) were mixed.

naturally, all my dorm were asians, one of them a twenager fugly bitch and the other two were guys. i came back from the showers while the guys were outside watching an important table tennis match, eating and murmuring a lot. the woman was laying in her bed, reading something, when i entered. i asked if she’d mind if i locked the door as long as i am changing (because once again there was no changing area, only shower cabins) which she answered with a surprisingly accentfree “oh absolutely no problem” which i reacted to by taking off the towel exposing myself and starting to put cream for humidity on my skin. all while standing stark naked in front of a mirror almost right next to her. starting to do this didnt even take 3 seconds because i planned on this all along and was properly prepared. pretty sure i caught her off guard with the cream and shit so she turned away to give me at least some privacy. continuing with the same speed we started to talk before and me moving fairly swiftly i asked her some shit, too, to do some small talk instead of just silently rubbing myself all over. she talked quite a bit, i assume from her nervousness because of me doing slightly more than just changing, but she looked away all the time, which is why i acted as if i couldnt hear her properly until she turned my way when even almost shouting didnt help her. then suddenly i understood her. heh heh. anyway, in that first minute it took her to look my way i also spanked the monkey so that she had something nice to look at. while we were talking she tried very hard to look into my eyes, i did so, too, but every now and then i looked into the mirror as if i needed it for applying the lotion, but in reality i was looking at her through the mirror and saw her checking me out multiple times with her mouth staying a bit open even after she finished talking only for her to close it again whenever i looked back. i then proceeded to apply some to my calves by standing with straight legs but a bit spread apart, with my ass towards her, so that my dick would dangle between my legs for the time. i once even went so low with my head that i could peek at her through my legs and could see her still checking me out. i tried to come up with something but failed and felt like the guys were back in not too long. so what then came were the biggest lies i ever told in my life just so that i could bone this wicked witch looking ass. interestingly enough, my nice words didnt work, so i tried to steal her first kiss, as i found out right afterwards, but she didnt get loud or annoyed or anything, she just didnt seem to want any sex for some reason, eventhough she clearly was interested in me. i decided to take matters into my own hands by going up to her with a big erection, still talking to her. i asked her to give me her hand, presumably to read her palm or whatever they do in ching-chong kong where she was from. but i didnt do any of that and instead put her hand on my dick and showed her what i wanted her to do – to jerk me off. it took a few minutes for her to stop trying to get her hand away from me but then she’d actively stroke it. it was still an abysmal handjob and no matter how much i tried i didnt cum until the guys came back from their tv match. we stopped, i got dressed, opened the door and went to bed. i think they assumed she was getting dressed so they didnt say anything about the door being closed.

the next few days i tried to figure out where all these people slept, in which rooms, so that i could try and befriend one of them and hang out in their room more often and have a reason to be in their room to be able to go after some better looking asian chick, but that didnt work because i couldnt keep these asian fucks apart and because they all went to and came home from work in the same fucking minute. the showers also being seperated i was pretty much left with three options. either get to fuck women the old fashioned way which didnt excite me very much anymore or go into the women’s shower which seemed impossible as everybody seems to be showering at the same time or change my environment i was in. which i then did. i went up to the receptionist and complained it was too hot for me in my room. luckily i overheard her telling another hostel resident who complained about the same issue that he just got lucky because he got the last ventillator for his room. so naturally the receptionist now said that unfortunately they ran out of ventillators, but i asked her if it was possible to put me in another, less hot, room. usually, most hostels around here are mixed bedrooms to make it as cheap as possible and maybe even mixed showers, but it really depends, it is very much dependant on your luck. but still, if the owners of the hostels have a choice, they will always try to keep at least a few rooms women-only but it is not a guaranteed by any means, more like a commodity for lucky female guests. anyway, so i asked the receptionist to book me for another room, she first wanted to ask me for more money for a more expensive room, but i declined, saying i just wanted to change rooms not class. after looking for a room for like 10 minutes on her computer she finally told me that i could go into a room in the complete other side of the hallway. so i pack my shit and go there getting my hopes really high and just as i opened the door – boom! – like an explosion the heat wave of that room hit me and i could only think about the gross incompetence of that stupid fucking asian – until i noticed who was in there: three asian women! seems like that receptionist either confused things or i got very lucky, but this was definitely supposed to be a girls room, seeing at least one of them only wearing a bra and a skirt, getting ready to go to work. it was very obvious they didnt have a man in that room for ages aswell, seeing all their clothes and shit all over the floor and furniture, no order at all. after the initial confusion about me the one that all this shit belonged to (and also only wore a bra on top) started putting all her stuff away since it was blocking any kind of movement, my bed and my locker. after a few minutes of me waiting and doing small talk the other two went to work while the one putting her shit away (she was by far the youngest of the three and had average small asian boobs, but no armpit hair, which was nice for a change) stayed, still rearranging everything. once at least my bed was empty, i put my suitcase right on top of it, opened it and continued interrogating her. so apparently they ALL work in a company nearby that was bought by a much larger asian company that i have never heard of or will ever be able to write down its name and these workers were all imported to work there as cheap labourers. i also found out she just started and the others worked there a few months already, because she just turned 18 which is a requirement for them to work there (and to go abroad, i assume). fresh meat. perfect. she took forever, i am not kidding, either she is a scatterbrain, she didnt have to work today or she was wasting time, but our conversation just went on and on so by the time i got my stuff perfectly done and so on we were over so many topics already. i acted as if i just arrived in this hotel and asked her where the showers were and everything else. she answered she was ready soon with her things and she’d show me on her way out, because she didnt have any more time to spare. i then took off all my clothes, hung a towel over my shoulder, took my soap in the other hand and waited for her to get ready. she was working so dilligently on getting order into the room that she didnt notice me until she was finally done. once she did though, she saw a rockhard erection from my blue balls yesterday, said: “woah! … okaaaaay…?” i ignored that and asked if she’d show me now and off we went. she showed me the showers, i kinda tried to make her come inside and show me more stuff but i couldnt come up with proper excuses fast enough. nothing really happened as the hostel was empty by that time and as always in these cheapo places there were no cameras or personel. she probably came late but she arrived on time with the others in the evening again.

i had a day for myself until then, but i felt like i had to compensate somehow for the filth from yesterday jerking me off but not being able to make me cum. i was seriously blueballed, you guys have no idea. so i just went to the women’s shower and waited FOREVER until someone came in. this shower by the way was just eight showers in two rows in front of eachother, i tried to hide as much as possible but that wasn’t very much. all the more it surprised me when people actually entered eventhough they had to at least see my ass. anyway it was a group of 6 women, i didnt try anything, didnt even try to maintain an erection. was still kinda hot, but yeah, they were forgiving and i lied that i must’ve confused the showers. (it is written on the bathrooms if it is male or female) i tried to fuck all 6 of them while i stayed in that hostel, one of them i did, but they were together too often for me to be able to try anything more serious.

anyway, midday came along and because it was so hot i was naked in my room all the time. at around 11:30 am i heard the room service cleaning the rooms next to me so i figured out i could act as if i was asleep. so i did, i arranged my bedsheets to cover me in a realistic way but completely exposing my dick, while i am also in a position able to see her but she not being able to see my eyes slightly open. i tried to make the impression as if i slept naked and got uncovered from moving at night. i had to wait VERY long until she came, it was super hard to maintain an erection for all that time. either she had a break or i don’t know what happened. anyway, at some point she came inside and saw me sleep and – would you believe it – it was an asian again. she was kinda scared so she closed the door again, but she had a job she had to do so after some more time she kinda snuck inside while always having an eye on me or my dick, i couldnt make that out that well. she started by changing the beds of the others. she was quite silent, so i just stayed laying on my bed for a bit longer. i also needed some time to get a full erection going, the time she took had its toll on me. at some point she made a louder noise by accident so i acted as if this woke me up. she excused herself like a bazillion times and said she was the room service and so on but i just acted oblivious to my nakedness, saying: “yeah, ok, no problem, you do you, imma go back to sleep some more” which i did, until she started the vacuum cleaner which is when i got up again, she excused herself again and so on. i think she REALLY wanted to tell me i was naked and that i should cover up because she was very nervous and kinda stuttered and always kinda laughed. but she didnt say anything about that so we just had a chit chat while i combed my hair sitting on my bed with a hardon. at some point i think she admitted to herself she couldnt say anything to me about her issue, so she continued vacuuming. but once when she came quite close to me and bent over to be able to clean under the beds, she stretched her ass out quite a bit so i slapped it. she jumped forward a little, but didnt get up, only tried to pull her skirt lower to cover her thighs a bit more. i guess she assumed her ass was showing. as she went back to cleaning, i groped her ass under her skirt nice and long, but that was too much for her and she got up very quickly, almost anime-like and stiffly. she turned around and inquired what i was doing with an a bit angry voice and i answered as if it was the most natural thing that i did that because she obviously wanted it because she pointed her ass towards me. she was like: “no i did not” then i tried to show her with my hands how the situation was, you know, with pointing and doing shapes and shit and she was like: “yeah but still” i agreed to not grope her anymore. she continued cleaning, but she still didnt say a word about me being naked, so after another minute i just got up and started strolling around the room, watching porn silently on my phone (i just couldnt keep my erection up for any longer with only my mind) but acting as if i was texting. when she changed beds to vacuum under, i think she saw me completely naked so she took her sweet ass time the next bed she vacuumed under. i assume she wanted to hide or something. seeing as she wouldnt get up anytime soon, i started jerking off watching porn and the ass of the asian. i blew one of the largest loads i ever made on her ass and back, she was seriously covered in goop. interestingly enough, she did notice something, because when i was standing right behind her jizzing all over her, she looked back around her shoulders, but didnt seem to notice me. i mustve stood in a dead angle.

at that point i kinda ran out of ideas, sat back on my bed watching porn when i told her: “doesnt it smell funny in here?” she agreed and opened the window, but also got on all fours again and started looking for the source of the smell. she changed the bin long ago, so she didnt understand where it came from. i understood. she also looked under my bed. i started to jump very slightly on my bed, just with my ass up and down, as if i was jerking it really hard, just so that she’d notice under the bed. the beds and mattresses were quite thin, so it made things quite a bit easier. she very suddenly pulled her head back up to check on me, but i was still on my phone with my hands and just stopped moving my ass. we did this two more times, at which point i asked her, if she found something, or if she needed my help. she looked very suspiciously at me, but declined politely. i then told her to step aside and let a “real man” handle the situation. i got up and laid with half my body under the bed to check what was up. obviously, i still had a boner, which obstructed me from sliding deeper under the bed. i was laying on my back and asked her if she could help me because something was hindering me, but she couldnt even say a word. i told her something was blocking my stomach or something and asked her if she could move it out of the way. for a while nothing happened, then i told her: “come on, i wanna help you” and a couple seconds later i felt something hard and cold pressing against one side of my dick. i think she tried to use her shoe to push my dick aside. that’s when i suddenly slipped out from under the bed while saying “yeah, i cant see or do much like this, maybe you wan…”. i caught her red handed using the vacuum cleaner’s pipe to push my dick under the bed, which looked really quite funny, but i was just all like: “what are you doing? are you scared of my dick?” she couldnt say much aside from mumbo jumbo and a few “no”‘s sprinkled inside those sentences. i got up and tried my best for 5 minutes, but i guess i was a tad bit too aggressive, because slowly but surely she just left the room with half of it still not cleaned and the vacuum cleaner still inside. as she walked out of the room to one side of the corridor and then off, from the other side a girl came towards me, but stopped with her mouth wide open when she saw the cleaning lady’s back full of my sticky and shiny cum from earlier. it was a girl that i fucked earlier, so she was kinda mad because she assumed i also fucked the cleaning asian. we fucked soon after, angry sex is pretty awesome. also she tried much harder than last time, we were at it for ages. we fucked in my room, so after i gave her multiple orgasms the cleaning lady at one point slowly came back. i quietly told the woman i fucked to stay quiet for a moment, as i noticed the asian slowly sticking her head inside. we were somewhat hidden because we were fucking on the bed of one of the other asians behind the door. as the cleaning lady came in to grab her stuff i changed the position stealthily to one i saw in porn where everything was nice and visible and suddenly started fucking again, which made her moan really hard and the cleaning lady at first turned around in shock and almost froze, but then quickly grabbed her stuff and went out, never to be seen again xD also, my cum was still on her, completely dried up. what an idiot.

at some point all the other asians came back and i was alone (and dressed) again by that point. we all started chatting, they all went showering but one of them went quite a bit earlier than the others so she also came back when the others were still showering. i tried to show off my bulge like i often do but i had so much sex recently that i couldnt get and keep a big boner right then, so i ignored it. the others were back soon anyway. next morning the scatterbrain asian got up earlier and left in advance, i assume because she didnt want anything similar to yesterday to happen again. now the other two were left and i assumed they’d leave soon together anyway, so i just acted as if i didnt know where the nearest shop was to buy condoms. i asked them where they think i could buy contraceptives. they didnt understand that word so i tried some synonyms. they still acted as if they didnt understand (i’m pretty sure they did at some point) and one of them left to go to work, the last one i could keep inside by getting between her and the door and slowly closing in on her, not letting her a way to escape but in a non-aggressive way, more passively, you know. as she still said she didnt know i tried to describe condoms to her, first with words and then with pointing and shit, but she just kept repeating herself, so i took a spare condom i had and showed it to her. she now said she had no idea what it was, so i explained more explicitly how they were used. i then opened the lil bag they come in and pointed towards my crotch. by that point i cornered her pretty well and she could only sit on her bed in order to avoid me, so i said: “you know what? i’m just gonna show you.” i took out my dick, put the condom on, but she still said she didnt understand what it was good for, while desperately trying to avoid looking at it. i had to tell her multiple times to look at my junk or she wouldnt be able to see it (duh) but still she claimed she had no idea what i meant and what i was doing. jesus, if this really is true no wonder there are so many damn asians if they dont even know what condoms are. anyway. i already touched her head when i tried to physically direct her focus onto my dick and i was really close to her while she was on her bed. i told her i’d show her what i meant and that she wouldnt need to worry because she’d love it. i took off my pants und underpants completely with one hand, still having my other hand on her head and put a leg next to her onto the bed to get closer to her and to block her even better. i slowly started bending over her, while i tried to make her lay on her back. i moved my hand onto her upper chest to kinda pin her down then. as it was summer she only wore light clothes, so i could easily get her top off and once i unbuttoned her pants, those slid down fairly easily aswell. she was around 35 i’m sure and had big but saggy boobs, had bushy hair everywhere and those were definitely cellulite and not big buns on her ass and legs unfortunately, but she wasnt exactly fat either. i then joined her on her bed, we were both naked by then. i still constantly talked to her and shit and when she started to talk too much i kissed her for a long ass time. then i fucked her slowly and cautiously at first. she tried to scream slightly in the beginning but i muffled them with my kiss. everytime she got a bit more silent, i went deeper and once i was inside her all the way i fucked her harder and harder. we didnt change positions in a long ass time, but then i put one of her legs up, then later another, then both and changed back again and so on. at some point i wanted to cum but that was hard with her not exactly cooperating, so i turned her on her stomach and moved her body so we could have doggy style. she did not want to put her arms up, i just left her with her face on the mattress, but she got noisy so i muffled her voice with a pillow on top. she could do the position really well and i smacked that cellulite ridden ass a lot until i finally came. i then pulled out, made her sit up, took off the condom and showed her: “you see? this is what condoms are for. we can have fun and still you dont get pregnant.” while waving it in front of her. she looked absolutely rekt with her hair everywhere, it was kinda hard to make out if she understood at all but at last i gave it a rest. she got dressed slowly from her tiredness and went off working.

In the evening they came home a tiny bit later than usual. well after all the others that always arrive at the same time, but not much more that it would screw up their asian time table. they were a lot more quiet this evening even while eating and so on, they werent talking in their spider language either. at some point the third asian that i didnt do anything with yet went out to the bathroom to brush her teeth (the other two went together earlier) and i got up and followed her outside and chatted her up. since they arrived late they also started eating late and therefore also finished late, so the bathroom was empty. i went inside with her. i just quickly brushed my teeth, then washed my face and took off my shirt to wash my chest and pits. then i silently and sneakily made sure the bathroom door was locked, put the key in my pocket and stripped off completely to wash the rest of my body at the sink like i saw some asians already do instead of using the shower for some reason. she was still brushing her teeth and got caught very off guard (i guess she didnt care about me coming to the women’s bathroom to brush my teeth or that i also washed my chest and pits there with my tee off) once i dropped my pants, so she spat out everything and cleaned her mouth real quick to ask me what i thought i was doing. i just continued with washing my legs, ass, crotch and so on and told her that this was exactly what i was doing. washing myself. “dont you guys do it like this aswell?” she answered: “but we use the showers for that and this is the women’s bathroom” i ignored the first part and just told her i thought she was cool with me being there as she didnt say anything for the past couple minutes about it. i then asked her to clean my back just like many asians do. i turned around and while doing so i tried to direct her away from the main door into a corner, turned around and reached her a little piece of fabric or something that asians like to use for this. i then waited a few seconds and she actually did start to clean my back. it felt amazing. so good actually, that i got a semi hardon which i then started jerking in front of her but still half covered due to me turning my back towards her. i dont know if she noticed and ignored it or not, but when she was done, i thanked her and turned around with a major hardon pointing directly at her. since she was standing so near to me (the wall was right behind her) my dick almost touched her. i then told her it was my turn now to clean her back. at first she was like no thanks and shit, but i managed to convince her very easily. she couldnt claim that she didnt shower afterall. i even splashed some water on her from the tap jokingly saying: “you arent afraid of water or cleanliness, are you?” “n-no, but…” “alright, then, off this goes” i said and took her shirt off with her resisting a bit but i didnt touch her bra or anything, so i just cleaned her for a few minutes. she looked around 25 or 30, lotsa armpit hair and mosquito bites as boobs as far as i could tell. her face looked really good though. i tried to make it become a more sensual massage and get into her pants this way, but that didnt work out. she said she could clean her legs herself, so i just cleaned her back, shoulders and neck. then i put the cleaning rag or whatever away and started giving her a head massage. she just let me do it so i continued for quite a while. i asked if she liked it and she said yes. i asked her if she wanted to sit down and she did. there was only that one bench in the bathroom and as soon as she laid down and i continued massaging her head, my dick got really close to her face. i couldnt just push her face on my dick, she seemed not passive enough and there were plenty of people around, so i told her to turn around so that i can massage the top and back of her head better. i used that time to only massage her with one hand and get my erection going again with the other. i tried to do some small talk with her, asked about boyfriends and shit but she never really answered and if she did it wasnt very clear. she was clearly enjoying the massage i just didnt know how to go to the next step. should i try massaging her legs? she said no before…should i ask her to clean her feet? that would be weird…and then when i noticed that she was slowly looking up saying thanks for the head massage i quickly let go of my dick and went back to finishing massaging her scalp with both hands. and then she almost jumped up. did she get so surprised about my dick’s size? nope, as it turned out, i left the skin peeled back on my dick and she has never seen this and got really scared what the hell happened to my body. i then explained to her and showed her some childish “tricks” with my dicks aswell trying to relax the atmosphere with some silly jokes and surprisingly enough it worked. i played around with my dick and balls for a short while and then i told her i could show her another trick if she sucked me off. for a moment it looked like as if she’d love the idea, but the next moment she pulled a face as if she was disgusted and at the same time didnt understand what i was saying. seriously this must be some retarded ass asian reflex. acting dumb. i didnt wanna screw the whole thing up so i was saying it was just a joke and a metaphor in my language and culture that you should get showered/cleaned up. of course that was a pile of horseshit but she wouldnt know and didnt object either, so we tried to laugh it off, i told her to get up and that i’d help her wash her lower back. i washed that part for 10 seconds then i immediately pulled her pants down and continued downwards. i rubbed her very long all over her thighs, then quickly went over her calves and told her to sit back down so that i could finish with her feet. suprisingly enough she complied with everything which might be because at some point during all this she tried to open the door but couldnt. i sat down, having her tiny feet rest on me while i cleaned them. meanwhile i changed positions slowly but surely so that i’d end up sitting right between her legs looking at her crotch. when i was finished with her feet i told her that she still had to clean her ass and crotch and jokingly said that from below it looked like the dirt was crawling out from her underwear (meaning her pubes) and if she was hiding something in her undies, because it looked like an (asian) dick due to all the pubes making a considerable bulge there. at first she didnt find this to be very funny at all and made a serious face, then she kinda looked away diagonally upwards, opening her mouth wide while grinning and letting out a silent “umm…”. she giggled a little, which was reason enough for me to continue. honestly, i almost thought this was over. but i was lucky that she lightened up the mood with her laughter. i told her “come on”, stood up, “clean yourself finally, it is taking long enough as is” and in a weird way of hurrying her up i smacked my dick in her face as she was still kinda stuck in that position of before, looking up diagonally and mouth open and grinning. she was even more dazed than before after this, so i just grabbed her to stand up. the only reaction i noticed from her is that she kinda pushed against me woth her weight when i made her stand up and go to the sink and she also pointed her face straight to the floor. when we made it to the sink i swiftly took off her panties, took the sponge or whatever that is and actually cleaned her ass, then i made her stand with her legs further apart (which was hard to achieve, she cleanched her knees together with all her power) and then i cleaned her pussy. i did that thoroughly, as i had no idea how much cleaning they needed and because i slowly but surely went over to massaging her parts. when i got rid of the cloth and directly touched her lips and clit, she tried to get away but i held her hips and pulled her closer the more she tried to get away, so when she pulled less i would let her go a bit further away. meawhile she said “no, please dont” but i claimed she was still dirty and that i had to get it out by myself or she’d stay dirty. i really worked that pussy and after a while she finally got horny aswell. i showed her and with probably the worst rape face i asked her: “do you know what this means?” “n-n-no…please…i-i-i-” “it means i’ll have to clean you on the inside aswell” i then just turned her hips around with both of my arms, pushed her towards the sink and pushed with my dick against her vagina. eventhough she was quite horny it was still hard to enter her and to move inside her, i assume she was in pain because of it because she grabbed the side of the sink so hard that the tips of her fingers changed colors. i couldnt go balls deep because she was so narrow. it was really hard to fuck her, at some point i just pulled out and claimed i cleaned her up finally. her grip on the sink loosened, but my dick was completely covered in juices, so as she was relaxing herself more and more i said: “hey, look what you did.” yes i blamed her. “clean it” i commanded and took her head and forced my dick inside her mouth. she coughed a lot but after a while she licked my dick very well. so well that she actually made me cum. for that i finally went balls deep for almost minute, which means i probably rammed my dick straight down her throat, because it wasnt easy either. once i was done and pulled out, she immediately threw up in the sink and coughed and gasped for ages. not very surprisingly, my dick was slimy as fuck, so i cleaned it myself and then got dressed and left quickly. nobody was standing in front of the door, i assume once they heard her throwing up everybody went to wait in their rooms.

once she made it back the others were already in their beds. from now on they all made sure to leave and enter at the same time and they wouldnt spend a lot of time with me, which was unfortunate. as i found out about it i more and more behaved like a terrorising dictator of sorts. i was naked all the time in our room and wanking a lot. i would spank them with my dick and towards the end i would even jizz on them while they were in bed, no questions asked. i did that with the lights still on and it didnt seem to bother anyone, as they didnt get up to clean anything until the next morning, by which time everything was dry already. once i saw that happen, i used my last night there to cover one of them in as much cum as possible. unfortunately i dont know anymore which one it was because they seemed to change beds sometimes and they always face the walls when in bed. anyway. i drank a LOT that night and went to jerk off onto that one’s hair countless times. like, in those, i don’t know, 9 hours, at the very least 10 times, no kidding. to be fair, i sometimes only came a few droplets and othertimes i came so thin it looked like a pissed on her. (which i didnt, i am fairly certain). to be able to achieve that i constantly watched porn, later on even with the volume on for them to hear and i also went out to go buy a drug that made it easier to cum (and also keeps you up for a long ass time) from a dude i knew for ages. that night the whole room reeked of my seed and the next morning when they got up, parts of the hair of the asian that i used as my cumrag was hardened up completely. you guys shouldve seen their faces when they saw it, absolutely priceless. but yeah, they went to take a shower and then to work. nothing was left of it :( as revenge i came one last time into each of their passports, which i found after searching their shit and stole their money. i also put some of the cash into a kind of back pocket of one of the girls. she at some point in the morning wanted to kick me in the nuts. yeah, shit went down. it was because after i fondled them for days and them doing nothing about it i wanted to just straight up rape one of them in front of the others just when they changed, but yeah, when i grabbed the one by her pussy she kinda freaked out. but yeah, anyway, i made one of the cash bills stick out from that back pocket, so that the other girls might notice it. i didnt think it would work, but one can always hope.

after all this time things get very confusing in my memories, so i couldnt tell you when or where it was. but i do remember how it was one of the cheapest places i’ve been to, as it only had a single shower (obviously for one person only so it was also lockable) and the rest of the place was essentially just two very large dorms and the tiniest kitchen/entrance/living room ever. the dorms both had room for like 10 people on bunk beds but i guess i am not the only cheap bitch which is why there were 7 bunk beds each dorm, which made it definitely cramped to say the least. at night it was always hot, noisy, filled to the brim and there was stuff all over the place. now come the upsides though: i was lucky. i could pick the most hidden bed of them all. it was the top bed behind the door in the dorm in the back (as the other dorm was between mine and the kitchen/entrance/living room (bathroom was even further away. at night it took me 7 minutes to get there due to all the obstacles)) and also for some reason all the guys were always outdoors, often even at night. honestly, i could always see their stuff, but rarely the people. maybe only the first night or so though, couldnt tell anymore. from morning till evening there were only chicks around, it was amazing.

so anyway, until the second day nothing of interest happened, the only asian i saw in the place was some rich tourist that had to leave soon. i could barely even talk to her and there were still people around. but yeah, that day a little travel group of 4 women came to my dorm. from what i can tell they were all friends. two asians among them. some of them were probably pushing thirty, the others looked a bit younger. i was really tired those days and didnt have money to waste, but i was still very horny, so i just hung out in my bed the whole time and didnt greet them. and i was rewarded very soon by them. as they arrived the room was more or less empty, i think only one other girl was inside. as soon as they dumped their crap in the middle of the room the non-asian looking ones figured they could change their clothing right then and there. i didnt object to say the least. i was just laying quietly on my back in bed covered with a thin blanket watching my phone and i honestly think they didnt notice me in there. in case they did notice me i didnt wanna look like a creep, so i always tried to look like i was minding my own business. once the first two were almost done, the asians also joined in which is amazing to me as i wouldve bet that at least they wouldve seen me. but no. so that was a really quick start to me catching 4 young ladies in their panties changing their sweaty clothes. i felt like i was handed a gift from the gods and i was afraid as a mere mortal i wouldnt be able to handle it with care. which obviously meant that as soon as all this started happening i stealthily started to get my dick out of my undies and made it point up under the blanket. i think by the time the asians got finished one of them noticed me but didnt say a word because she hid behind a little cupboard from me. at the same time the others left for a little while. that moment of solitude i used to ask her: “mind if i help?” it’s stupid, simple and surely wont bring me anywhere close to her pussy, but that wasnt my aim. i just needed a real quick way of introducing myself to her. she was about to pull up her pants when i asked her. i was afraid she’d leave, so i jumped down from my bed (quietly, as floors were wooden) and tried to do some small talk. i had some sort of swimming trunks looking shorts on and obviously i still had a boner which was poking through them so she wasnt exactly pleased by me cornering her, so she tried to call out for her friends (she didnt call for help , she just acted as if she needed sth from them). the others were gone and i think she knew, so all the noise she could make were glorified moans. noises an annoying child would make. this was enough to make her trip though as she was still trying to get into her skinny jeans. i cought her with one hand on her boobage and damn those were fine. big melons on an asian, a rare sight to behold. as i was catching her i noticed that she wasnt even fat or anything, she was outright light. maybe it was a pushup bra? i don’t know. anyway, her boobs were one thing, her ass another. nice medium size and round. “are you sure you dont need any help?” i asked, now with a hand on her ass and one groping her bazookas at her cleavage; my boner pointing straight into her stomach. i was kinda pinning her against the cupboard with my dick and was about to feel her up some more when i heard steps coming towards us from the other dorm, so i stepped back and sat down onto the bottom bed she was undressing in front of and continued a made up talk we apparently had, so that i seem to her friends as if we started chatting before. then nothing of importance happened, the girls spoke tongues and i was kinda left out of everything and soon enough they left. at least i could talk to all of them for a tiny bit.

the next few days were all lucky and unlucky at the same time. while they were always the only ones around, they didnt spend particularly much time there either and they were all always together. and all that time i couldnt come up with anything better than watching porn on my phone silently whenever they came inside and would stealthily get hardons under the cover, which would poke out for as long as they were around. i was trying very hard to not look like i was a weirdo creeping on them, but hey, i was in bed for a long ass time and only got out to go to the bathroom and to eat. after two days i am quite certain most of them noticed that my dick was always up and that i liked to hang out in bed shirtless, but nobody complained, if anything, i cought some of them staring, so it was time for the next step. except there was no next step because i couldnt ever get any alone time with any of them. some day i got really lucky because just as i came back from the showers they entered the dorm aswell. i took fresh clothes, went up the ladder to my bed and started dressing myself no holds barred. i started with my shirt, then i got on my knees (most people do it sitting down) and stretched myself straight up to get the lower parts dressed. i am sure i dont have to tell you but i did have a boner then aswell and it pointed straight towards the group. but i was kinda behind a door, so it wasnt THAT obvious and obnoxious. still, most of them took a long look at me. and that was it pretty much. i couldnt get any further. i’m an idiot, i know, but what should i do? at least at night i would always wank and jizz on the chick next to me. as said, we were behind a door and it was very dark, so nobody could see me i am sure. she was in the bed right next to mine. she was by far the closest to me, but she always slept a lot and deep. she often almost fell out of her bed. i usually came into her hair because it was a big bush, but last night i got my courage together and jizzed into her half open mouth from my bed. i was rewarded with her sleepily licking her lips for a split second. she was usually the last one to leave the room in the mornings and the first one to go to bed and sleep. she was an utter annoyance in that regard. oh and before i forget, she travelled alone and couldnt speak any language i could. although she wasnt asian i am sure she was a migrant aswell and if not, nothing of value lost either way.

I once was in a hostel seemingly in dead season. i honestly dont exactly know anymore where or when it was. so forgettable. nobody in town, beaches empty and 90% of the rooms werent used so they werent cleaned either, just locked for half a year. my room was one of the only two or three that were being used by people. naturally they couldnt make women go to one room and men to the other because there is always too many men and they want to save money so they didnt open more rooms than needed even if the discription on the internet said that the dorms werent mixed. these were rooms of 4, first night i was together with some guys that i drank a lot with, then i was alone (the other room was always full) but for my last three nights, an asian lady came to my room.

it turns out she really thought herself to be a lady, she was around 35 and still a virgin. also she probably thought she was being super emancipated. i dont know how i did it, but i soon made her trust me a lot and we started talking about ourselves and our loved ones, which is when i found out about her virginity, so our topics revolved around that for a few hours. we talked until like 3 am. in all this time she told me plenty about herself, also about her first and only sexual experience when a random guy at a nude beach that she accidentally visited wanted her to jerk him off when she was 19 and he had to be around 30. apparently nothing happened and unfortunately our talk went into the wrong direction so we went to bed.

but her story made me horny, i also wanted to try my luck with her. when i came back from the bathroom, i changed into pajamas (oversized shorts and a tshirt, it was still very warm) in front of her, she didnt seem to mind or was already asleep. maybe she enjoyed the show and didnt say anything. i dont know, it was way too dark for me to see.

the next morning i woke up earlier than her with a hardon. i figured, since yesterday we also talked about men having morning wood (she didnt know anything about that before i told her lol) so i could “involuntarily” demonstrate to her. first i turned away from her, as she was still asleep, always having my hand on my dick and ready to make it rockhard again. it took almost an hour for her to wake up and she was noisy – luckily. i acted as if her noise almost woke me up, but i was going back to sleep again. while doing that, i turned over to her side and the covers and my pants, which i arranged beforehand, moved in such a way that my dick hung out for her to see.

she didnt do much but she was walking about in our room and from time to time i carefully opened one eye to see what she was doing. i think she didnt notice. so as soon as she did the next noise (maybe some bread paper crumbling) i acted again as if i was disturbed in my sleep but this time turned back but only on my back. now my manhood was blatantly visible, ready for her to be seen and awed at. i felt how my erection got softer and i didnt want my dick to hang down or my story about morning wood wouldnt make sense anymore, so i invisibly flexed all my lower body muscles and tried pumping more blood into my penis. i also tried imagining sexy women. i couldnt just go touch myself again because i didnt know if she was looking, my head was in a bad position but i think my shlong wiggled quite a bit whenever i flexed. i tried to do it in the rhythm of my breathing, so that it looks more natural and plausible for her.

after like 15 minutes like this she left the room and it was time for me to relax again. i am sure she saw sth, but she didnt say anything until the last evening that we had together. (the other days other people were around) we were talking as always and suddenly she just confronts me with: “hey man, i’m sorry, it sounds kinda weird, but i saw him the other day”

i knew what she was talking about, but i wanted to get her further out of her confort zone so i said: “whom? the guy you talked about before? the guy who wanted you to jerk him off at the beach? did he want more? lol” and she answered a bit shier this time: “oh, ah, no…i saw you” and i was like: “what? i still dont get it, did you see me at the beach? or in town? you could have come and greeted me…” finally she said: “no, i saw you naked…your penis…it is no problem, really, i didnt say this to make you feel bad or anything, i just felt like you wanted to know”

i still acted confused: “whaaat? when? how? what are you talking about?” and she started explaining, whichafter i excused myself and said it wasnt on purpose. she understood, said it was ok, but kiiiinda asked me to not think badly of her or something? that part i really didnt completely get. she continued with: “it is kinda hard to miss it, you know, it is really, REALLY big…iffff…you knowww…what i’m…sa…y…ing” her sentence got more and more silent as she said that. i believe she has no concept of size and how many men feel flattered when women say that. i think she was rather confused by my size, as she has only seen much smaller ones before. did i already tell you? she works at a kindergarten. yeah that explains it.

i asked her: “oh, you imagined them to be smaller…but wait, werent you at a nude beach before? wasnt that guy naked?” and she answered: “yeah, but his was as big as my thumb, yours looked more like a foot.” the balls resembling the heel of a foot i guess lmao. “also, your dick was moving up and down whenever you took a breath” she looked very confused then so i just told her i was sorry again and that it was natural, all dicks wiggled from breathing xDDD.

as time went on we still talked about sexual stuff, she seriously had a large gap in her knowledge so i had to tell her quite a bit and invented quite some bs. at some point she came back to the point that she once was at a nude beach and said: “you wouldnt have thought that, right? that i of all people would do something like that” and i was honest when i told her that i mingled on beaches before and that i liked nude beaches and still do.

she previously said it was her last time going there, she didnt like showing her body to all those people. for some reason she didnt believe me, though, so half jokingly and half as a challenge she said: “yeah if you really want me to believe you that you liked nude beaches get undressed, right here, right now, come on…” she couldnt even finish her sentence and i already got rid of my tshirt and my trousers. not gonna lose a challenge like that, heh. i was only in my underpants (also socks and shoes) now and suddenly slowed down a lot because i noticed i wasnt hard at all and that she was stunned, didnt say a word just gazed at me. then i did some moves, a pelvic thrust and slowly pulled them down, too. when most of my dick was showing, i asked her if she wanted to see the whole thing again. she didnt say anything understandably, only some mumbles, so i just said, almost shouted: “what did you say? you said you missed it? look closely then” as i said that i slightly touched myself and my erection was finally semi again, when i completely removed my clothes. i continued my moves and she just couldnt get her eyes, hell, her face, off of my junk. i slowly closed in on her, shaking my dick with every step, she sat back and still remained silent. but i could see the lust slowly starting to burn in her eyes.

i grabbed her hand and put it around my weiner. she had no skill at all, so i took her hand and showed and told her what to do. she never pulled her arm away so i continued towards her lips until she shook her head and said jesus wouldnt want me to penetrate her as long as we arent married. i didnt wanna start a fight about her religion or since when (half-) asians believe in christ, but i somehow remembered a meme about that. i told her that if there is no marriage there isnt any sex before marriage either. so if we did something it wouldnt count as sex before marriage since we wont marry. she couldnt answer to that, but she said she just wouldnt take it in her mouth anyway (being a lady and all) so i asked her about her boobs and pussy but she didnt even take off any clothes for me. i think i fucked it up with her, i could have scored but i was too horny to think straight and do the right moves.

since i knew i wasnt going to fuck her anytime soon, i decided to at least fuck with her figuratively. so for the rest of my stay i pretty much walked around naked in the room, slept nude and did other obnoxious things. most notably i managed to open the door to the showers from the outside with my trusty swiss army knife (ironically made in china). it wasnt difficult, you could directly attach a key with the square shape to open it, heck, i was almost able to open it with my bare fingers, but it got stuck after a bit. anyway, so i purposely walked in on her while she was drying herself off in the shower. i acted as if i didnt notice the steam and had forgotten she was in there and i guess she was just too modest to move or say anything. the curtains were still half closed, but i think she at least once stuck her head out and saw me pissing in the toilet standing up. after i flushed, i started wanking, because why not? that’s when i saw her peek out once more, i guess checking if i left, but i didnt. i turned towards the showers, acting as if i was checking to see if anyone was there, but still beating my meat. i opened the curtains slowly and saw her turned around and covered with a towel. we had a short conversation that was made up of like grunts and oh and yeah and oops. i was very ill-prepared, maybe i was once again too horny to think. anyway, it ended with her slipping and falling in the bathtub (it was a flat tub but you could only shower in it, kinda weird) and probably hitting herself slightly somewhere. obviously i didnt want things to turn out that way so i immediately came to help her, but i also wanted to use the situation to my advantage, so i purposely didnt cover myself when i cowered down to her. she didnt say she didnt need any assistance, so i just did what i could remember from my first aid course, while also having my dick hang out in front of her face. she still said “ouch” a couple times, so i told her i was going to check her body for bruises or worse. i used those moments to have a good feel of her boobs and ass, both medium and soft. she finally said she was alright and thanked me, tried to get up and so did i. i did my best to have my dick touch her face while doing so, but i think she noticed and moved her head accordingly. in the end i tried to give her compliments disguised as things you say after an accident like that, but they didnt land. welp, better luck next time. after some more nude time that evening and the next morning she decided to go early and i had to go again anyway.

one of the times i went to a more local hostel in a neighbouring city the hostel actually was fairly multicultural. for once the asians were in the minority and i could enjoy my stay almost perfectly. but the last two days an asian woman joined our dorm. she was very quiet, much more so than other quiet asians i have met before. she didnt speak a word, more like she gasped, maybe waved sort of and stuff. very annoying, overall. anyway. when she entered i was alone. i could see her entering the place with her suitcase earlier and quickly guessed she’d be the next guest in here. i didnt know she would be sent to our room, but i thought one of the guys that slept here woke up earlier than usual and had less crap laying around. it was hot as always so i took off my clothes and laid onto my bed with a thin white blanket just covering my legs and crotch, leaving my feet and whole upper body fully visible. i put head phones in and looked onto my phone which was laying on the bed as if i was watching something and didnt notice her, but from the corner of my eyes i could observe her well enough. when she closed the door, looked around, chose a bed and started unpacking, i thought of something really quick, something that would be fun for me, something that i usually do. but as you might remember from the beginning of this paragraph, she didnt understand jack. or she was deaf or something but let’s be real, she probably just didnt speak the language at all. i was doing my “walking around naked with an erection and talking to women” thing and she did get even shier and check me out very swiftly, but if we cant talk, what am i gonna do? i’m just gonna make myself look like even more of a monkey. the whole place was very quiet and i got hornier and hornier and i figured: “yeah, fuck it, let’s just do it” and so i started to get touchy with her, placing her on her bed, as she was trying to slip away i would pull her back, get on top of her, dominating her completely and taking off her clothes. pretty much the moment i threw her panties through the room, realising how much of a bush she had between her legs, i also heard people entering the place. i figured if she was going to remain silent, which she did all along, i could just stay there with her until the others are gone. so i grabbed a fresh white cover she brought from next to the bed, put it over us, not even letting our heads be seen all while i am laying on top of her, fumbling her breasts and cunt. the noise in the hostel got a bit more silent as i assume peole went to their rooms, but one pair of footsteps was coming straight towards our room. someone opened the door and didnt say anything. it was very quiet in there while i was playing with the asian’s body. it took a long ass time and i am not sure what they were doing in there, but finally at some point they audibly left. if they watched us move under the blanket for all that time, kinda awkward, but no real problem. as the door was closing, i finally shoved my dick up that pussy which made the asian move a lot and moan surprisingly loudly. she would immediately shut herself up with her hands though, so that wouldnt become a problem anymore. i took off the cover, looked around and indeed, we were alone and i finally started fucking her properly. when i was about to cum, i pulled out and sprayed all over her body. it was a really big load, me being erect and about to fuck for so long surely helped me there. but i wasnt done. i wanted more. so i grabbed her by an ass cheek, turned her around onto her back and made her ass point up with a cushion. i proceded with fucking the shit out of that pussy, it felt much better because i didnt see all the hair. btw, there was no blood, so she probably took her own virginity by shoving stuff up that hole before. which is also what it kinda felt like. not outright used, but definitely not new and narrow either. by the time i came in her twat and kinda laid over her in exhaustion from all the kinda monotonous but still intense fucking, i thought i heard her say something. maybe it was a mumble, maybe she said something in her own language, i am not sure what exactly i wanted to do after, but i wanted to make her sit up, but by that time my cum dried onto her skin and where she was touching the bed covers, so it was hard to do so first of all and since i didnt know what to do with her if she actually sat up, i just left her there laying on her side. i did make sure though that she licked my dick clean before i went back into my clothes and left the place. i usually leave the place so that asians have a chance to take care of everything and clean the mess up, as they usually stop resisting and moving alltogether as long as i am around.

eventhough it happened in a completely different setting, but since HOW it happened was virtually the same, i’ll tell you here of another time that was very similar to this. so it was another hostel, another year, another everything. but the asian, that came to my room was much younger looking. like, she looked like proper jailbait. but i happened to have observed her aswell while she checked in and since she was also travelling alone and therefore definitely was of age i figured i should try something with her aswell. she didnt speak the language either but when trying to communicate, she made all kinds of syllables or more like noises. “pa, nee, ssi, munn” or whatever. but they never really seemed to correlate, it was always very random. nee didnt mean no, munn was sometimes kinda more like a moan, sometimes whatever else, i don’t know. anyway. so i also made her go to a corner while i was naked and noone was around, but she was a bit more defensive and tried to get out more actively. i had to make her sit on her bed multiple times because she would always get up and sometimes do one of her grunts or whatever. when i made it on top of her and started to take her clothes off, she tried to pull the clothes back onto herself, slightly tearing some of her thinner gear. to get her to be more easy to deal with, i turned her on her stomach and put one of her arms in a police grip to take her pants off. and i really twisted that arm in order to make her stop resisting. then i had to release that arm again to take her top and bra off. funnily enough she wore three of them and yes indeed her boobs that at first looked like bazookas were actually nonexistant as it turned out later on. for a little while she was less annoying, but as soon as she started moving again i held her head down for a minute because i was getting pissed.

from one of the asians i met before i got a little asian sized dildo. it was nothing special at all, but i figured i’d take it with me in case i ever needed it.

and indeed i did. as soon as i let her head go again she scrambled again, so i took that little dildo which was in a drawer of a night stand just an arm’s length away and shoved it up her asshole while holding her down again. i have no interest in it and also it’s probably shit stained already so i made sure it stayed in there by shoving it in all the way. let her shit it out some day down the line. she got much easier to handle after that, because she curled up in a ball kinda but making her ass stick out, as if she was already trying to shit it out. but that was perfect for me to fuck her surpringly shaved pussy and just as i grabbed her from behind and aligned my dick with it she turned around, onto her back crossing her legs, protecting, as it turns out, her virginity. i didnt know yet though and was getting really annoyed by her so i slapped her a couple times then when she acted up again while i fondled her body i pinched her nipples so hard i had to muffle her scream-gasm with my hands. it was actually more like a grunt-gasm. anyway, i then took her by her knees, spread those legs and finally split that oh so long awaited pussy with my dick. it was very hard to enter her and soon i noticed that it wasnt getting easier with time because she was getting into it but because of her blood from me popping her cherry. i am not easy to anger and honestly, i was about to explode, but somehow it felt unworldly good, eventhough it was also fucking disgusting. luckily i still had an arm on the cushion on her head, because she was getting really noisy down there. but i started to properly fuck that brat and i didnt hold back any longer. the disgust of the blood kept me from cumming for the longest time but it still was some experience to behold. it took over half an hour before i could even go anywhere near deep enough and after like an hour i could reliably go balls deep. she still tried to start some shit with her arms and hands mostly but i wouldnt give too much of a shit about it anymore and just gut punch her. rather lightly at first, but harder the more she resisted. after a while of her resisting and me punching her into stopping to resist, she tried some shit with her legs, too, which mostly resulted in me punching her in the guts. in the end she decided to just kinda hug me with her legs around my body, but that was fine by me as it didnt keep me from fucking her properly, for that she was too weak.

now comes the part where it was really similar again to the story from before. i noticed people coming almost too late and could only cover us with a simple cover. it worked again, but i had to properly hold her cussion at all times to make sure she wasnt heard and could hear the others. i did continue fucking her and that motion under the cover and the oh so faint noises she made every now and then made the people leave, finally, only saying “have fun” and laughing on their way out. when i was finally done bashing that cervix into oblivion, i finally creampied her. to continue that analogy, it looked like a strawberry cream pie. just much more disgusting. when i finally got her legs off of me and lifted my hand from her head, she immediately started spouting some shit again, waving around with her arms and trying to stand up, but i decked her hard because i just couldnt be bothered anymore with her annoying ass and she fell right over back into bed. she didnt lay there for too long, while i was getting dressed and ready to go she lifted her head slightly and grabbed it with an arm. her head ache seemed to vanish quickly though, so she sat up, checked her woman parts out and immediately started cleaning her shit out with toilet paper that she had with her. i was about to leave when she tried to stand up. she was really weak on her legs, she always had to grab onto something to not fall over. her knees were and stayed bent for as long as i saw her, further showing how much i destroyed that cooter. i waited a bit because it was noisy outside and i wanted to hold the door closed as long as the both of us were in there and one of us was stark naked. at some point she was dressed well enough (shirt and panties) and sitting, not shaking anymore while standing up and i could leave. not long after she ran out of the room and towards the toilets, then i had to turn left on my way out of the place.

i once got to talk to a a hot ass asian in the common room in the middle of the night. she had a side cut, mini skirt, tattoos and piercings, but her cleavage and ass were sub par, even for an asian. i was just hanging out and i think she was up because she had to do something on her phone and didnt want to disturb anybody. we did some small talk and then it quickly went much deeper than that ut she always kept a kind of apathetic voice and i somehow found out super easily that she was raped by multiple people in the past. first her dad, then two of her teachers and later on ex bf’s. somehow she was super self conscious about it (she claimed) but didnt bother when it came to telling me as i could see. when she finished her story the last person that spoke our language left the common area, only two foreign tourists remained. i asked her to come with me real quick, i dont even know how i convinced her, but we just went to a shower where i shoved her inside, locked the door, turned the shower on for noise, stripped first myself then her naked and started fucking her in all kinds of ways. she was an absolute fish, unfortunately, but whatcha gonna do. when i was done with her i told her to not wear any panties these days. she threw a “like hell i will, asshole” at me so i kicked her in the pussy with my heel (it made sense from the angle i stood at) which made her curl up and wince in pain. i asked if she understood and then left.

the next day when i saw her i made her immediately go to a bathroom. she didnt resist at all, i turned on the shower again and i fucked her there from behind. meanwhile i took her phone and started texting my own phone as if she started flirting heavily with me. i then put away the phones and finished. then i asked her aggressively again why she wore panties. she said something about having a bf but i didnt buy that shit. as long as she was there she was mine. this time i kneed her pussy again and again until she complied. this time i made sure though and took her panties with me. next day i saw her at lunch in the kitchen. i sat a table away in front of her and as i sat down another asian came and sat next to her. her bf, it seems. i wrote her she should open her legs so i could see if she wore any panties. she didnt answer at first so i wrote her again. she just texted back a “no” so i had to blackmail her: “if you dont open your legs right now for me to see, then tonight i will make sure you wont be able to open those legs at all and noone will WANT to see your cunt anymore”. she finally opened her legs but i couldnt see so i wrote: “lift that skirt.” when her cuck of an asian bf went to get some food or drinks, she lifted it for a little bit. i think at least one other guy noticed her aswell and thought she was making advances on him. that guy went to her to talk and i wrote her to grab his crotch. she didnt do it so i sent it again and after looking at him for a while she finally did a slow grab on his bulge. that’s when the asian bf came back, witnessed everything and i could first hand see them break up (i think, i dont speak asian). after lunch when she was done crying and the kitchen was empty, i made her go to the bathroom again. i fucked her there as always and later on in the evening i did it again. apparently the guy from earlier now also tries some shit with her. from now on i fuck her multiple times a day until i leave. pretty sure the other guy also fucked her, but i dont know for sure.

i remember asking her if she took the pill, when she said no, i was glad at first that i always used a condom, but the last day i rode her bareback, whilst having her head inside the only bathtub of the place and her ass up on the rim, tits up. damn that was good, no wonder i came so much in her. i dont remember the other times because i was busy with other things, but i am pretty sure she also came this time. didnt ask her though. as a goodbye present i put a condom on, lifted her body up from the rim a bit but leaving her head and shoulders still on the floor of the bathtub and tried fucking her ass. since i already came it was even harder for me to penetrate her unprepared ass, but once i was inside and slightly pulled out for the first motion, i saw something resembling a shit stain so that completely killed my boner. i held my fingers between the condom and my body (against her ass) and slipped out of it, leaving it inside her for the most part. just couldnt give a crap. i then told her to try to make up with her bf because she‘ll need a baby papa as far as i knew about asians.

i still have her on facebook but she is smart enough of a parent to not upload any pics of her baby, but she does definitely have one and is still together with the same guy. as said, what a cuck. even from a timing perspective it could be mine.

it is all complete fiction. nothing of this ever happened and i'm not even closely resembling to the main character and noone i know is depicted in my work.

stop asking, this is all just a brainchild of mine...of sorts. well, i did base some of the character motivations on people i read about online, but i'm also a bad judge of character, so what does that even mean

just have fun with it.

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