my 22nd b'day w/ evan

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It was Jenna’s 22nd birthday and the day wasnt going so well. That morning Jenna was feeling quite horny.Before she had to go to a museum for a school project, she decided to have a little fun in the shower. She made sure to lock the door and she got undressed and fantasied what she was going to do with shower head.
She rubbed shaving cream all over her tits and put some on her shaved pussy and started rubbing her clit. Then she used the massager on the shower head and fondled her clit with it. She moaned slightly trying not to let her parents here here. Within 5 min she came. She felt releved that she came, but there was more in store later on that night.
Jenna went to dinner at chili’s with her friends and her phone rang. I was Evan. He was out with a friend and he wanted to know what Jen was up to that night. As she heard his deep voice, her pussy became wet. She tried smoking a cigarette to get her mind off of it, but it didnt work.
After dinner Jen and her friend Georgia caught the train home. Jen was still thinking about Evan and she gave him a call.
“Ev can you please come pick me up.” she said
” I can’t i’m with my friend still.”
“But Ev i need it sooo bad.”
I took Evan awhile to say yes, but he did. Jen waited anxiously at the train station for him. He finally pulled up and Jen got in his truck.
” I’m so hard Jen.” he said
“Let me suck it as you drive.” she purred.
“Wait til we get to the hotel.”
Jen and evan finally pulled up to the hotel. Evan went to pay and get the key. Jen sat in the car worried wondering what she was getting herself into. Evan was married with a kid. This wasnt the first time she has fucked Evan. They had sex once before. Evan got back to his truck and drove around the parking lot to the room. Once we got into the room, Jen got undressed. She was wearing a red and black lace push up bra and a black thong. Evan looked at her and started to stroke his cock. He lied down next to her and started to kiss her.
“Suck my cock baby.. I need u too I dont get this from my wife at home.”
Jen put his 7″ hard cock in his mouth and started to lick it and tease it.
“More baby more.” he moaned
Jen kept on sucking til he shot his hot cum in her mouth. Evan then started licking Jen’s pussy. He played with her clit and started rubbing it with his fingers hard.
“Omg that feels good.!!” she moaned
then evan started to tongue her pussy. Jen grabbed him and started to ride his cock. She started riding him harder and harder. He then bent her over and started to do it doggy. He shot his cum in her pussy. Then turned her over and ate her out again. She shot her cum in his mouth.
” yummm evan said u ride me better then my wife.”
Jen blushed as she got dressed.Jen doesnt see evan much, but when she does her pussy purrs for weeks after they have sex.

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