My Best Friend Asks Me To Screw His wife

I knew something was up the minute Greg stopped by my loft on Thursday evening. He not only rarely stops by on a week night let alone with Cuban cigars.
He made on like he was just in the area for business and when he was done he decided to stop in and share his new cigars with me. So I poured us some twelve year old scotch to go with the Cubans and we sat on my couch listening to jazz and shooting the shit for the better part of two hours. He asked me how I was adjusting to my new home after my divorce was finalized. As it was a very messy and long legal matter. Problem was I was screwing her boss and the neighbors wife. So she made my life unbearable.
I told him I was settling in nicely and had even had some ladies in to help me break in my new bed. We laughed and joked and he said he knew it would not be long before I was fucking anything that moved again as I was when the two of us were in engineering school together.
We were great friends and were each others wing man all through college. I got some amazing tail, sometimes just because I was with a very big good looking black man. I was not proud I would take left over sex where I could get it. Then when he married his wife Liana two years ago, I was best man. That got me even more tail at the wedding.
His wife may be the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Long dark black hair that goes well with her medium brown skin. She has long smooth legs, beautiful hazel eyes, a great tight ass and tight firm 34c cup breasts. Also a voice smooth as silk. She use to model lingerie in college. He met her at a gala of the new building he helped build. She was with this wealthy white guy but she went home with him. He a bald headed, physically fit African American and she an African American underwear model. An alpha pair if there ever was one.
He finally got done beating around the bush and got to why he was really here. He said he was planning Liana’s birthday present and needed my “help”. I asked what he needed and he said he wanted me to screw his wife! It seems that they have had discussions in the past and it has been decided that it would be hot if she were to have someone else screw her while he watched the action. He went on to say that he felt it should be someone he knew and trusted and would be discreet and keep it to himself.
I took all of five minutes for him to lay out the idea and me to say yes. But with a few things to make it more interesting. I asked for her to be dressed a certain way and to have it happen here in my loft as I did not feel I would be comfortable having sex in their bed, to which he agreed. He may be ready to watch his sex pot wife screw another guy but he was not ready to have it happen in their marital bed though. So I said it would be hot right here in the den. He agreed because he could sit in the leather chair and watch nice and close.
The deal was she would be blindfolded and brought here as Greg asked to pick the guy and have it so she would stay blindfolded the entire time, as he wants her to be unaware of who is pleasuring her. All he wanted was to see me porno movie pound his wife and I had to wear a condom. Fair enough I said as long as I could do what I wanted to her and she could not refuse. He agreed but he informed me she does not do anal, which is fine and I told him to bring her by Saturday night around eight p.m. ready to be fucked stupid.
We shook on it and he left for home.
Saturday night rolled around and I showered and shaved and put on my silk robe, put a condom in the pocket and turned down the lights as there came the knock on the door. I opened the door and there stood Greg in a suit and tie as they were coming from a nice dinner. He walked through the door holding his wife’s hand leading her blind folded into the room. She was dressed as I had asked. Her hair up with bangs hanging down so I could get at that long slender neck. She wore simple diamond earrings and a small gold necklace with a diamond charm on the end. She had on a slinky black strapless dress that stopped just above the knee that showed off her ass and bust line. She was wearing black silk nylons and high heel shoes to match. He gave me her hand and I led her into the den where there was soft music playing. Greg went to thebig chair across from the couch and sat down as I led her to the center of the room.
“Remember” he said. “Blindfold stays on, he is not to speak, Baby you can speak and moan all ya like and he has to wear a condom.” We both shook our heads in agreement.
I walked around her running my fingers over her smooth skin and satin dress. Greg made himself comfortable as I started kissing the nape of her neck and running my hands up and down her arms. I could feel goose bumps, she was definitely getting excited. As I undid my robe and let it fall to the floor I removed several condoms and threw all but one on the couch, ran the one over her shoulder.
I undid the zipper of her dress and let it fall to the floor leaving her in a matching red silk and lace strapless bra and panties and black stockings and heels. She kicked away the dress as I put the condom in the top of her stockings as a way to have it handy when the time came. I continued kissing her neck from behind as I pulled her close, close enough for my hardening cock to rub her ass. She let out a soft moan and purr as she felt my cock against her and I reached around and began cupping her breasts. She leaned back into me trying to grind my dick a little as my left hand wandered down to her panties and began rubbing the silk into her moistening snatch.
I looked over thinking that Greg would come to his senses any minute and not let me take his wife but he just sat there in the chair his hands tented in front of him as I fingered his wife.
“You have soft hands” she whispered as I undid her bra and tossed it on the floor. I now had both hands on her breasts again as I played her nipples. They were small and dark and easily made hard as I pinched and twisted them. I spun her around and played with them some more before putting my hands on her shoulders and pushing her to her knees. She gave a little smile and pulled the condom out of her stocking and unwrapped it. She expertly used her hand and mouth to put the rubber on and get it down all the way.
“MMM chocolate flavored” she said as she then started to suck my cock like a pro. Using her hand at the base and taking it all in she had a hot fast technique.
“Hot little mouth on her eh Pal?” Greg said from his perch. “Best blow job you’ll ever have.”
I nodded my head in agreement as she grabbed my ass with her free hand and went faster. I knew I was going to come and I did not care I was only getting started as I grabbed her head and came in her mouth. She slowly stopped sucking as I pulled her to her feet and led her to the couch. The leather crunched and squeaked as she perched on the edge and I knelt in front of her and peeled off the panties exposing her landing strip and glistening slit. She bit her lip as I kissed her breasts and sucked on the nipples very roughly letting her know I was about to devour her. I pushed her back against the back and kissed my way down to her pussy. I put a thumb on each side of the slit and pulled it apart. Slowly I started with her clit and licked it to as hard as it would get, and then slowly circled my tongue down to her hole. By this point she had her heels dug in on the edge of the couch and was arching her back as she grabbed my hair.
“Fuck yeah stick your tongue in my cunt!” she cried as I tongue fucked her. “I am so close to coming on your face” she was now holding her legs up so I could continue to eat and lick her convulsing pussy. I stopped what I was doing knowing she was close and wanting to frustrate her slightly as I was hard again and easily slipped on another condom.
I flipped her to her hands and knees with her head in the arm of the sofa. Her hands planted there too so she could push
back. I slapped her ass as I rubbed my
tool on her ass crack and slowly lowered it to the right spot and slid it in quickly as I grabbed her hips tight and slid all the way in then all the way out several times before I slid in and started driving deep. She came instantly. With one foot planted on the floor I pounded her furiously as she grunted her approval. I looked over and Greg had a big smile on his face as he was now in his underwear masturbating as I doggy styled his hot wife.
“Fuck baby ride him like you rode me last weekend!” He gasped
“you got it baby anything to make you come over there” she said knowing exactly what he was doing.
“Sit back on the sofa Sir” Greg said.
So I sat back with my hips near the edge. I held her hand to steady her as she turned her back to me and knelt over me on the couch and slid back on to my dick. She was masked but facing her husband as she began sliding up and down on my shaft. Greg getting a full frontal view of my white dick in his African wife.
“Yeah that is it ride that pole, ride it hard, you’re loving this ain’t you my yes you are”
“yes I am this cock is great, I am about to come again!” She leaned back and grabbed the back of the sofa and arched her back as I grabbed her tits and squeezed the hell out of them as we rough fucked her to another orgasm. Greg was moaning loud over there too as I managed to look over just as he came all over himself.
I felt like it was time to put her on her back so I pushed her off as she was losing momentum anyway and put her on her back on the floor. I grabbed her ankles and held tem up as I re-entered and began slow deep thrusts again. She was still moaning from her orgasm as I let loose my second come shot inside her.
I gave her a towel as we were both covered in sweat and helped her sit up against the couch. Greg had gotten his pants and shirt back on. He then helped her dress and they left. I took another shower and went to bed.

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