My Birthday Gift

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I was bored with the same old thing at home and getting it from outside was not as thrilling anymore since I always told my husband about it. So he offers me the best birthday gift ever.

Reggie is my hubby’s name and he decided that fulfilling my sexual fantasy of fucking two guys at one. He had to be one of them, which was fine by me, but I got to choose the other. I decided to go with the one guy I dated and never slept with when I was younger. This of course was not my choice. This is my ex Will and he thought that he should not be my first. He said that I was too good to be second best, and since he was marrying his pregnant girlfriend, I would be.

So, I was not only fulfilling one fantasy, but two. I would finally get to fuck the one guy I always wanted but said no to me. I was truly excited. I called Will and set up the whole thing. He agreed that we had waited far too long to experience this and was as excited as I was.

The night approaches and I get ready. I jumped in the shower and put on my favorite white corset. I had on a pair of slingback heels and let my long, wet, curly hair fall down over my shoulders and down my back. My husband was already getting hard waiting for Will. Upon Will’s arrival, we laid down some ground rules. Will was not permitted to kiss me and neither male was allowed to touch the other. We were all in agreement and continued.

I start by pulling out both cocks from the pants they were buried in and stroke them while licking them like lollipops. Once they were hard, I took each of them down my throat a few times just to be sure they were ready. Will decided that he wanted my pussy. Since it was so wet already, he just went down and lapped up some of the juices that were there because of his gentle caress of my breasts and the tickle of my clit while I was sucking their cocks. He then laid on the bed and his cock pointed straight to the ceiling waiting to be engulfed in my warm, tight, wet pussy. I gladly obliged his wish, since it was the same wish I had for many years. I straddled Will slowly so that he did not shoot off once he was in me. I sat there with him in me and tried not to tighten too much around him. It was Reggie’s turn to slide into my thick ass. He lubed it up and played with it before Will arrived so I was ready for him to fuck me. He slid his huge, thick cock into my ass and I tightened around both cocks since this was a new sensation to me.

I was sandwiched between two men and filled with cock!! Happy Birthday to me!!! Both started pumping in and out and were soon in unison. I could barely contain myself as I started to scream. I was loving every moment of this. Will was pinching my nipple and soon I was cumming all over his cock. I continued to buck back on Reggie to get him deeper in my ass and told him what a naughty girl I had been. He spanked my ass while pulling my hair. This was too much for Will and he shot off inside me. Seeing this, Reggie unloaded in my ass. I rolled over on the bed and they watched as I played with my pussy to bring myself to orgasm once more.

The night was amazing and the best gift I have ever received. I walked Will out to his car and on the way out, I couldn’t resist breaking the rules. Will kissed me with such a sweet and loving kiss like we did back when we were younger. That just topped off my night.

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