My Fantasy

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My fantasy is about you…..

It is a cool evening…..full moon lighting the sky…when you arrive at the front door you see a small note taped to the door “Come Inside”
As you open the door you can see a faint image of my jeans on the floor….you walk past those to see my shirt a little further…….panties a little further…..a dim glow from the bedroom.

You open the door slowly as I lay naked, hot, stroking myself with a vibrator…waiting for you. Getting so wet with every minute after you called on your way… You notice there are two silk scarves tied to the bedposts…..on the table is an ice bucket, strawberries, whip cream, honey, chocolate….and pineapple!. Scattered around me…. feathers, lotions, oils, vibrators, cock rings, and blindfold.

You walk around the bed…one side to the other….breathing down my naked body but not touching…all I can feel is your hot breathe… moan, lean closely to my lips, my eyes, my ears, my neck….whispering each thing you will do with me and my body that night.

You take a strawberry, sit in the chair and watch as I continue running the vibrator all over my pussy, my hands on my clit, in and out….deeper and deeper, getting more and more aroused watching you! You take the vibrator and slowly lick my come….still breathing down my naked body. Gently take one arm and tie that to one bedpost….a little whip cream on your finger and I suck it, going up and down your finger as if it were your dick…you touch my pussy and feel the heat, wet, dying for you…
As you take your clothes off I cannot keep my hands off my pussy with desire of you and you take that away and tie that arm up. You go back to the chair and start stroking your cock…getting harder watching me

You stand next to the bed, your cock getting harder and harder…you straddle my hot, horny body and rub your cock up and down my body. You slip the blindfold over my eyes….take a piece of pineapple as it drips between my boobs and into my mouth…you go back to the chair to watch as I am in anticipation….all I can hear is your breathe…you moaning.

Cold… wet, melting on my tits…you lick that off and place the ice in your mouth….lean over my mouth and slowly kiss me as it melts from yours into mine. Teasing me with the tip of a strawberry as I hear your slowly and passionately eat that.

A small bead of something runs down between my boobs…down my stomach and pools in my belly button…you start there licking slowly, teasing my belly button, your hot tongue runs up my body as you lick each inch…whip cream on my lips… write something on my boobs with your fingers and I have to figure out what you are saying…..a secret of yours….you slowly feed me a strawberry….then, just a taste of chocolate…

I hear the sound of a vibrator…..but which one? Then another…. Touching my clit with one…then slowly kiss my lips….then, with such passion, kissing my mouth, my neck….all over my body.

Warm, wet liquid dripping on my clit and running down my ass…you rub that in and rub some onto a vibrator…slowly run up and down my clit…..then slowly enter me….as you go in and out your fingers are rubbing, pinching my clit.

As I am so close to orgasm you stop the vibrator….then you are licking, sucking my clit…your fingers in my pussy at the same time…deep. Another close orgasm and you stop. In silence I can hear you rubbing oil on your dick….rubbing my boobs at the same time, putting your fingers in my mouth. Just the head….slowly….I can feel you getting harder….with each stroke of your head…..I want it all…still slower….a little deeper….deeper….then back to just the head…..slowly…..

You stop to take me all in….your dick still in me. You kiss me with outrageous passion since we are both so hot with passion that we cannot stop…you rip the blindfold off my eyes…look deeply within mine….take complete control of me and slip just the head of your dick inside me again. You untie me so I am free to move with you….I feel all of “B” in me….you stop for a moment so we can feel the fullness of my pussy with the fullness of your cock together for the first time. Throbbing…contracting… swollen, so hot, so wet

You roll me over onto my stomach and lick down my ass to my pussy holding your hands under my body and moving me into your face… lick the middle of my lower back…I can feel your hot, hard dick running up between my legs and up my ass. You lift me and slowly, just the head of you again. You like to watch as just the tip of your dick is going inside of me, seeing my cream around your dick, then you cannot hold back and take all of me in…..your dick is hitting my hottest button and I come all over you….again and again. Feeling me you try not to come yourself….I come again… cannot hold back anymore as hard as you try…as I come again you explode with such feeling you have never experienced…you don’t want this to stop and you don’t want to leave. You wrap yourself all around me and we finish with soft kisses as we pant…

You take a finger and take our creams and touch my lips and let me taste what we are together…you take some also then we kiss and taste us together.

You get up and return with glasses of wine. We hold each other as we drink to quench our thirst. We talk about every moment, of what you felt, what you liked, and I do the same. As we talk about it we are aroused in a different way this time….

And we start all over again…..

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