My sweet domme

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I am fortunate to have married the sweetest, most beautiful woman on earth. The fact that she shared my fantasies related to Fem Dom, and allows me to adore her makes our union one beyond my wildest dreams. She actually has helped us realize our wildest dreams…and we are wild dreamers.
When we dated and were falling in love, we had not yet shared our fantasies. Our lovemaking was great, and we enjoyed “normal” sex for several years.
When we found ourselves slipping into a “routine” sex pattern that many couples get stuck in, we started to share fantasies. It was then we realized we shared the common desire to role play with Sherry taking the domininant role. Neither of us was into pain, but I longed to worship and serve a demanding Mistress and Sherry wanted a man who would succumb to her demands, and would allow her control of their sex.
We were perfect for each other, and began exploring our kinky side.
We shopped for everything together, picking up the tools of the trade…
from outfits for her to look the part, to bondage gear and toys.
In a short time we grew in this “lifestyle” and whenever we were alone, we fell into these roles. I spent most of the time at home either naked, or in a cock cage designed to turn me on without allowing me full erection. Sherry dressed in very sexy outfits that displayed her sexy body, and encouraged my desires.
I would start evey day, bringing Mistress to an orgasm or 2 with my talented tongue. I would help groom her- shaving and trimming her pussy. I washed her panties by hand, and would polish and clean her vast assortment of sexy shoes.
As our relationship grew, Sherry began expanding my submissive role beyond our alone time. Most of her close friends now know about our Mistress/Slave arrangement, and several have even been around to witness 1st hand.
I have served Sherry’s friends at parties naked, offering refills and even entertaining them by masturbating in front of a group.
On one particular evening, Joy, Sherry’s best friend even brought her husband over, as she was beginning his training as her sex servant.
Joy and Mark watched as Sherry and I had a session. Sherry had put on one of my favorite Dom outfits, a leather bustier and a pair of thigh high boots. I as usual was naked except for a collar around my neck, and ball stretcher, and a butt plug.
Sherry wanted Joy to help restrain me, and together they tethered me to a table with my legs pulled up, exposing my genitals and allowing access to my ass, while my head was hanging off the edge- a position that allowed me to lick Sherry while she stood next to the table.
Once I was tethered, Sherry explained to Joy and Mark how she teases my balls, and nipples, while she smothers me with her pussy. After a few minutes, she suggests Joy trades places. I lick Joy’s pussy and enjoy her hands toying with me. Sherry shows us all the strap on dildo she bought recently, and says she is going to fuck my ass, while I lick Joy.
After a few minutes, Joy is screaming out her pleasure, and my ass is getting fucked by Sherry’s plastic dick. Mark is glazed over not sure what to watch.
Joy orders him to strip, and then places a blinfold on me.
I hear the two ladies whispering, and I am left alone while they leave the room.
I hear the door open, and a pussy is over my mouth. I recognize it as Sherry’s sweet pussy, and I lap at it. I feel hands on my cock, and then a cock is pushed into my anus…they have switched position, I assume, Sherry lifts her pussy off, and then a pussy is back in place, but it tastes different…like Joy’s, but the dick is still pounding my ass.
Suddenly the blindfold is lifted, and I can see Joy is sitting on my face, with Sherry standing next to her…I look down to see Mark is the one fucking my ass, and from the look on his face, he is about to cum. He screams out and fills my ass with his load. When he softens, he is ordered to pull out, and sticks his spent dick into my mouth, so I can lick it clean.
I am still bound, and therefore have no say in this…so I simply lick him clean, as his cock begins to swell. Once the ladies are satisfied he is clean and firm enough, they have him turn his attention to sucking my cock, which is released from it’s cage. I erupt into his mouth quickly, while watching Sherry and Joy making out.
Now Sherry tells Mark to spit the sperm into my mouth, and soon I am eating my own cum.
Our friends get dressed, and say thanks to Sherry and me, and head out, leaving us alone again. Sherry releases me from my tethers, and suggests we go upstairs to bed. She says she wants to watch a porn so we can start again in bed.
She turns on the tv, and I soon realize I am watching the entire evening’s activities including Mark fucking my ass. I have never been attracted to men, but must admit watching him fuck me was exciting. Sherry is thrilled that my training has allowed this next phase.
She then says…Next weekend we will video Mark in a similar scene…and you get to fuck his ass, and feed him your cum.
what a sweet Domme I have, an good friends to share with, too. I am one lucky slave.

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