Naughty Las Vegas

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My name is Alex and my friend’s name is Mike. We went to the Luxor in Las Vegas to celebrate our birthdays. We were hoping to get some ass and pussy while we were there. We got back to our room after some good drinking and strip shows and were thinking of calling a stripper to finish of a good hot night.
Thats when a good friend of ours showed up at the door and said she was here to give us our presents. Mike and I both always wanted a peice of her, she was so hot and sexy and I knew she would be a wild cat in the bed. We both were shocked and didn’t know what to think.
“So boys, what’s your birthday wish?” she said in a suductive voice. All mike and I could do is stand there looking stupid as she dropped her coat and was in nothing but a red silk thong and red stiletos. We both knew that we were getting our ultimate fantasy fullfilled.
“Well boys you gonna fuck me the way you’ve always wanted to or am I waisting my time?” she said as she sat on the end of the bed with her legs wide open exposing her juicy, hot pussy.
Mike didnt waist any time, he stripped and stood between her legs pushing his cock into her mouth,”suck my dick like a good girl” said Mike. I watched for a while as she took long strides on his cock and flicking the tip with her toung. I got so hot watching I couldnt wait anymore, I told her to get on all fours. She did so and as she sucked Mike, I slowly pulled down her thong and rubbed the tip of my hard cock against her juicy lips. Then I forced it in her causing her to moan loudly. I took long thrusts in and out, and just fucked her the way Ive always wanted to. I could feel her tighten her sweet throbbing pussy as I forced my large cock in her. She moaned as Mike shot into her mouth and not a second later I pulled out and shot all on her firm little ass, dripping down her crack making her clench in pleasure.
She was exhausted but Mike and I were not through with her yet. I laid on my back and had her straddle me. Her pussy slid onto my cock dripping with her cum. Mike then spread her cheeks and told her ” now your going to know what you’ve been missing, were going to fuck you like no other!” He slowly pushed the tip in and she screamed but follwed it by a pleasured moan. Soon he stuck it all the way in and grunted as the pressure of her tight ass squeezed his hard cock. We both started fucking her hard and she screamed as we fucked her till she was screaming for us to stop. We both were grunting as we could feel our selves cuming in her. Her tits hardend and she moaned as the cum dripped from her ass and pussy.
As she laid there on the bed passed out from wild sex and exhaustion, Mike and I had shots and toasted to a good night of drinking,strippers, and a good night of fucking a hot pussy and ass.
Now thats an unforgetable 21st birthday!!!

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