Nerdvana Part Three – The Trilogy Concludes

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The next morning, I awoke to a pounding headache, dry mouth and him gone. He was very courteous though. He tidied up the room, placed my discarded clothes on my suitcase. My laptop was in its bag. However, I didn’t notice the time. It was 3pm I had missed my flight, husband had blew up my cell phone wondering where I was, and the red light on the room phone was flashing.  How could I be so careless? I regained my wits, talked with my husband assuring him I was OK. I explained that the question and answer panel I attended ran longer than specified. That I just over slept. The hotel management informed me that I would be billed for the extra stay. The airlines booked me on a later flight, though I had to pay change fees. And somehow my new friend and I ran up $181 min bar tab.

Well I got dressed in haste. Grabbed my belongings and made my way to the hotel lobby. At this point that high I had last night was gone. Replaced with a hang over, more charges and a sore pussy. Hailed a cab, got to the airport, checked in and sank into a seat until my flight was called. Guys, some of y’all know I’m redheaded. I do have blonde moments though. Some of you may have already guessed what happened next. Yep………MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!! My wedding band I left at the hotel. In a panic I called the management, they did find my ring. I told them what ever it cost, I will pay if they can overnight ship it to my office. Which they agreed to, and with a offhanded comment, the guy told me it happens all the time. So I guess there are more absent minded people than me in the world. I take comfort in that.

Trip home was uneventful. I ran thru the events in my head. The convention, the bar, the sex, that man. And dang it, I didn’t get any of his contact information. That was quite depressing. At home, tired, sore and frightened that he may notice, I do my usual mom duties. Laundry, pay bills, make sure my kiddo has her homework done. I avoid my husband more out of what he may say about my ring as opposed to my indiscretions. He did notice. I played it off as my fingers were swollen so I took it off and it’s in my jewelry box. At least he noticed right? That moment a bit of guilt swept over me. In his way he does notice things, he just doesn’t make a big deal about them. So I cuddled up to him on the sofa. My guilt quickly subsided when, he decided it was time for him to log on to his game. So I logged on to mine. Both of us in our online tech worlds.

My in game mail box was full of notes from my new friend. I had forgotten I told him what server I was on and my screen name. We met up in the game and now quest together. I am now his “padawan” and most of our gaming together is based on ERP. That’s known as Erotic Role Play. We do meet up for raids and other stuff. But with him I have more fun playing his inter galactic sex slave. Told myself if I shed a few more pounds I would buy myself a metal bikini like the one a certain princess wore on a barge in the desert. And yes, Monday afternoon a delivery arrived with my wedding band in it. So all in all, a pricey trip and fiscally irresponsible, but I loved every minute in New York.

OK folks. That’s it. Done. Story over. Go. Shoo. Go read something else. Go do something else. Oh you want more? OK well…hmmm

( If you can guess what I did there in the above comment, what it’s technically called, I may have to give you a prize)

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Well until next time when I have something to tell

hugs kisses and naughty lixxx


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