Nerdvana Part Two

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On his feet with a quickness, he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. My legs wrapped around his frame my arms interlocked holding on for safety. At the bed, I wouldn’t let go. I held on for dear life. He just leaned over the mattress and the fell down on me. Again our mouths locked and tongues flailed within each other’s mouths. My shirt was slipped over my head as was his. I twisted my body rolling us over, now I was on top. My head nuzzled into his neck, my lips and tongue worked him over from his collar bone to his scalp. At the same time, and this has to be the hottest move ever done to me, he grabbed my left hand pulling it to his mouth. With one motion, he wrapped his lips around my ring finger and slid my wedding band off. He told me tonight we could forget about my husband at home. That move and those words made me melt. Indeed my husband was instantly forgotten about at that moment.

We made out with a passion unrivaled. Each one of use pawing at the other removing articles of clothing. Not to long after we were both nude and sweaty. And we had just begun. Somehow, he managed to get back on top during our mattress tussle. He kisses me and then slowly slinks down ward. My neck to my breasts. He focused a great deal of time on each one. Gave both of them equal consideration. My hands tossing through his hair showing approval. As I sunk into the mattress enjoying the moment he decided to migrate further down. First it was my tummy, focusing on my belly button. Then to my legs and feet. Until that night no one ever gave my toes any love. I was in heaven, it felt that magnificent.

His mouth began its ascent back up my inner leg. His head nudging my mound as he suckled my inner thigh. My wetness was becoming a deluge. The moment of truth finally came. How well can he eat pussy? He began by rubbing tiny circles around my clit. Slowly coaxing it out from its hood. I part my legs wider to allow him better access to my mound. I watch intently as his head makes a final approach and boom, we have a landing. That tongue of his worked me over. His hands kneaded my thighs as he ate away. I moan in pleasure, as my hands hold his head in place and my lower half is gyrating against his face. I’m grinding against him as the first of many climaxes start. Just as I’m moaning near an orgasm, he slips two fingers in. I drenched his face in my juices. As I calming down off that instant high, he’s sliding that finger in and out moving it all around. Touching every bit of my womanhood and all of my inner erogenous zones. I exclaimed wow, that was fantastic. I inquired how much practice he has had. Turned out hes only had three girlfriends all his life. Those who have read my stories know I’m a seasoned pro. This guy in his oral debut was better than most I had before.

So it’s my turn to show off my oral skills. Before I started I asked if he could continue after he came or like most men need a break in between. Personally I can go all night, but most men I have been with need a little break in between. He wasn’t sure he told me. That he had never gone beyond one climax. In either case, my lips found his penis waiting on me. My head, slides down to his groin. Teasingly I lick all around his shaft. Purposely ignoring it to drive him crazy. My lips work between his leg and crotch. Sucking, licking and nibbling on that crease. Tossing my hair over his cock, His hands kept trying to force my face onto him but I resisted. Instead I drug my lower lip down his inner thigh to his foot. Looking up at him with a devilish grin I did that to his other leg. Foot to his thigh. I was relishing in this tiny bit of torture. From time to time I would reach up and grasp his hard on. I would lazily give him a few strokes but my mouth was enjoying working on his legs. I made my way back up to his engorged penis.

Looking down a glob of pre-cum had surfaced.Without hesitation, I leaned in and rubbed the tip over my lips. The strand stretched into a thin string as my head pulled away. He asked if I swallowed, I nodded in agreement as I rubbed his penis over my face. It was warm, stiff and the skin so soft. Over my face, across my nose to my chin. Up along my head then down my cheek finally making its destination to my waiting mouth. Focusing on the tip my tongue flicked tiny circles around the hole. My thumb rolling right under the ridge at the head. My other hand reaching up to his torso as far as possible as my nails lightly dragged over his skin. Pressing his cock onto his tummy, my mouth worked the underside. Lips pursed as I gave light kisses down to his balls. Taking each one in my mouth gingerly sucking them, he tells me he’s about to cum. Yes my dear readers, it was that quick. So not to let this moment slip away, my tongue found his exposed vein working back north before engulfing him down my throat. The whole time he’s writhing and thrusting. My head bobbing up and down and my pace adjusting with his motions. It wasn’t long after he came into my willing mouth. Opening my cheeks for the spunk he was depositing, I took every savory drop he gave. Looking up at him, I opened my mouth to show him it was full then swallowed it all.

Well after that, he and I learned he would need a break between sessions. He was spent. We laid there for a while cuddled in each others arms. I decided to get another drink. A thought ran through my head as I fixed my potion. I quietly wondered what room service would do if they brought something up and found us in the middle of coitus. Surely it’s happened before. Would the servant shy away? Would he or she stay and watch? Better yet would they join? In either case, I didn’t bother. Looking at the clock it was approaching 1am. Dining is probably closed and I didn’t want to weird this guy out. Maybe something to try for another time with another partner.

Returning to the bed with my lover, I sipped my drink as we chatted about what just happened. We talked about our sexual likes and dislikes, What we wanted to do or try, what we hated, and other follies. Drink consumed, I made the next move by running an ice cube down his neck then licking up the water trail. That got us started again. He rolls on top of me. Taking both my wrists into his massive hand. Holding them above me as his mouth meets mine. I squirm to break his lock but he’s too over powering. He migrates down making love to each breast. The whole time, I’m doing Kegels just out of the need for another climax. I’m so close, I want to cum and badly. I scream out, uncaring who may hear, “FUCK ME FUCK ME GOD DAMMIT FUCK ME!!!!!”

He raises up, I bring my knees to my chest, he penetrates me. Six inches of fleshy steel pound this married pussy. He’s thrusting, I’m pushing back. My head pressed into a pillow, eyes closed, body willfully given to him, and enjoying every minute of it. No words, just huffs and moans. Flesh slapping against flesh. Those were the sounds that filled the room. My body at ease, relaxed, as this guy I met a few hours prior is deep inside me. Then I hear a crash. The glass I was drinking from hits the floor. During my relaxation, he had reached over and got some ice cubes from the glass. As his cock pummeled my pussy, he ran ice over each nipple. It sent my body into shock. The sudden frigid temperature mixed with the heat from our passion. God it drove me crazy. He ran that ice over any exposed area that he could. Simultaneously, his pounding of my pussy hastened. I laid there, I gave in. I was his and he knew it.

Shifting back I managed to slip one leg over his shoulder. Followed, with his help, my other leg. I was folded like a chair. With the added leverage he was able to pound deeper and deeper. Pressing down on me, he asked if I liked anal. All I could do was nod. He reached down to my pussy running his fingers thru my wetness. Just as quick he slipped a finger into my backside. That was all I needed. I started telling him to cum for me. I wanna feel him explode in me. He was worried that I might get pregnant. I assured him I couldn’t and with the expression on my face of lust mixed with affection he knew it would be OK. Still hammering me, arching back, a few thrusts and he filled my pussy with his seed. At the same time I came, which rarely happens with any man. Exhausted, hot, sweaty and spent his limp body laid down on mine. We held that embrace the rest of the night. We ended up dozing off.



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