A Different Kind of Corporate Training – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1…Mindy and Rob were in training together— Mindy was near divorce, lamenting her sexless marriage, Rob smelled sex and wanted her.

Fresh from getting herself off in the bathroom, Mindy was trying to focus again on the training. Rob was thinking of any reason to get closer to her. Luckily, the instructor was letting them work on their own, and he thought of a billion stupid questions to ask Mindy so she had to lean in, closer and closer to him to point out things on his computer screen.

She talked with her hands and every time she waved her right hand by his face she could smell a mixture of fresh soap and pussy. They were working very closely and talking in hushed tones, as was the rest of the class. I can’t believe it, he thought she was playing with herself..the new flush on her skin, the smile on her face, that smell…she’s ripe for the taking.

He had to come up with a plan to get her alone, but how when we’re in this class? In the office building?

Mindy had decided to skip lunch and instead exercise, running the deserted back steps of the building gave her a great outlet for her frustrations and it didn’t hurt her body to work out instead of eat.

When lunch arrived, she hopped up and disappeared. Rob followed her to the locker room. He was hard just thinking about going into that locker room after here. After a few minutes she stepped out in a clingy lycra outfit and sneakers. Her huge tits bounced with every step as her tight ass sucked the pants into the crack of her ass.

He followed her to the back stairs, thinking This is my chance. He ran to the building’s populated front steps and went to the first floor, then cut back behind the elevators to the deserted back steps. He could see Mindy stretching through the glass in the door. There looked like there was a spot just under the stairs, if he could only get in there he was sure he could have her.

She started to run up the steps. The bouncing tits drove him wild. If he played his cards right, he could get under the steps and grab her when she ran back down to turn around and go back up again.

While he was hiding under the stairs, he stroked his hard cock, thinking about those tits, those lips, and the smell that was on her fingers. This was a woman who wanted to get fucked and he was ready to do his duty.

He could hear her breathing, and her footsteps were getting closer. Time to get ready, there she was, he reached out and grabbed her with one hand, spinning her around quickly, placing his hand over her mouth.

She let out a surprised squeal, but relaxed immediately when she saw it is Rob. He moved his hand and she laughed, “What are you…” Before she could finish, he pulled her close, kissed her hard and relished the feel of her soft, feminine body. Those tits, her ass felt so good.

She struggled a bit at first, but let him kiss her, relishing the moment, enjoying the thought that she’d made his cock hard and he was pressing it into her. How much fun would it be to drop to my knees right now? Can anyone see us? Oh my! This is…WOW!

She pulled away, and moved a chair in front of the door to jam it against the steps to buy them time if they got caught. She ran these steps often, and no one ever used them. Should she do it? Could she get away with sucking him off?

What the hell! She thought..I’m not getting any at home. Let’s take this for a whirl.

She dropped to her knees, and in one swift movement, she undid his pants and held his fat, hard cock. She admired it for a brief second before swallowing it down, deep in her throat and sucking every enjoyable second out of it. She released to take a breath and lick the cum drop off the tip. She proceeded to rhythmically bury his cock in her throat and release, touching his balls just so with one hand while using her other to caress his ass and pull it towards her head.

Rob was enjoying this for sure. He placed his hands on her head and groaned. Holding back, he wanted so much more than her mouth.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and without a word, lifted her up against the wall. Kissing her deeply and roughly grabbing her tits, he planned his next move. She was hot for him and started to slide down her pants.

With one leg free, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he lowered her onto his waiting cock. She reached up to grab the bar over her head so he was free to thrust into her while the wall and the bar held her in the air. Her legs pulled his hard cock deeply into her. In and out, closer and deeper, she could feel the rough wall against her back and the ache of her arms….but his cock felt so good.

He was thrusting upward and every time his cock entered her silky pussy, his eyes rolled back in his head. He couldn’t believe he was fucking a Vice President in the middle of the day at work. It was so easy, sooo good.

They were panting and kissing and thrusting. Her legs got tighter, as did her pussy, squeezing the cum out of his cock in one swift motion – they came.

Held together just for a moment, while they enjoyed the last ripples of orgasm, they heard someone at the door. Dressing quickly, she thought I can explain my sweating, but what about him?

She jumped out from behind the stairs to move the chair and explain….

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