After 5

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I started thinking about the company you had for the weekend, and how that meant we probably wouldn’t have a chance to IM. I left the following note under your keyboard first thing in the morning: “I need a good fix – it’s gonna be a long, dry weekend :-(“. More than once during the day you asked me what kind of fix I had in mind, but I never said. Truth is, I thought it would be nice to get some serious flirting in, but it turned out you were thinking along much naughtier lines.

You told me to come by for my computer lesson after 5, and when I got there I wrote you another note: “wanna get naked?” You were interested, but we had the same old problem, venue. While the office still was crowded you gave me my lesson, thorough as always but in plain English so even a computer-illiterate like me could understand. As time went on the few people who remained began to trickle out.

At one point you noticed the printer was out of paper. As you passed by me to reload it, your crotch brushed against my face at perfect blow job level. I could feel my panties moisten as I silently wished I could do you. You took my hand and touched it to your prick through the jeans, and I eagerly squeezed and caressed it, causing you to make appreciative noises. I suggested the men’s room, where I could get a really good kneel going, but you nixed that idea.

Shortly after you returned from the printer a co-worker called and you left on an errand. With your permission, I logged on to AOL while you were gone. When you got back I was checking my mail, and before I knew it your cock was in my face again, still safely ensconsed in your jeans. It took me a minute to realize that, without words, you were daring me to suck you, right there in your cubicle! Could this possibly be the same guy who’s famous for his paranoia, I thought to myself. I was scared to get caught, but I figured you probably were at least as scared. So I quickly unzipped you and took your dare. It took some doing to free you from your black boxer briefs, but I was determined. I licked your pre-cum off the head, swirling my tongue around and around. With your back to the window you were able to keep an eye on things while I nibbled and licked and sucked and generally attempted to drive you nuts. It was so frustrating not being able to take you all the way in, but I did the best I could under the circumstances. I was wondering if I’d get lipstick on your cock (or your jeans) as I listened to your muffled moans. I thought I was imagining things. Could I possibly be sitting in your chair, blowing you right here in the office? How could you ever get any work done sitting in this very chair, remembering what had taken place here?

Unfortunately, you pulled back abruptly as you heard voices down the hall. By this time you had to leave, and I just sat there dripping, needing to finish you in the worst way (but surely not as badly as you needed me to).

Shortly after you left I made my way to the car. The spouse already was home, so there was no opportunity to play with myself. Clearly I couldn’t possibly wait any measurable length of time, so I decided the car was it. I didn’t have a jacket to hide behind this time, so I used my sunshade. Once my black jeans and panties were below my knees, I reached a finger into my dripping wet snatch and went for it. I kept wondering if you were jacking off driving down the road, like you said you might have to, and the thought was an amazing turn-on. The first orgasm was very good, but the second was incredible. There’s nothing quite like driving down the road screaming in ecstacy. The question of whether or not anyone could tell added to the excitement.

I decided to quit at two, and when I arrived home I went straight to the bathroom so my untucked shirt wouldn’t “arouse” suspicion. Although I washed my hands with soap, the smell of my pussy juice remained. I got a big kick out of sniffing it discreetly as the spouse spent the evening droning on about something or other. Even now, six hours later, the whole thing makes me so hot…

Orgasms 3 and 4, in front of the computer, sweats around my knees and panties pulled to the side. The woven seat felt so good against my bare ass, and I imagined you kneeling on the floor, pulling me to the edge and fucking my tight, wet snatch. Hope springs eternal…

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