An amicable joint venture

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jenny had been working in the same office as me for some time. i didn’t know her very well, but had taken the chance to flirt a bit and make some jokes here and there. I knew that she had only finished University the previous year, so she was about 20 or 21, and from what i could tell, she had no partner to speak of. Still lived at home with her parents. My guess, from the way that she blushed when the topic of sex came up, was that she might still be a virgin.

Jenny was the opposite to what i usually look for in women – she was petite, had reasonably short hair cut in a very funky style, and was very proper and well – mannered. She had small breasts, a tiny waist and slim legs, often supported by heels. She often wore pants, and obviously had quite a nice, tight arse underneath them. Her blue eyes often sparkled with excitement when she laughed, and she had very pale, smooth skin.

I’m not an old guy by any means, but i had a good 8 or 9 years on Jenny. I remembered being around her age, and discovering the excitements of life for the first time, as she would no doubt be doing soon. I take pretty good care of myself, play some sports and stuff, but am by no means a male model. I guess that with my tattoos, and shaved head i just don’t fit the stereotype.

As time went on, i started to work more closely together with jenny. we collaborated on a few projects in the firm, and won some pretty high priced tenders. Sometimes, i could talk her into going for a celebratory drink, and during these times she would ‘open up’ a bit more, and admit to how she often felt lonely. We joked a bit about sex, and she blushed as i admitted my weakness for lingerie. I could see that sparkle in her eye. though, and wondered if this might lead to something else. I felt a bit bad – i didn’t want to take advantage of her, and we knew we were too different to have a relationship.

We worked more together, more late nights ( which were often planned, i think but we didn’t speak about it) and i could feel the attraction between us growing. We ate together, worked together, but always went our separate ways at the end of the day. More and more often, i noticed myself getting aroused while looking at her, watching her blush, and watching her arse move as she walked around the office. I thought of her at night while i masturbated, and imagined what it would be like to go down on her, hear her gasp as i licked her pussy and tease her nipples on those small, pert breasts.

This had to come to a head, one way or another. i wondered if she was thinking the same thing.

Late one afternoon, she asked me to go into her office to finalise some details on a tender. I had a strange feeling about this – it was almost time for the office to close, and a lot of people had left anyway.
When i entered, Jenny asked me to close the door. She started to ask a few questions, then she came closer as i pointed out some details on a document, reading over my shoulder. Before i knew it, she had mashed her lips against mine, and tried to put her tongue into my mouth.
i was startled, and i jumped back – and she did also, looking at me in horror.
“i’m so sorry” she said. “i thought -i – i thought that’s what you wanted” and she burst into tears and blushed at the same time.

i got over my surprise quickly, and noticed the hardness in my pants.
“Don’t worry” i said “its exactly what i want” and i began to hold her and stroke her hair.
Jenny said that she just wanted to have some sort of sexual experience with a guy that she felt comfortable with, and at the moment that was me.
“what would you like to do?” i asked.
“you lead the way”

i unbuttoned her blouse slowly, and softly kissed her mouth and neck. She was nervous still – i could feel her shaking. I licked her tongue, then nibbled, and she jumped – looked at me with her sparkling eyes, then slowly closed them and kissed me some more.
My hands moved to her breasts, cupping their pert shape in the exquisite lace of her bra.
“very nice” i commented.
“i was hoping you would like it – i chose it specially” she said.

i pulled off her blouse and placed it on the desk. i leaned down and kissed in between her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples, now hard, at the same time. i moved down to undo her tight hipster pants, letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them, blushing , waiting for me in her lingerie. I gasped as i saw her, her beautiful white arse covered by her lacy boyleg briefs ( i didn’t think she was a g string girl!) and her long, slim legs put into a toned, flexing position by her heels.
i was speechless. i hadn’t wanted to fuck someone so much in a long, long time. She looked so innocent, yet so subtly sexy that i couldn’t keep my hands off her. I grabbed her arse from behind and kissed the back of her neck. She moaned as i moved my fingers forward to feel the wetness between her legs, causing her to jump initially, then relax onto my hand.
i took off my shirt and held her close to me. My cock, still restrained by my pants, was pressed hard against her, and i moved her hands down to undo them. I stepped out of them, and removed my shoes and socks, leaving me in my boxers, stroking my cock as i looked at her tight young body in front of me.
“turn around for me” i asked, and she slowly did a twirl, showing off her body from all its angles. Jenny was clearly enjoying the attention, and started to feel herself up as she watched me masturbate. She reached down between her legs and slid her finger in beside the lace, into her wet cunt.
“i’ve done this so many times while i was thinking of you” she said.
i grinned ” me too”
She walked over to me, and looked me in the eyes as she slowly sank to her knees.
” this is what else i was thinking of” she said, as she pulled my boxers down, and started licking my cock. I couldn’t believe it! maybe i had underestimated her. it felt incredible – she wasn’t as expereicned as some, but she was fantastic! she eventually got about half of my cock into her mouth, her smooth, manicured hands stroking my cock and balls all the time. i watched over her shoulder as her sweet arse moved in time with her motions, like she was dancing. i ran my fingers through her hair as she paused to undo her bra, remove it and continue sucking. Her nipples were hard and sat high off her chest, and she occasionally reached down to rub them herself, getting some of my precum and her saliva on them at the same time.

Jenny then gagged involuntarily, and let a stream of saliva flow down her chin from her mouth , slowly running over her nipples. This sent me over the edge – as she looked up at me with her blue eyes, i grabbed my hard cock and came on myself, trying not to let the long, squirting stream get on her face. Jenny looked at me with a mixture of disappointment and curiosity, especially as the cum started to run down my chest and stomach.
It felt great, but obviously wasn’t what i wanted.

I apologised, and without a word, Jenny rose up and gingerly placed her tongue on my abdomen, slowly licking upwards as she collected my come in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it – no woman had done that to me before! she smiled as she lapped it all up, and squeezed my cock at the same time. She took her time doing this, and as her long nails tickled the head of my penis i could feel it coming back to life.

“it’s your turn now” i said.
i pulled her up to her feet, and stood behind her. i slowly slid her boyleg briefs down her smooth pale thighs, pulling the lace over her calves and finally over her sexy feet and heels. i could see that she was very nervous, and i reassured her. i went down on my knees this time, while running my hand along her pussy . moving closer, i put my face between her legs as far as i could, and slid my tongue into her wet pussy. She really gasped this time – but eventually started moving in time with my thrusts. i reached up with my finger and started
stroking her arse, making her moan even more.

Jenny was really getting into this,
and i was back at full strength again, so i asked her if she wanted to go further – she didn’t even speak, just grunted in between moans.

i spread her legs further apart, and made her lean over a bit more, grabbing onto the desk for support. i grabbed my cock and slowly, gently eased it into her waiting pussy. she was so tight – i could tell it was hurting so i let her determine how much to go in. after a couple of minutes, my whole cock was inside her, and i was watching her sweet white arse thrust back into me to get more and more cock. Her slim waist didn’t look like it could hold me, which turned me on even more.
we were both moaning, and i started to play with her a bit – lightly spanking and stuff. I told her how much i wanted to fuck her, and see her in lingerie, and feel her arse. She bucked harder and harder, then begged me to touch her arsehole again.

i licked, then reached in with my index finger, and started tracing it while i thrusted with my cock. I went faster and faster, as i stretched her hole with my finger, making her cry out even more. slowly, i eased it in, using her sweat and wetness as a lube, until i could feel the pressure from my cock.

i started to push both my finger and my cock in- harder and harder, jenny was moaning more and more, finding it hard to keep her balance. i could see the sweat glistening on her back, and could feel her pussy tighten around me.
She then let out another moan- louder and deeper than before.I knew she was orgasming, and that pushed me over as well. i grabbed my cock and jerked it off over her sweaty back. she reached behind to feel it, and tasted it again.

we both collapsed in an exhausted heap.

We talked for a while, and politely thanked each other for the experience. After that, things went pretty much back to normal. it was kind of weird – but i noticed that she was no longer blushing when anyone talked about sex, and that sparkle didn’t go away, either!!

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