Arena Of Plaesure 1: Kelly Osbourne

Okay so when I took this job a few months ago I knew it was my dream job, but I had no idea it would turn out to be so good for my sex life.
Let me explain. I am working for a local entertainment complex. We host concerts, sports events, theater and that kind of thing. I work for them as what they call a Liaison. Which is a fancy way of saying I act as a gopher for the arena management to keep our famous guests happy.
In the few months I had been there I had done everything from get bags of bubble gum for cranky divas to male prostitutes for closeted singers. Anyway it wasn’t all meeting famous people and hanging out. Most were cool but some were down right ass holes.
Until Kelly Osbourne arrived at our building. I was in charge of working with the Road Manager to help with set up for a show she was doing in a couple of days and I had not seen her yet. In fact I was told she doesn’t come out until sound check. Which was the norm for most people. It was mid morning and I took a break and got myself a cup of tea and a muffin and as always took my to do list and went to the upper level of the stands to over look the set up as part of my job is also to make sure no city by laws are being ignored in regards to safety and things.
When I got to the upper level I discovered someone sitting up there watching the activities. As I got closer it took me a few seconds to realize it was Kelly. She was in jeans and a black t-shirt and was sitting scrunched up with her feet on the back of the seat trying not to be seen. She turned and looked at me like I was intruding.
“Who are you?” she said with that sexy U.K. accent.
“I am Tom, Tom Smith the facilities liaison, I usually come up here for my morning tea” I held up my cup. “How come you are up here?”
“Well Tom, I am hiding, I get so little time to myself on these tours I try to hide sometimes”
“well this is a good area for it. No one ever come up here”
I sat down beside her and got a smell of her perfume I do not know what it was but it was soft an fruity. She had beautiful eyes and I told her so. We made small talk as it turns out we both have been through re-Hab. so we talked about that and the fact she likes alone time to fight the cravings. She asked me how I control my urges to which I said I didn’t I just found new urges, I replaced drinking with sex.
“Really!” she grinned. “That works?”
“It did until I found myself single then I masturbated constantly” I said thinking she would be shocked.
“I tried masturbation, did okay but when you do not get a lot of private time its hard”
“too bad cute thing like you could get laid easy”
“no you could you have sexy brown eyes, an exotic accent and ..”
“And great tits I know”
We sat and chatted for a while and I shared my muffin with her and I joined her in putting my feet up on the back of the seat. She was a lot more down to earth than I thought she was going to be, and very flirty.
“You are suppose to be here to keep me happy right?” she said licking muffin off her finger.
“Indeed, I am here to please.”
“Well then” she said getting up. “I want an afternoon to myself to blow off a little steam” she stood up and brushed past me as she moved to the aisle. If I did not know better I would think she raked her pussy towards me as she squeezed through. “I want you to help me escape”
“You must have a vehicle out there, take me out a side exit, to your car and get me out of here” she started off up the aisle. “C’mon babe I will make it worth your while” She turned and winked at me.
It did not tale much to get here out of the building as everyone was preoccupied with set up. We eventually got to her hotel and as we entered the elevator I noticed half the buttons on her blouse were open and you could see the lacy part of the top of her black bra. I got caught looking a little too long when I looked up she was looking at me biting her bottom lip and she winked at me. “See anything you like?”
“Maybe” I said
“Well, lets give you a better look” as she undid the rest of the buttons and pushed open the shirt exposing her ample cleavage and a frilly black bra.
“My those are nice”
“they will look even better soaped up in the tub in my room”
“is it a tub with the jets?”
“Mhm and it feels good… gets me all ready to fuck” he turned to the open doors and sauntered out wiggling her ass.
We got into the room and she went right to the bathroom and turned on the water in the big tub and added some bubbles and bath oils and got the water hot and sudsy. She dropped off the shirt off her shoulders and undid her jeans and let them dropped them showing off her tattoos and trimmed pussy. She stripped completely and sank into the tub. “C’mon join me the water is awesome” as she sank to her neck. I proceeded into the room and stripped completely giving her a good look at my big dick. She licked her lips and smiled. ” now this is going to be a good afternoon” she purred.
We took turns washing and cleaning each other, dwelling on the good parts to give some welcome stimulation. She had a gentle touch and was great at hand jobs as we frenched in the water, I caressed and rubber her tits and clit. Eventually the suds went away and we got out of the tub.
I took the towel and dried her off sinking to my knees and lingering on her ass as I dried it slowly and soft. I put one of her legs over my shoulder and pulled her to my face and began licking her slit. She put her hands on my head and grabbed some hair as I probed deeper into her trimmed pussy,causing her to grind herself into me.
“You have a wicked tongue” she moaned. “Tom you are getting me fucking hot”
Her legs got a little shaky and she led me to the bedroom area and sat on the bed. I stood in front of her as she opened wide and took my dick into her mouth. She went at it fast and hard the water still in her hair shook onto me as she bobbed up back and forth.
“Oh shit girl you are some kinda fucking cock gobbler ain’t ya?” She stopped sucking and pulled me onto the bed on my back.
“I love cock” she said short of breath as she straddled me into a sixty nine and went back to work on my tool. So taking my cue I began licking her wet pussy again as she went at my dick like it was her first meal in weeks. I fingered her tits as I serviced her.
“I need to ride you” she said coming up for air. She turned around and in one motion she sank onto my dick. She slapped her hands onto my sides and dug her nails in as she bucked hard.
“Fuck Kelly you are a hot ride aren’t ya”
“I love this kinda stuff” she smiled through her matted hair. “Cock is the best therapy there is”
I slapped my hands onto her ass and pulled her into her motions getting deeper into her. Causing her to scream in ecstacy.
“I am going to fucking explode don’t be gentle Tom!”
I did as she screamed and began kneading her smooth tits and rubbed her nipples. She moaned even louder causing a knock at the door.
“Who is that?” I gasped
“my road manager” igno no no ah ahhhh” she was so close to coming. When her manager came through the door. She gasped in shock as Kelly did not even turn her head just pushed me into the sheets, she screamed at her manager. “GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH I AM BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The door slammed fast and loud as I felt her pussy constrict around my dick. As she screamed in orgasmic glee digging her claws even deeper.
As she slowed down her pace I decided it was my turn and spun her over on her stomach an pulled her to her all fours. “Now I get off baby!” she just smiled and pushed her ass into the air.
“Make it good stud” she buried her face into the soft bed as I entered her from behind and planting my left foot on the bed and just started hammering her. It took no time at all and I felt that warm feeling as I pulled out slowly and shot my wad all over her ass.
As we collected ourselves we laid there na
ked and still damp from the shower.

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