At work one day…

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My name is Chris (short for Christine)and i’m 18 years old. This is my story…

Two weeks ago i graduated from Stony Creek High School. At the time i was in need of some quick money and figured i could make some working as a maid. So i placed an add in the newspaper and waited.

Within two days i recieved a call, a man named Jones needed a maid. I took down his address and arranged to start working the next day. When i asked what to wear he told me he already had everything i would need.

So the next day i set out to find his house. Stony Creek is notorious for its “rich” neighborhoods and that is exactly where i found myself.

I drove up to the door and rang the doorbell. No one answered so i decided just to walk in. Suprising as it was i found that there was no one else working in the house.

After a short search i found Jones out by the pool, fashioned after the playboy mansion, grotto and all.

Jones was a man probably in his early 30s. He was well built but had a creepy sort of look to him. Kind of like a peeping tom but i couldnt put my finger on exactly what it was.

Anyway, he immediatly got me set up. Showed me the cleaning supplies and provided me with a uniform. I wouldnt really call it a uniform thought. It was a short skirt, and i mean short, with a black thong and a backless black and white midriff shirt that gave my c cup tits no support, but hey i figured what the heck its quick money.

After changing and feeling very free( my tits are usually a little more restrained) i set to work. He had me scrubbing floors and dusting. Soon i noticed that whenever i moved to a different room Jones moved with me. Sometimes i;d even catch him staring, but i figured there was no harm in looking right?

On the third day Jones asked me to put some stuff into the attic for him. I ofcourse obliged. But when i was coming down the ladder i found him staring up my skirt. Again i decided to make nothing of it…bad move.

The next day when i went to put on my uniform i found no underwear. A little bit turned on i decided to play along. As i was bent over cleaning the floors Jones came up behind me and stuck a well manicured finger up my bare pussy. Since i have a small frame he easily over powered me

“You have been taunting me, I’ve waited to long… Your time is up.”

Now i was frightened. He bent me over the couch and explored every cavity of my body. Shoving his fingers anywhere he wanted. Slowly i became aroused…which only provoked him more.

Giving up hope i allowed him to do whatever he wanted. He fucked me soo hard that i finally new why there was no other help in the house.

After he was done he showed me the camera he used to get it all on tape and told me that if i wasnt his sex slave for the next few weeks then he would sell the tape.

So here i am today…wearing nothing…except a g string holding a dildo in place that Jones can set off whenever he wants. And i love every moment…

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  1. Great build up, but there’s no sex description whatsoever!

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