Boardroom Banging (part 1)

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In 1995 I was working as a Sales Manager for a company based 200 miles from where I lived and worked visiting customers four days a week and in the office on Mondays. The office was staffed by a Regional Director and four secretaries, one of whom I was getting on with well.

Sandra had been aloof at first, very prim and proper, always in smart business suits, hair and make-up immaculate. As I got to know her she softened a little and we had begun to meet occasionally after work on Mondays for a quick drink where she revealed to me that she was unhappy with her marriage and that she was a very poor second to her husbands golf. Sandra was 37 and I was just 28 but we had a connection and her figure and looks were that of a much younger woman.

One Friday I received a call on my mobile phone from her where she was quite upset, she revealed that her husband had called her as he had decided to go away for the weekend on a last-minute golf trip. I calmed her down and cheered her up and we both said how much we were looking forward to seeing each other Monday, and as I went to hang-up Sandra said she would have a surprise for me on Monday, I was intrigued!

The weekend dragged by and I was in the office early on Monday morning, I went to my office on the first floor and found no-one else on that floor was due in. The secretaries, all based on the ground floor, all arrived and I could hear them chatting away. At around 9.30 I heard the unmistakeable sound of stiletto heels on the stairs and the door opened, “good morning Mr Palmer” said Sandra. “Good morning Mrs Wilson” I replied playing-along. I looked-up, Sandra looked stunning in a black business dress, buttoned up the front, with black stockings and shoes, her hair was tied-up and her make-up was, as usual, impeccable. Looking straight at me through a pair of glasses she spoke “I thought I would give you a preview of what you’re getting tonight” and with that she unbuttoned her dress and held it open.

My jaw visibly dropped, underneath the dress she was naked except for her black sheer hold-up stockings and my eyes quickly went from her fabulously firm tits down to her shaved pussy, beautifully pink and swollen with a glint of moisture revealing she was enjoying showing as I was looking. “enjoy your day Mr Palmer she said and promptly buttoned the dress and walked out the office and down the stairs.

All day she made sure we were not alone and I was distracted from my work. Minutes seemed hours until it was 5.30 and the last person left the office leaving me and Sandra finally alone. I called through to her on the internal phone “Mrs Wilson, I have a matter I need to discuss with you in the Board Room” I said. Two can tease you know!

Five minutes later Sandra entered the board room, I was sat at the end shuffling papers and I prompted her to sit down and continued to ignore her. After a minute or so I looked-up “I’m afraid, Mrs Wilson, that I have a serious allegation that I am obligated to follow-up, it has been alleged that you have been harassing a male member of staff”. Sandra’s face visibly reddened and the way she squirmed showed she was enjoying the game. “Oh no, Mr Palmer, I wouldn’t do that” she replied, visibly panting the words. “Mrs Wilson, this is a serious matter that I am forced to investigate, it is said you exposed yourself to a staff member and that you were wearing no underwear”.

“That cannot be true” she replied, “I would always wear underwear, what do you think I am?”. “We will see” I said as I sat back in my chair “if this is the case you won’t mind showing me”. “I’m sorry?” responded Sandra, “you heard, stand and strip or you will be assumed guilty and disciplined”

Sandra stood and with shaking hands unbuttoned the dress, it was all I could do to not whip out my cock and wank-off there and then. First one button, then two, three and four, five followed and she was peeling off the dress to reveal those tits and that pussy. Sandra threw the dress on the table and stood there, naked and glorious. It took me a while to get any words out, but finally I croaked “that confirms my suspicions, you will have to be disciplined”

Sandra walked around the table “but Mr Palmer, I need this job, I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement, and you look like you need to relax”, she wasn’t wrong there, I needed to blow my stack inside her but I was enjoying this and I wanted it to continue. “What do you suggest?” I stammered. “Well”, she said moving in front of me and playing with my tie through her fingers “you’ve caught me and you know I’m a cock-hungry little whore, how about disciplining me here and now?” and with that she began slowly massaging her clit.

I simply couldn’t keep up the pretence any more and pushed her back on the table and forced her legs apart. Flicking her clit with my tongue I gently parted her pussy lips apart and began to drink her juice hungrily, I heard Sandra moan and then buck as she immediately orgasmed, the first of what was a number of orgasm’s that evening.

Standing, I pulled her up so that she was sitting on the table and undressed, shoes and socks, tie, shirt, belt, trousers and finally my Calvin Kleins coming-off in succession revealing my rock hard erection.

“Very nice Mr Palmer” said Sandra “but what can you do with it?”

I said nothing, and pushed her back down, I walked around the table to where her head was hanging back off the table and holding my cock in my hand rubbed the end around her mouth. “naughty secretaries need to be taught to behave” I said and I grabbed her head and pushed my cock in to her mouth. Sandra needed no instruction and she sucked greedily, I could feel her tongue lapping by shaft “suck harder Mrs Wilson” I cried “or you will be dismissed”. I didn’t think she could have sucked any harder, but I was finding out that Mrs Wilson is naturally talented at blow-jobs and I was having the suck-off of my life. Removing my cock from her mouth I said “suck my balls bitch” and she dutifully took each ball in turn in her mouth before reaching-up with her hand and putting my cock firmly back in to the back of her throat. Reaching over I massaged her clit with my hand before plunging two fingers in her sopping pussy making her cry with pleasure.

After several minutes of this ecstacy I pulled –out, Sandra sat-up and wiped the pre-cum from her lips provocatively. She smiled and put her hand down to her pussy where she inserted her fingers. “Right Mr Palmer, I’ve taken my punishment like a good girl, but now I want you to fuck me like the dirty slut that I am”. Promptly, she turned around and leaning on the board room table put one knee on the table and left one on the floor exposing that glorious pussy. This was my first encounter with a shaved pussy and I loved it, just the sight of that naked, raw flesh was making me so horny.

I needed no prompting and took-up my appointed place behind her and began to rub the end of my cock against her lips, “just fuck me you bastard” she cried and grabbing her sides I plunged my full length inside her, making her shout in delight. We pumped in wonderful unison as she cried “that’s right, fuck me like a whore you bastard, fill my pussy with your big hard cock and make me cum” and promptly orgasmed for a second time. I didn’t stop, I felt like I was on fire, I felt like a god, here I was in the board room fucking the sexiest woman I had ever known and I didn’t want it to end. “fucking hell” she screamed “you’re filling me with your cock, you’re pushing my insides out!”

“Oh you’re a sexy fucking bitch” I groaned “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long”, this seemed to make Sandra reach another climax, at which point we took a break. We stood apart trying to get our breath and smiled at each other “and he prefers golf” she said laughing, “he must be mad” I replied and I sat down on the Directors chair. Sandra stood aside me and took my cock, staring in to my eyes she positioned my shaft between her pussy lip
s and slid it in to her pussy which was now dripping with her cum.
We fucked again, harder and faster than even the first time, Sandra’s eyes whirled in their sockets and she came again, and again and again in quick succession.

Climbing off my cock she grinned and said “do you know, I’ve got to sit in here on Thursday and take the minutes, I’ll just be sitting here thinking of tonight” and before I could answer to dropped to her knees and took the whole of my length in her mouth. Pulling out again she wanked my cock and looked up at me “come in my mouth Mr Palmer” she said teasingly “pour your cum inside me like the dirty bitch I am” I couldn’t hold-back any longer and pulled her mouth back on to my cock and shuddered as I shot my load in to the back of her throat. Sandra slurped the remainders of my cum and stood up. “Will that be all Mr Palmer” she said putting back on the black dress and wiping the last piece of my cum from the corner of her mouth “for now Mrs Wilson” I replied “but from now on wear underwear”. She winked and was gone.

That next Monday she was at the top of my stairs with her dress open to reveal she was wearing underwear, yes it was a black lacy corset, suspender belt with stockings and a small black thong, and yes I shot my load all over it that evening. But that’s a story for another day.

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