Business Matters

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Business matters


“Customer!” he typed and saw it come up on the screen against her name then he moved quickly through to the shop area.

“Morning ma’am, how may I be of service?”, the customer was a tall blonde that he seemed to recognise.

“Hi, I am afraid that I have let the dry cleaning get on top of me and there is rather a lot, is there any chance that you could rush it through, I am getting short of a few items?”. Her smile revealed the most perfect white teeth he had ever seen and he wondered how they would feel to his tongue as they kissed. Her soft cough awoke him from his dreaming.

“Oh sure ma’am, I am rather busy but I can try for you”.

The customer reached out her hand and laid cool fingers on his. She smiled the sexiest smile at him; a smile that had been used countless times to persuade a hapless guy to ensure her wishes were fulfilled.

“Without a doubt ma’am, without a doubt”.

Back at the computer he typed “You still there Cutie honey?”. Bobby hoped that the sexy girl with whom he had been chatting was still around.

“Still here sexy man, lol”, came the reply on the screen.

Bobby looked for the umpteenth time at her avatar… a picture of her naked on the beach. Oh how he wanted that body close to his naked body, and to be the guy whose cock penetrated deep into that bald pussy. His imagination saw them on that beach making frantic love.

Too soon ‘Cutie’ had to leave and he had to get back to work.

Sorting through the clothes left by the brunette he checked the pockets of a pair of pants, Designer label! His fingers grasped a piece of fabric in a small pocket. Withdrawing it, he held a tiny pair of the silkiest, lacy panties. Without thinking he raised the garment to his nose and sniffed. His cock did a flip! The panties had a strong mustiness at the crotch. “Geeze”, he thought, “that gal was horny when she wore these”.

The panties still at his nose Bobby fantasized about what the woman had been doing to get so horny but still leave her pants on. The images in his head forced him to go to the privacy of the office where he unzipped his pants, took out his cock which by now was rock solid, and began to stroke it.
Sooner than he had wanted he felt the cum in his balls begin the journey to his thick cock where it spurted stronger than he could remember.

Feeling positive that the customer would never miss the garment Bobby decided to add them to his growing collection that had been obtained in a similar manner.

For the next few hours Bobby’s thoughts were filled with the sexy chatlady whose nickname was Cutie. He made up his mind to ask if he could send a pic of his cock. Would she agree?

Taking out the customer’s panties he again sniffed the crotch area. Once again the scent caused an instant erection; so damned hard; he admired it. The flash of the digital camera highlighted his cock’s assets and he was pleased with the resulting photo. No point in wasting this hardon, he thought so stroked it to a pleasing orgasm.

In the chatroom he persuaded Cutie to accept the photo of his cock and was pleased when she had seen it and agreed that it was such a desirable piece of manhood.

Bobby took his courage in his hands and described in detail the episode with the customer’s panties. Surprisingly Cutie thought it incredibly sexy although she admonished him for stealing them.

This girl was so damned sexy and no subject on which he choose to chat, shocked or upset her. If only she was available, they would fuck so hard and so long; he would satisfy her needs.

“Good afternoon”. The tall blonde had returned to collect her dry cleaning.

As he served her he also mentally undressed her; imagining the firm white flesh of her ample breasts that were only just hidden by the tight blouse that she wore. A light summer skirt was stretched over her slim hips and he strained to see any hint of a visible pantie line. There was none that he could discern.

The customer paid and started to leave. At the door she stopped, hesitated, checked the contents of her cleaning bag then turned to Bobby.

“Excuse me but I wonder what happened to a pair of my daughter’s panties that were mistakenly left in the pocket of my pants?”

Bobby felt the blood drain from his face then flush back again. “Ah, I don’t remember checking the pocket of any pants ma’am”, he lied.

The blonde looked at him, her bright blue eyes seemingly piercing his mind to discover his lie.

“You of course remember Tara, she is the 21 year old that worked here for a week or so this spring?”.

“Oh fuck!” thought Bobby. He remembered her well. A hot young thing, around 5’2, barely 100 pounds, with short brunette hair and the tightest tops and pants that left nothing to the imagination.
He had masturbated so often thinking of that young pussy nestling in those skin-tight pants. The realisation that he had now smelled that tight little coochie made his cock swell in his pants.

“I – I – I will sure have a look around to see if they have fallen out somewhere” he stammered.

“Are you OK”, enquired the blonde, “You seen a little upset”. She was staring at the front of his jeans.

Bobby tried unsuccessfully to hide what had become obvious, an erect cock trying to burst out.

He immediately regretted his reactive and not thought-out reply… “Ha ha ha always on the job, having to always carry the tool of my trade”.

Her smile widened. “And such a fine tool is hidden there by the look of that bulge”. “Now those panties, shall we look for them?”.

Before Bobby could even stammer a defence the blonde continued ” I know that you have them, this isn’t the first time this has happened”.

“Now ma’am, that kind of accusation could ruin my business, if there is something you want just say and I will try to satisfy your demands”, Bobby’s face had blanched, he was now feeling sick with worry; worry for the business but more so about his marriage; what would his wife say and do.

“OK, here’s the deal, if I don’t find the panties here, I will walk away and forget this moment and say no more of it. If however I find the garment then you must make restitution, is that fair?” She was close to him, her breath on his cheek so sweet he could taste it.

He stood awe struck as the customer did not wait for a reply, he stared at her ass in the tight skirt as she began a search which he knew with certainty would reveal his guilt.

There was no defence, there in her hands were not only her daughter’s panties but the many others that he had “borrowed”.

“You know that you had been found out when Tara worked here?” A rhetorical question, a statement. “She found this stash the first day! She even added a pair to it, right off her dirty little ass!”

The hell she did! I missed rubbing my nose in her juices! Bobby was annoyed with himself for not sniffing each and every pair, every day.

“OK, so it is pay time!”, her smile was deceptive.

Bobby knew that this was the end; end of the business; end of the marriage….

My daughter is to work here every Saturday, I must keep her away from those local guys! She looked thoughtful. “She works for free mind! Unless there is some reward that you mutually agree on”.

Bobby shook his head, was he hearing this straight? He almost pinched himself. This is a dream!

The blonde looked at him, pressed her body to his, tilted back her head and lightly pressed hot wet lips to his mouth. “As for me, I am far more demanding! You will come to the house one day a week but not on a set day, I like surprises. There you will be given tasks that you must fulfill”.

Her hand grasping the thickness that promised to burst from his pants, and her lips on his stopped Bobby from replying.

At the door she swung around, “Tomorrow will not be too soon to start!”

At the address the blonde customer had given he stopped the car and looked at the property. Grand!
Bobby double checked the number, looked around for any evidence of a sting operation; there was nothing unusual. Casual dress he judged was fine for any jobs that the woman wanted doing. Leaving the car at the kerb he walked to the door and pressed the push. There was no sound of a ring or otherwise, so he was surprised when the door opened. There on the step was young Tara, the young woman that had worked for him a while back and had obviously found the stash of panties.

“Oh hi, mom said you might call, she says to come in and wait, she had to go to a friends for a time”.

Bobby moved to pass the girl but she stood her ground. “Ah, you want I wait out back?”

She smiled, “No, I thought you would greet me, that all, but if you don’t want, its OK”.

Bobby bent to kiss her cheek, the girl swung an arm around his neck and pull his face to hers, mashing her open mouth to his with a force that almost took his breath away. Tara pressed her small body to his and Bobby felt his cock harden instantly.

“Oh wow, you are a horny man!” her hand slipped between their bodies and grasped the lump in his pants. “And so damned big!”.

This had all the trappings of a sting… young woman alone, guy accused of assault or worse, rape. He pulled back.

“Hey, I want that, and mom said you had to pay for stealing my dirty panties!”

The house was silent, all appeared normal except for the nymphomaniac clinging to him.

Deciding to force her hand if something was in the air, Bobby kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. In turn she sucked at his tongue and struggled to release the cock that was at bursting point. With a brief struggle her tight top was off and Bobby was delighted to see that she worn no bra. Not to be out done Tara tore at his tee-shirt. Her naked breasts on his equally naked chest felt damned good. Tara wasn’t prepared to wait her turn to have her shorts pulled off, she flicked open his pants, reached into the underpants and gave freedom to his now aching cock.

Soon the pair were naked and staggered to a couch in the large living area where they fell onto it, sucking at each others mouth and grasping what it was that was their individual goal at that time.

Tara pulled away from his grasp, fell to her knees and in an instant had his cock sucked into her mouth, Bobby groaned loudly.

“Hey, don’t you dare cum yet, want to eat and suck this monster. I have wanted it since I saw you beating it over some pair of panties in the shop”.

“Then get your ass up here so I can suck that pussy I have wanted since I saw it”.
Looking up from her ministrations to his cock Tara stopped, took a breath and with her lips still on the head said, “You saw my pussy, when?”.

“OK, you’re not gonna like this but I spied on you in the ladies powder room”. He waited for the outrage but Tara merely savoured the thought and renewed her work on his cock with even more enthusiasm. He continued his admission, ” what was that string of balls you pulled from it?”. Tara just giggled as much as she was able with 7″ of cock in her mouth and continued to devour it.

Locked in the soixante-neuf position, he, sucking, licking and finger fucking her pussy; she, sucking , nibbling and wanking his tool, they were oblivious to all around them.

Bobby was slightly surprised at a loud slapping sound and found Tara’s pussy suddenly rammed in his mouth. The bite on his cock seemed to correspond with the slap too.

“You fast little bitch, get off that guy right now!” the voice was terribly familiar and very angry.

Hands grabbed his hair and pulled him out from under the pussy he was preparing to fuck at the end of the 69.

“OK Mr. what the heck are you on, you are here to meet my needs not this little slut’s!”

Bobby felt awfully exposed; standing naked, a huge erection and pussy honey spread over his face. “OK now ma’am, you stated I had to come here and be given a task to perform, and I am doing just that”.

The blonde’s mouth was a thin, mean line across her otherwise beautiful face… she eyed him from head to toe and back, pausing only to focus on his cock on both scans. Her lips returned to the full, soft ones he remembered in the shop, the ones he had dreamed of encircling his hard cock.
“I guess that makes sense… this time”! Leaning forward she kissed him on the lips, hard and long.
“God, I hope you think I taste better than that!”. She wiped the fluid from her mouth.

“Ma’am, I wouldn’t know, having never…” her finger on his lips cut of the rest.
“Go shower and get that smell off you Mr.”.

Turning to her daughter she said ” as for you, your time is in the shop, never do it here again, understand?”. Tara nodded bleakly but grinned at Bobby then left the room.

The hot water sluicing over his body felt good, it even emphasized the result of Tara’s wanking, sucking and that bite. Before water hit his face he ran his tongue over his lips, and enjoyed once again the taste of the girl’s pussy juices.

Bobby was hard pressed not to masturbate to the vivid images that had sprung up in his head but realised that the blonde would want quality and quantity. So he was shocked when told that there was no further task to perform that day and regretted not having spread his cum over her pristine shower room tiles.

The customer had instructed him to return the next day.

to be continued…

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