Chronicles of a Convenience Store Clerk Episode 1

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Working third shift at a convenience store/ gas station in the ‘burbs is inherently boring. I wouldn’t even have taken the job, if my recently acquired Bachelor’s Degree had done me any good. Not only are the customers that come in at night always the same ones, they always have the same attitude problems – which just adds to the job being a snooze fest. To top it off, it’s impossible to go out with your bros to get a beer or six or to have a date when you always have to call it a night by nine so you can be to work when your shift starts at eleven. But, life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball sometimes.
Last Thursday, I’m standing behind the register, doing the cashier thing when one of my regulars walks in. She’s probably 35, maybe 40, I dunno. Even at that age though, she’s WAY hotter than most of the college girls that come in. She’s blonde, with I guess what they call a “Page Boy” haircut – the kind of hair style you see a lot of strippers wearing. She could be one too, she’s 5′ 9″ easily, long legs, killer rack, slim waist and a rockin’ ass and hips. She’s definitely NOT one of the ones with an attitude problem. Anyway, she steps up and orders her usual brand of cigarettes, and for some reason she’s being all flirty, calling me “pumpkin,” and winking at me a couple of times. She asks me if I drink, and then I get it, she has been. I say yes I do, and she asks me what I like to drink.
“I like a really good quality beer,” I answer. When I mention margaritas, her eyes light up, and she tells me all about the set-up she has for making them at home. We high five over that one, and when our hands touch, I start to chub up. I was a surprised at that, but hey it had been six months since I’d gotten any. So, a minute or two later, she leaves and I’m left to daydream all night about how her cleavage was shown off from the low cut shirt she was wearing.
Or so I thought.
I go about my work, cleaning the store, making coffee, stocking the cooler with Coke and Pepsi and whatever. Around two AM, I’m sitting on my ass, taking a little break before I have to mop the floor. The door chime goes off to let me know someone’s in the store, but I don’t even look up.
“Hi, pumpkin,” she says as she walks up to the door that separates the cashier area from the rest of the store. I definitely looked up then.
“Hey,” I say back, surprised and happy to see her twice in one night, for real. She gets a kind of serious look on her face right away though.
“I have a question,” she says.
“What’s up?”
“Is it too late to buy beer? I mean, what time do you stop selling?” She asks.
I look at the clock, I’m not sure why, because I already know it’s almost two.
“Our license only lets us sell until one AM,” I tell her. She gets this pouty look on her face that starts making my dick start to really take notice again.
“Really,” she asks, “I’m not ready to quit drinkin’ yet.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t sell it now,” is what I’m supposed to say. Instead, I sense an opportunity here. I stand up and come through the door out into the main part of the store. I stand next to her and can just slightly smell the beer she’s already been drinking. This might go easier than I thought. She looks up at me.
“Can’t you just sell me some? I won’t tell anybody.” Before I can answer, another customer walks in and goes over to the coffee pot.
“Hold on a second,” I tell her and head back behind the counter. She stays in that spot, moving her hips to the music coming over the store’s speakers. She’s not wobbling or stumbling, so she’s not wasted – just buzzed probably – a good thing.
The other customer comes up to the register, and as I’m ringing them up, my girl starts to walk out the door.
“Hold up a second,” I say. I finish counting the change for the coffee, and luckily she comes back in. I come back out into the front, and stand right in front of her.
Now normally, a really beautiful woman of any age is pretty intimidating to me, but for some reason she wasn’t, at least not on this night. She looks up at me again, and says
“What’s up?” I take a deep breath and jump in.
“Well, I said I’m not supposed to sell beer after one, right?”
“But, I didn’t say we couldn’t work something out.”
“So, you WILL sell me some?”
“I didn’t say that,” I answer. She looks confused. I decide it’s now or never.
“How bad do you want some beer?” I ask her.
“Well, it’s not like I can’t live without it,” she answers, “but I got a late start tonight, and I’m just starting to feel good…”
“No, you’re not understanding me,” I say. To give her a hint, I grab my junk through my pants and watch her eyes go to my crotch.
“I’m saying maybe if you do something for me, I’ll do something for you.” Her eyes come back up, and lock with mine. They sparkle when she gets it, and I almost went completely hard on the spot.
“I can lock the door…” before I can finish whatever it was I thought I was going to say, she’s at the door and opening it.
“Oh SHIT,” I think to myself, “I blew it, and she’s gonna come back tomorrow and tell my manager…” but instead of leaving, she opens the door an leans out.
“Karen!” she yells, “Yeah babe, I’m going to be a few more minutes. He’s gonna hook us up.” She lets the door close, and turns to look at me.
“You’re on, pumpkin,” she says, and licks her lips. I jump, and almost run to get behind the counter to flip the switch that turns on the electric lock. She starts to follow me, and is halfway through the door before I stop her.
“Not back here,” I say, and point to the window that looks out over the gas pumps. I take her hand, and say,
“Follow me.” I lead her down one of the aisles to the back of the store, and take her in to the employee restroom. It’s very cramped with all the stuff that gets stored in there, and that’s the way I want it.
“There’s no camera in here either,” I say, and before I can finish, she’s undoing my belt and my pants. Jackpot! She yanks them down along with my underwear, and my schlong pops up for her, nice and proud. She starts to get down on her knees, but I grab her wrists.
“Wait a second…I want you topless,” I tell her. “I’ve wanted to see the girls from the first time I ever saw you.”
“Oh, you really are sweet, pumpkin, aren’t you?” She says. She pulls her V-neck up and off. I’m expecting to see lace, an underwire, a push-up – what I wasn’t expecting was her tits to be standing up firm and high without any bra at all. I have to touch them, and while I caress the silky wonder that is her skin, she lowers herself to her knees.
She takes the head of my dick in her mouth, her lips making that familiar “O” around the shaft and she sucks so hard I think she’s going to make it pop. Her nipples get hard between my finger tips as she starts swirling her tongue all over the tip of my cock inside her mouth.
I look down into her eyes, and she smiles around my shaft, her eyes twinkling. She winks, and takes me deep, all in one swift motion. I inhale sharply, my breath catching in my throat as she grabs my ass and holds my organ against her throat. She starts taking the whole length in and out, and all I can do is whisper, “Yeah, oh yeah..,” over and over.
She reaches down with one hand and unbuttons her jeans, sticking her fingers inside – pausing just long enough from blowing me to say, “Damn, you’ve got me all wet.” She immediately goes back to gulping my rod into her mouth. I’ve gotten some really good head before, but nothing compared to this. Her tongue flicks across the head, then snakes up and down the length like she is trying to get it clean. I’m lost in complete lust.
“Put your hands behind your back,” I tell her. When she does I start moving my hips forward and back furiously. She holds her mouth and throat open for me as I fuck it like it’s the only mouth I was ever going to get. Unable to be so passive anymore, she finally reaches up with her hand at the base of my dick to jerk me while I keep fucking the other end in and out of her glorious, wet mouth.
She was incredible! My mind went blank as she gripped my ass in her hands again and went totally crazy sucking me off. Her mouth was licking, sucking, squirming all over my dick. Her spit was making a puddle on the floor, drenching my balls and thighs, and coating her tits.
I’ll never understand why most dudes like to see their cum splatter all over a girl’s face. I mean, a money shot on her boobs, that I understand, but really I prefer a woman who swallows…suddenly, my eyes felt like they would pop out of their sockets as my balls pulled up tight…and pumped my cum deep into my new friend’s mouth. She swallowed, choked, and kept swallowing, gulp after gulp of my thick spunk. She took my cock down to the root again and held me tight as my balls emptied and my head wobbled on my neck from the ecstasy of it.
When I caught my breath, she was standing up again and finishing buttoning her jeans. Her shirt was back on already
“Holy shit,” I said, “that was amazing.”
“Thanks, pumpkin,” she said, straightening her hair. I buttoned my pants and she opened the bathroom door.
“Grab yourself a case,” I said, smiling at her. “I’ll pay for it when I’m allowed to sell again later in my shift.” I smile my best smile at her and say, “make sure you tell all your friends where they can get some beer after hours…”
“Oh, I don’t need all that,” she grinned at me. Walking past the cooler she grabbed a six-pack of Miller Lite.
“Typical chick beer,” I thought to myself, and also, “man, I can’t believe I got the blowjob of my life for a freakin’ sixer!” She blew me a kiss as she pushed open the door to the station.
“When I want a case, I’ll throw some pussy your way, pumpkin.” And with that, she was gone…

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