Dan & Jessica part 1

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Dan & Jessica

Part 1

I had been working for Buck for several months and had always paid attention whenever his wife would come around the barn or out to the feeding pens. Jessica was a bit younger than Buck, but a couple years older than I was, and had a body that could stop traffic. She is always bringing us cold drinks and snacks when we get working and forget to take a break. She was friendly and kind of flirty, which I always chalked up to the way people are all social and friendly to each other around here.
It was not till Buck had gone out of town for a few days leaving me to look after the farm and Jessica on her own in a big farm house, that I realized she had more intentions than being friendly on her mind.
“been out here all morning’ Dan, you must be thirsty” she said as she approached me carrying a glass of lemonade.
“I guess so Jessica” I said putting down my tools and taking off my gloves.
She handed me the lemonade and licked the moisture on her hands off slowly one finger at a time. I noticed she wasn’t wearing any bra and a very loose fitting sun dress, that looked like it would come off in the slightest breeze.
“been watching you out here working so hard, you must be hungry, why not take time and come up to the house for some lunch?, I have some more cool lemonade and I will make some sandwiches to get you through the day”
As I followed her up the hill to the house I noticed she most likely had no panties on either, now its been my experience when a women offers to make you lunch it means one thing, dessert is going to be sweet and tasty.
After we got to the kitchen she pointed me to the sink to wash up, and get some relief from the heat.
“sure do appreciate this Jessica..”
“”call me Jess please everyone else does”
“sure Jess” I said “after lunch I have to get those posts in or Buck will have my hide”
She walked over to the sink beside me and handed me a cold beer “don’t you worry about him, he works you too hard already”
She walked over to the fridge and pulled a beer out for herself
“can’t say I blame him, you are one sexy man when your all sweaty and shirtless”
she took a long pull off her beer and put it on the counter, and leaned back on the edge with one hand on the counter and one wiping sweat from her gorgeous neck, tilting her head up exposing her stiffening nipples under the thin fabric.
” makes me wonder how hard you work at other things”
I threw the towel on the counter and walked up to her drinking my beer, until I stood in front of her, I could hear her breathing becoming quicker
“well Ms. Jess. Why don’t we find out” I kissed her on the lips, they were warm and soft and wet and inviting like I never felt.. She put a finger in front of the my lips.
“first things first,” she took me by the hand and led m to the bathroom
“Lets get that sweat off you”
She ran a barely warm bath with bubbles and began to kiss me while she undressed me, and herself at the same time. I stepped into the tub and she got in on top of me, grabbed a sponge and began to wash me from the chest down. As she kissed my lips and licked my chest I could tell this was a women bent on a wild afternoon.
“your so damn hot Dan, I just want to fuck the hell out of you”
I became so hard I could not believe it, and neither could she, as she lowered herself onto me right in the tub, pulling my face into her chest, sucking on those voluptuous, hard dark flesh colored nipples sucking and licking them like they were melting ice cream. She moaned in delight when I grabbed her ass and began rocking her on my member. She wrapped her legs around me and we began bucking like wild horses trying to be tamed.
As she screamed loud and high I could no longer hold back I came like never before, It lasted forever. When finally we loosened our grip, and leaned back breathless and spent, she squeezed the water out of the sponge cooling off.
“Holy cow stud, you have two more days to keep doing that to me don’t make plans”
“No problem, but if you can’t walk when Buck gets home aren’t you in trouble?”
She shook her head and did not reply. Not that I cared she was too sexy to ignore, and Buck is just an employer anyway. I lay there in anticipation of tonight.

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