dan & jessica part 2

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Dan and Jessica
Part 2
After doing some more work in the field and finishing what needed to be done it was 7 that night, I walked back up to the house, and there she stood on the porch wearing nothing but an apron and a smile.
“suppers on” she smiled devilishly and led me into the house and sat me at the table. She fed me a wonderful dinner of steak and vegetables. After I finished the meat, she stood up and took off the apron.
“now for dessert”
She sat on the table in front of me and poured chocolate all over her breast and tummy and well trimmed and perfect pussy. I started at her clit and licked and sucked my way to her tits, all the while she lay back on the table moaning and writhing in complete sexual freedom of being serviced by a younger man. I worked my way back to her sex and she wrapped her legs around my neck washing my face with a chocolate sweet pussy that could make you do anything..
She finally sat up and looked like her eyes had been glazed over, with a desire to ravage something or someone. She grabbed me by the waist of my jeans pulling me up to my feet, undoing them at the same time. She kissed me hard as she took my cock out and thrust herself onto it. I pushed her back down and pulled her legs up over my shoulder, pressing her knees to her chest, I grabbed the edge of the table and began fucking her like a man possessed, all the time she is playing with my chest hair and nipples, and screaming in that high voice again
“holy hell yes yes yes fuck me hard like that do not stop I I I ah ! “
I let off relaxing her feeling her orgasm let off, still inside her I lifted her up a bit as I sat back on the chair. She wrapped those long gorgeous legs around the chair, and again stared bucking hard. I let loose with my second powerful orgasm of the day, she just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of me coming inside her.
“y you rock my world” I whispered
“that’s right and you’re my bitch for the next day and a half stud”
She got off me and took me by the hand and led me to the shower, we stood under the water together for a few minutes. After we cleaned and dried each other we lay on the bed naked, totally spent we fell asleep almost immediately.
The next morning I awoke to her with her arm on my chest playing with the hair, as the sun was peeking under the window shade
” I have been laying here trying to find a way to help you start your day” she said slowly running her hand down my stomach to my balls. She gently massaged them in a way that was both arousing and strange. By the time my cock was hard she was licking my balls with her magic tongue. She licked right up the shaft and around the tip before swallowing my cock. She went at it like a hungry cum slut. I wasn’t sure but she seamed to enjoy giving head more than any women I have ever seen. She began bobbing faster and faster till I finally exploded with a fury into her mouth. She gulped it all down, every last drop, licking me clean pulling back skin gently and cleaning it as well.
We continued the pattern for that day as well I worked the morning in the yard, fucked the shit out of Jess on the porch at lunch, worked till evening, and then fucked Jess on the back of the pick up truck.
We kept going at it till Buck returned the next day, then we did not stop totally. We kept at it that way till Buck caught us, but that’s another story…………………………….

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