Early Morning Delight

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Early Morning Delight

I love working in a secure office building. After last night I love it even more! There is a male security guard that monitors the external entrance. We have an additional secure area inside. Four nights a week a black female security guard monitors that internal entrance.
Since I am on the 4AM-12Noon shift, I usually arrive between 3-3:30 to get my computer set up and get the coffee brewing etc. Sometimes when I arrive when Yolanda is there, she is so drowsy that she just nods as I sign in then drifts back off into slumber.
I am 45 and she is around 30. I have never been attracted to a black woman before and it was strange that I slowly became attracted to Yolanda because of her friendly nature. She is 30, has a young child and is well endowed and ‘curvy’, definitely not a Twiggy.
Once every 2 hours a 3rd guard watches her desk as Yolanda makes her rounds. Over the course of the last several weeks, I have deliberately timed my arrivals for when Yolanda would be making her rounds so that I was in the area and moving about when she walked by. She’d stop and chat about the weather, her toddler and gently complain about her work schedule because although it allowed her husband to work during the day while she was at home with her child, she just was not getting any. I could tell because our chit chat would slowly turn to a more intimate nature.
I am married and after 20 years, the sexual excitement pretty much has waned. After a few years the blow-jobs stopped and when my wife had trouble conceiving, we were on this ‘schedule’ about when and what time I was to come home to make a ‘deposit’. She never has conceived. Sex over the past two years has been more of a job than an act of love between a man and his wife.
On this particular morning, I arrived just as the other guard came over for the main watch while Yolanda made her rounds. I signed in and we started walking. I told her that I had never been throughout the whole inner area, just my section, and asked her if it was okay if I walked with her to see the new lab I heard about that was built over in the SE corner of the building. She said yes, and I dropped my things off on my desk and I continued walking with Yolanda.
Her rounds usually lasted 15 minutes she said because she has to check doors and all hallways. On the way over to the secluded area of the lab, which is unoccupied this time of night, Yolanda surprised me when she said she was so disappointed last night when she got home yesterday morning after work because she was so horny, but her husband was running late and did not have any time to pay that special attention to her.
I brazenly said if she came home to me and was horny and wanted some action, I would not hesitate to be late for work that day. She looked up at me and flashed a sly smile and said “Follow me.”
She checked the lab door, which was secured, and then radioed back to the front desk. “Homer, can you watch the desk for me? I may be a few minutes late because I need to use the restroom and I may be a bit late coming back.”
Homer said “Sure, take your time.”
She opened another door to a small room, the size of an average walk-in closet. It was used for storage and on a shelf were some folded lab coats. Yolanda pulled a few off and laid them onto the floor and said “Take off your pants and lay down. This is your lucky day!”
My jeans and boxers were off in less than a NY minute. I am not huge, 6.5″, but I do pride myself in knowing how to use my tool and how to make love. But this aggressive sexual mood of Yolanda had me rock hard and ready. I lay down as instructed and while I was doing so, Yolanda had stripped down to her bra and panties.
“I never made love to a black woman before, especially one just out of uniform!” I said. Yolanda smiled, knelt between my legs, and started giving me the best head I ever had in years. She massaged my balls and gently touched my anus. When I flinched, she asked “Did that hurt?” I said “No, I just never had anyone do that before.”
Yolanda spit on my anus and slowly rounded my anus with her finger then inserted it. She maneuvered her finger in a fashion sort of what the doctor does when he gives me a rectal exam.
“I am going to massage your prostate,” she said. I asked her how she knew that and she said she had previous training and her husband always liked to be milked.
As she massaged the prostate, her mouth returned to my cock and she continued to give it a massage also. What a unique and new feeling that was, to have your dick and prostate sexually manipulated simultaneously.
Yolanda said “When you are close to coming, let me know, but don’t come yet!” After a few more minutes I gave her the warning. She took off her bra and panties, her pussy glistening with the turn-on wetness. She lowered her pussy slowly onto my shaft and dropped her ample breasts so that I could suckle and fondle them. She started to speed up her rhythmic pounding of my dick, rotating occasionally, providing me another new sensation. I told her I was going to cum soon and she stopped.
Yolanda lay down on her back and said “Pound me with that damn dick of yours, and pound me hard!!!” Am I one to ignore a damsel in distress? Hell no!!! I mounted her and she again rotated her hips in a circular motion as I pistoned in and out, in and out. She also reached around and slowly finger fucked my ass again.
Yolanda said “I want your white seed in me, cum inside.” That was enough for me. I shot the hugest load in several months. In fact I kept coming longer than I ever had, for over a minute. I did not realize that Yolanda was again massaging my prostate and she said “I am milking you dry, my white lover.”
A few seconds later Yolanda started her orgasm. She also came, and came, and came some more. More than I ever experienced with my wife whom I had brought to multiple orgasms before. Yolanda flipped me over and slowly pumped my cock, draining it with her pussy muscles.
“Wow, what great sex that was!” I said. Yolanda said, “My husband is bigger than you, but he doesn’t use his tool the way you do. You know how to help make a black sister happy.”
As we dressed, I asked her if this was a one-time thing and she asked “Were you disappointed?” I said “Hell no, but I just wondered.”
Yolanda said that when I came on duty, if she asked me to accompany her on her rounds, then I would be in for a bit of “Early Morning Delight.”
I can’t wait.

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