Fantasies at work

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Fantasies at work.

I was a rising start at my company, VP of product development at a startup company about to go public, and only 32. I have been putting in a ton of hours, and am so warn out at the end of the day, I go home, eat dinner and go to bed. I have gone out on a couple of dates, but men are intimidated by me, I take what I want, and don’t like to be submissive, and they don’t know what to do with a woman who doesn’t need them.

I booted up my laptop, getting ready to start the day. I go to the break room and grab a cup of coffee. I walk back to my desk, holding the mug in both hands, I love the feeling of a hot drink on my hands. I get back to my desk, and look at my screen, an ugly error message appears. I click “ok”, and a second message appears. “Fuck” I whisper under my breath.

I walk out to the receptionist, “Claire, can you have IT send someone up right away to look at my laptop.” I go back to my office and sit at my desk, and look through my notes from the week, reviewing this week’s negotiation.

A few minutes later I hear a gentle tap on the door, a soft voice calls out, “Excuse me Angela.”

I look up from my desk, a young man stands in the doorway. These help desk guys are getting so young. He has on dark slacks and a mustard colored, fitted dress shirt. I stare for a minute, most of the IT staff wears jeans and t-shirts, it is rare to see someone actually put in an effort to look decent. I wave him over “Come on in.”

He walks around and then leans over me, looking at the screen. “What seems to be the problem?”

I breathe in, he has a nice musky scent, I look up at him, and see his well-trimmed beard. “umm, not sure it was working last night, but when I started it up today, it all went to crap.”

He kneels next to me, his arm reaching by me, his arm resting against mine, and clicks a few times. “Looks like your motherboard is shot, good news is all your data should be safe. I’ll be back in a few minutes with the new parts.”

“Thanks, please hurry, I need that contract off of there.” I ask, looking into his eyes, pleading.

“No problem.” He replies. He stands up and walks away, I watch as he leaves, taking a peek at his butt, nice and cute, I’d like to smack that, I think to myself.

I sit at my desk, pretending to work, but distracted, wondering why he is having this effect on me. I should be thinking about this deal, but just want to rip those clothes off of him. I can’t even remember the last date I was on, or the last time I had a good fucking. I picture pulling that shirt off of him, running my hands over his chest, my fingers running over his body. Then sliding my panties down, spreading my legs and letting him just take me. I unconsciously spread my legs as I think these thoughts, my left hand on my leg, sliding over my inner thigh, moving towards my panties, pulling my skirt up as I stroke my thigh. I dress fairly conservatively, I have on a knee length dark blue skirt, and thigh high stockings. My hand is up past my stockings, sliding over my smooth flesh, thinking about his hands on me. Oh fuck, I got to stop this, I slide my fingers between my legs and start to stroke my pussy, thinking about his mouth on me, his tongue sliding over my pussy, licking me.

I have a white button up blouse on, I start to fiddle with the top button, opening up my top, to expose a little more flesh for him. I look down, able to see the top of my chest exposing some nice cleavage, enough to tease him. I notice how high my skirt has risen, my flesh exposed beneath my skirt, I feel so kinky like this right now. I stop teasing myself, and pull my skirt back down, I can’t let anyone catch me like this. I go back to reviewing my documents, leaning over my desk, as I work.

“Angela?” I hear his voice as he enters my office again. I look up at him, he is holding his tools and some computer parts.

“Hi” my voice quivers a bit, “Come on in.” I watch his eyes as he walks toward me, he has dark blue eyes, I could just get lost in those. He glances down a bit, taking a look at my cleavage. His eyes dart back up, but a little smile forms on his lips.

I stand up so he can have my desk and work on the laptop. I go across the room and quietly close the door. I sit in a chair on the other side of my desk, and review the contract. He flips over my laptop, and begins to dismantle it. I watch him engrossed in his work, chewing his tongue as he concentrates. I slowly spread my legs, inching my skirt up, making it look like it happened by accident. I slide my fingers along my exposed breasts, my fingers brushing against my skin, hoping he will look up. He glances up from his work, his eyes staring at my chest, watching as my fingers caress myself.

He stands up, and walks over to me, kneeling between my legs and taking my mouth into his. He slides his hands up my legs, pushing up my skirt, feeling the outside of legs with those strong hands. Then, he takes his hand and squeezes my chest through my top, and sliding his other hand to my ass and squeezing it. I unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his slacks, revealing his hard cock. I slide my fingers over his boxers, stroking him until he is hard and ready. He pulls my top down, and exposes my firm chest. He leans in and begins kissing my breast, he takes my nipple into his mouth, and twirls his tongue around it. He flicks his tongue over it, as he squeezes my ass.

Once he is hard, I pull down his boxers, and guide him towards me. I slide my panties to the side and guide his cock to my pussy. I grab his ass, pulling him inside of me, letting him have his way. He is gentle at first, lips locked with mine as he slides inside of me. I grab that thick hair as he penetrates me, wrapping my legs around him. “mmm” That cock slides deeper into me, and he holds me close as he takes me, pressing me against the chair, my body wrapped around him, his arms supporting himself on the chair. Then holding me close, he cums, the warm fluid filling me, as my pussy throbs. He thrusts over and over as the last of his fluid enters me, my pussy throbbing with pleasure.

“All done.” He says.

“Almost” I reply, then realize he is talking about the laptop and not me. “I mean, um, thanks for helping me out.” I look up, he is fully dressed and standing up from my computer, my fantasy snapping back to reality.

“No problem.” He looks at me, about to say something, then hesitates, “See you around, I left my business card on your desk, give me a call if you need anything.”

I hope he isn’t talking about the laptop this time. I watch as he walks away, uh I’m so horny. My assistant looks at me, then my blouse, rolls her eyes and pretends to focus on something else.

I get back to work, finish up the proposal, and look at my calendar. ‘Oh, great’ I think to myself I get to review my accounts with accounting today. It’s down at their office, in the basement.

I grab my files, and head on down the elevator. I enter their conference room, and wait. The accountant, Tom, is an older man, 50’s, medium build, balding head, and he keeps the rest trimmed short. He is a little overweight, well mannered and well dressed. He always wears a suit and tie, a hold over from the time when this was required. Maybe he can cool me down.

He walks in, and I smell perfume as he enters, I look up, and he has someone with him. I stand up to greet them. “Angela, this is Claire, she is auditing our books this month, and reviewing all our accounts, I hope you don’t mind if she sits in.”

“No problem,” right, the audit, this is going to kill my afternoon. I look Claire over, short dark hair with a red tint, cute little nose, nice lips. She has on a tailored black suit, fit over her tight little body, with a purple blouse underneath, a small amount of skin exposed above her top, showing off her long neck. She is shorter than me, a little elegant figure.

We sit and start to go over the accounts, it doesn’t take long before my mind wanders again. She is sitting next to me reviewing all of my documentation, I spread my legs a little as I lean in, going over the figures. Tom glances down at my chest, my cleavage heavily exposed, hoping to see my nipples from this angle, she slides her hand under the table and onto my leg, and begins to caress me. She moves her hand up and down my thigh, pushing my skirt up as she feels me, pushing it up past my stockings and her fingers meet the warm flesh of my thigh. I spread my legs further, hoping her hand moves further. Tom watches, her hand under the table, my breast rising and falling with each breath, he moves his own hand under the table and begins to rub, clearly enjoying the show. I look over at her, she unbuttons her blazer, and begins to fondle her nice little tits over her top, her other hand moves between my legs to my panties. I move my own hand down over hers, pressing it against my pussy, pushing her fingers against my wet panties. “mmm” she moans when she feels how wet I am, she begins to unbutton her top, revealing she doesn’t have a bra on, then fondling her chest. Tom looks from her to me, fondling himself faster, his hand down his pants, tugging on his cock. She pushes my panties to the side, and her fingers slide into my wet pussy.

I lick my lips as she fingers me, my face turning red, my breathing becoming heavier. Tom is staring at my chest, his hand under the table, stroking himself, watching us.

“Tom, can you come over here.”

“Sure.” He stands, his hard-on visible through his slacks. As he walks over he sees her hand between my legs, fingering me, he pauses a moment, looking at it, smiling. He takes the chair next to me. I place my hand directly on his crotch, and start fondling his hard cock. He leans back as I stroke him with my right hand. With my left I start to run my hand over my top, caressing my breasts.

Claire drops down to the floor in front of me, kneeling between my legs. She slides her hands up my thighs, pushing my skirt all the way up, then grabs my panties and pulls them down. I unbuckle Tom’s pants, and unzip him, and begin to stroke him over his boxers. His cock pops out of his boxers, nice and stiff, and I slide my hand all the way up and down his shaft. Claire places her hands on my legs, and begins to lick me with her tongue, softly pressing against my clit as her moist lips kiss me. I spread my legs further and slide down the chair to give her full access. She pushes her fingers into to me as her mouth moves around the edge of my pussy.

I stroke Tom faster, his cock engorged in my hand, his eyes watching my crotch and the woman pleasing me there. I pull my top down exposing my chest, and squeeze my breasts, and run my finger over my exposed nipples, caressing my soft flesh.

“Stand up.” I say to Tom. He stands facing me, his pants slide down to his ankles as he does it. I pull his cock towards me and lick the tip of his shaft as I stroke it with my hand.

Claire presses her fingers deeper into me, teasing me on the inside as her tongue works along the edge. I run my fingers through her hair stroking her as she takes me.

Tom grabs my head, pulling me harder onto his shaft. I slide up and down it, and squeeze his balls as I take him into my mouth. I slide faster on him as I get closer to orgasming.

“I’m going to cum,” he says. I pull off of him and stroke his cock pointing it at my chest. I tense up as I begin to orgasm, Claire’s fingers and tongue taking me over the edge. I moan out as I do, this sends Tom over the edge and he cums all over my chest, his cock shooting semen over me. I stroke his cock until the last of it dribbles onto my hand. Claire climbs up and begins licking my tits clean, her tongue licking up all of his cum and swallowing it down, and rubbing her chest against mine. She then takes my fingers into her mouth sliding them in and out, cleaning them off, his cum mixing with the taste of my pussy in her mouth. She then gives me a deep French kiss, the taste of cum and pussy and perfume filling my mouth.

“Angela, do you have the Peterson file on you? That’s the last one we need to finish up.” I look up, my fantasy fading away and slide the folder over to the two of them, looking over Claire’s full dressed body, picturing her naked and fucking me. I manage to pay attention for the rest of the meeting and get through the client list.

I get back to my office, it’s late, and the floor has cleared out. I start to pack up, and my phone rings. The number is unfamiliar, but I pick it up.

“How’s the laptop?” The voice asks, mmm, the sexy IT guy from earlier. His voice makes me instantly horny again. I move my hand down between my legs as we chat.

“I uh, still am having problems with it.” I say. I slide my other hand down my top, and begin caressing my chest.

“Any error messages?” he asks.

“I think this is something you are going to have to work on in person.” I say as I slide my fingers along my panties. “Mmm, I need you here.”

“I am taking control of it now.” He replies. “I’ll open up a web chat.”

I see his face appearing up on my screen. “I think I see what the problem is.” He says, his eyes looking up and down at me through the computer. “Better take a few more buttons off so I can look closer.”

I comply, unbuttoning my top all the way down, till my bra is exposed.

“Now, caress your skin, like you like it rubbed.” I slide my hands over my skin, moving down towards my chest, then over my bra, squeezing myself. My left hand caressing my chest, and my right sliding over my firm stomach.

“Now take your bra off, show me those beautiful tits of yours.” I slide my shirt all the way off, then unhook my bra, letting it fall to the floor.

“Tease those nipples for me.” I tease my nipples with both hands, circling my fingers around them, tugging on one and squeezing the other. I lean in so he can get a nice view of them, fondling them for the camera, squeezing them together, and pinching my nipples.

“Scoot the computer up, and aim the monitor down.” I do what he says.

“Good, now I can see all of you. Stand up and slide that skirt down.” I follow his orders, I only have my panties, stockings and heels on now.

“Now caress your panties, and fondle your tits.” I slide my left hand between my legs, rubbing over my pussy, mmm, I’m nice and moist. My right hand is squeezing my breasts, I close my eyes as I caress myself, biting my lip.

“Sit down and spread your legs. Good, now finger yourself under your panties.”

I slide my fingertips under my panties, and caress the outside of my pussy. I squeeze my nipple, and lick my lips with my tongue. I lay back, my legs spread wide, my hand caressing my pussy. I look up at the screen, I can see he has his cock out now and is stroking himself.

“I put something in your desk drawer.” He says. I open up my top drawer and find a dildo shaped vibrator. “Tease your nipples with it.” I turn it on and circle it around my nipples and breasts, my other hand still teasing my pussy. “good, now slide it between your legs.” He orders.

I slide my panties down past my thighs, then take the vibrator and tease the outside of pussy, sliding it over my lips. I squeeze my chest with my left hand while I use it. I watch him, his eyes are focused on me, and he is stroking himself faster. I move it up to my clitoris, slowly sliding it along it while the vibrations drive me crazy. I take my other hand and slide it into my pussy, finger myself on the inside while I use the vibrator on the outside. “Oh yes yes” I start moaning out, lost in the excitement.

“Put it inside of you.” He demands. I shove it deep into my pussy and slide it in and out like he is fucking me. “Oh baby, fuck yourself” He is leaning back now stroking his cock and teasing his balls. I hold the vibrator inside of me and stroke my clit, ‘Oh yes yes” He is standing up now stroking is cock in front of the camera, holding onto the desk for support.

“Now suck it for me.” He commands. I take the vibrator, turning it off and slide it into my mouth, fingering my pussy as I lick it, tasting myself. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” I scream out, the orgasm spreading from my crotch over my body. I hold my hand inside of me and slowly grind against it as I climax. I look up and watch has he cums all over his desk, semen shooting out and then dribbling onto his hand.

I open my eyes, looking around my office, the computer is off, just another fantasy to get through my day. I put the vibrator back in the drawer, and begin to put my clothes back on, wondering if I will get to act out on one of these fantasies.

I check my BlackBerry, there is an email from him.

“Angela, want to go out this weekend?”… Maybe things are looking up.



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