Hard at work

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It had been a long day, and a bad one at that. My divorce became final, and we found out the company auditors were coming for their annual inspection 5 weeks early. So I was working late in my office trying to bury myself in work when my boss walked past. She was in normal people clothes a dark navy shirt, jean jacket and blue jeans, and her flaming red hair was in pig tails. I had never seen her in any other way than dress suits and tight hair buns, and had say she looked quite hot in civilian attire. She was about a size 14 or slightly more but wore it well she was I always thought a nice person and very attractive. It may be the red hair though, I have a thing for red heads. Especially ones with double c cup chests. No matter what she wore she could not hide that fact.
“why are you here so late Will, the audit will go fine” she said coming into my office and leaning on the door. “just want to make sore Leah, besides I need to keep my mind occupied”
She entered the office and took off her jacket and put it over one of the chairs in front of my desk. “why is that” I hesitated for a second then let it out “my divorce was finalized today at noon, and am trying not to think about it” I looked up at her, I could see her black bra strap from under the sleeveless shirt she had on. “that’s shitty, so you have nothing to go home to is what you are saying?” “yes that’s pretty much it Lee at least today anyway.” I leaned back in the chair ” so why are you here in street attire, hot date?”
“no she said forgot my bank card in my desk needed it going out with friends to the movies, did not expect to see anyone here. Tell you what its okay to work as long as you want tonight just take tomorrow off and get yourself together K.”
“sure” I said as I got up to go to my filing cabinet by the door ” I won’t be long I guess I am almost done”
She walked up beside me and leaned on the door again ” Listen Will I know its tough starting over I had to a couple of years ago, except with career and things its harder to meet people, but at least try” She turned to go out into the hallway to her office, and I do not know what came over me but I grabbed her arm and spun her around to face me. “what the hell are you doing!” she demanded I looked her in the eye and then pulled her to me ” taking a lover” I said as I kissed her deeply. She resisted at first I could feel her body struggling against mine. He broke free short of breath and stepped back slightly wiping her mouth then she stepped forward again threw her arms around my neck and we began kissing deep and with tongues. “what about my friends” she asked I took her by the hands and said “tell them the truth” as I put her hand on my growing cock “something has come up at work.” She smiled coyly and turned to her jacket and pulled out her cell phone and pressed a speed dial number. While she waited for an answer I put my arms around her from behind and began kissing an licking her neck and let my hands probe beneath her shirt playing with her tummy and then slipping my hands under her tight bra. She stopped me there so she would not be moaning on the phone ” hey Liz its Lee…yeah listen something has come up at work I won’t be able to make it tonight” she reached back and began unzipping my pants and playing with my balls. “its this stupid audit we have some bugs to work out, I will call you on the weekend see aye”
She turned and pulled me to her again ” lets fuck” she said with a growl “but not here lets go to the conference room down the hall” she led me by the hand down the hall to the room past the elevators and the reception area. When we got inside she closed the door and ripped off my clothes as I did the same to her.
I pushed her against the table and leaned her back so her back arched while I fondled and sucked on her tits. The nipples were amazing about 3 ½ inches in diameter, more than a mouthful for sure. I worked my way down to the white panties and slipped them off. She put one leg over my shoulder as I licked her hot, and I mean hot and wet pussy, I could tell by her breathing she was close to coming so I rammed my tongue deep in her vagina, I have a long tongue so I hit her g-spot and just lapped the hell out of it and in no time I was swallowing her sweet sticky cum.
She grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet and kissed me as she put a leg around my wait and started grinding. ” ho holy shit where did you learn to do that” she asked. “oh that’s just my magic licker baby” I licked her nose and kissed her again ” I think your ready to get fucked from behind hun lady “Oh god yes” was the only reply I got as I spun her around and planted her arms on the table and pulled her hips out slightly. I put one hand on her hip and used the other to guide me into her sopping wet pussy. I liked the extra meat on a woman its very sexy and it gives good grip when you fuck them from behind. I put both hands on her hips and began pumping hard and fast into her. Slowly letting my finger walk around to her tits and began playing with them again. Pulling her forward but she kept one hand on the table for her balance.
“oh oh oh oh oh ahhh ah yes fuck me you bad man aou yes” she was becoming vocal which I love. “pound me pound it ye that’s it nice and hard! Ohm” I pushed her back down and just pump fucked her again. “lover my arms are tired” she said. So I pulled out and turned her around face to face and backed her to the table and sat her up on it. I spread her legs wide and she laid down as I entered her again putting one leg back over my shoulder and grabbed her thighs for resistance and started pounding her again, it only took a few seconds and she was rubbing her nipples and coming a second time harder than before. I could feel it ooze out of her and down my leg there was so much.
Finally she said that’s it stud my cunt is raw, I need to stop so she sat up and pushed me forward. She kissed me on the mouth and smiled “you’ll just have to cum in my mouth” she winked as she got down off the table and onto her knees and licked all the pussy juices off and then just devoured my cock. With those pig tails still in (quite disheveled but still in) it was so hot like a cheer leader giving me head I grabbed the pig tails and held them right at her scalp “yes that’s it baby, I like that” and I did so much so I let go a load of come like never before, she swallowed what she could but some ran out and down her chin she scooped it with a finger and licked all up.
She arose to her feet and we stayed in an embrace kissing for a while then we went back to her office and laid together on her couch. “wow!” she said lighting a cigarette and sharing it with me. “I should have seduced you long ago” I said. She just smiled and snuggled close we got dressed and went our separate ways. But that’s not the end of it we get it on a couple times a week, no one knows because we both could be fired but we are getting bolder, yesterday during a conference call with the VP she jerked me off and licked the come from her hands.

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