He fucked his employee and she wants more

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She stepped from her car and made her way across the street. She was wearing a grey skirt and a white blouse. He watched her run through thr traffic and he could not take his eyes off of her. She was early for her appointment, but he didnt mind.His secretary announced her arrival and then showed her in. He introduced himself and asked her to take a seat. As he made his way around his desk, she sat down and crossed her legs. Once seated, he started discussing her furture with the company. She asked if he wanted to see her resume, and he did. As she bent to pick up her briefcase, and the treasures they were handling. He hoped he would be able to handle them too. As sge looked up, she noticed that he was eyeingher breasts. He quickly turned away and felt a little incomfortable knowing she had caught him looking. Ahe thought that maybe she should give him a little more excitement. She said if she could use the ladies room. He told her where it was, and as she shut the office door he let out a sigh of relief, He had some time to regain his composure. When she returned she purpously sat down and crossed her legs slowly. He noticed her movment and caught a glimpse of her garter belt which made him a little hot below the belt. She noticed his nervousness and decided to give another view of her breasts. She bent to pick up her briefcase again but this time he did not see her bra. He looked away and then took another glimpse and thats when he noticed he nipples. She must have been just as hot as he was because he nipples were erect. He would love to love to lean in and touch them, suck on them, but he had to be careful unless he wanted a sexual harrasment suit before he veen hired this woman. She sat up as he was gawking, and leaned back against the chair. She asked if she may stand and walk about the office because her back was troublong her. He saw no problem with that and watched as she lokked at his diplomas and talked about her past employments. He looked at her legs and wanted to pull the skirt off her and fuck her on his desk, or maybe even on the floor. Maybe she would want it up against the door. She was also hot umder her collar and her nipples were hader than when he had seen then before. She wondered if he caught her scent, for she had had and orgasm only minutes before, and she was sure she would have another one very soon. He stared at her as she approached his desk and asked him if he wanted to see what was hiding underneath her clothes, He could not believe what he had just heard. He stood up and she noticed his erection. She couldn’t wait for what was about to happen, and started unbuttoning her blouse. He watched and was sure that he could hear every button pop as she made her way down to the last one. It seemed like and eternity before she finished and let the blouse drop down to her feet. He could not take his eyes off of her beautiful breasts and then he thought he heard some numbers in the background. He asked her to repeat herself, and she knew she was going to get laid in this office today. She asked him if he liked what he say, and told him that they were a size 36 d. She took a step towards him a guided his hands onto her breasts. He gently caressed and squeezeds her nipples. He rolled his tongue up around her nipple and he sucked on it nice and slow, not too hard and he listened to her moans and sighsShe pushed his head against her and told him to bite her. He did as she prdered and she gave alittle cry. She pulled his head away from her left breast and oushed it onto to her right breast and sucked it harder than he should have, biting the tip of her nipple. She pushed him away and unzipped her skirt. He loved what he saw. She had no panties on and a bald pussy. He started to walk towards her but she made him stop. It was his turn to shed some clothes and she would not let him come any closer until she saw his manhood. He must be at least 7 inches, maybe more she thought. She was thinking about how it would taste in her mouth once she made him errupt. She wans’t sure if she should go all the way with a blow job but she knew that she wanted that dick deep inside her. He was a good sized man, she thought as she dropped to her knees and crawled slowly towards him. He gasped as she put her mouth over his dick. Sge sucked on his balls and licked him as she would a lolly pop. He loved it.She swirled her tongue around his head and he jerked at every turn she made around it. He didn;t know how much more he could take and pulled her away by her hair. She liked what he did and she could play rough too. She but his nipples and left some teeth marks on the left one. They had been in the office for quite some time now amd althoug he wanted to fuck her so bad, he told her to get dressed and that he would call her in a few hours to ask for directions on how to get to her place. She started to object when the intercom came on and announced his next appointment. She told him to hurry because she didnt know if she could wait any longer. As she was leaving she tossed him her bra as a reminder of what was waiting for him later. As she walked out the door his scretary came in and told him that the meeting had been cancelled. An urgent call came in and the client had to leave. He would call him later to set up another meeting. He asked his scretary to get him some coffee and dessert, and she did so with a smile on her face. When she returned to his office she noticed the bra by his desk. She looked at him and smiled. He knew she saw it and asked her if she wanted to try it on. It wasn’t your regular off the shelf type pf bra, it was silk with designs that must have been sewn onto it. She took off her blouse and removed her bra. By the looks of her breasts she would have no problem filling out this one. She asked if he liked how it looked, and he stood up and put his hand on her chest. She loved it and proceeded to undress him and herself. They spent the next two hours fucking in his office in different positions, and also made their way into his private shower where they fucked even more. As they were getting dressed the phone rang and she asked if she should answer. After all it was after hours. He asked her to take a message. After she hung up, she told him it was the woman he had laid earlier today. He told her that she hadn’t fucked her and that she was calling to give him directions to her house. He told her that he would try getting her to come to the office again tomorrow and asked her if she wouldn’t mind having a menage a trois. She told him that she had always wanted to have a menage a trois with another woman but she didn’t have the guts or the know how to do so. He told her not to worry. He would set it all up and maybe she would be sucking on those tits just like he was today. They kissed and she walked out the door, throwing back the bra he had gotten from his newly acquainted lady friend.


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