Me and the Bookkeeper

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I wrote a note to the Barbra the bookkeeper that I use to work with and it said that I thought that she was a very pretty woman.Let me discribe her for you.She stands five foot five inches and has large c size tits and a bubble butt to die for for a woman in her late fourties.Every time I saw her I would get a hardon.
So ten years latter I finaley got the nerve to write the note to tell her how I fell.After the first note I waited five days then I wrote her another note to tell her that I would like to have sex with her.I told her that I would like to eat her pussy and suck her beautiful tits while I hold onto that bubble butt.I put the note on her car like I did the first time.
Well I waited another five days and wrote Barbra another note to tell her if she was interested to put a green ribbon on the antena to let me know that you are interrested.So the next day I drove by and saw five green ribbins on her antena.
So I waited another day and wrote her a note to say that I would be by her office to talk to her on Friday of that week.I said in the note that I would show up around twelve noon.
So as to get into her office I told the receptionest that I was there to pick up a letter about telling how long I worked for the compony.The receptionest called Barbra to say that I was there;Barbrasaid that I had called that morning.So i walked into her office at eleven fortyfive am that morning.See Barbra didn’t know that I was the person that wrote the notes.
I walked into Barbra office and got a hardon right there.Barbra ask me what I needed and I told her.Barbra got up and went over to a file cabinet and bent over to find my file.She must have forgot about the time cause it was one munite to noon.At noon I walked up to behind her and rubed that beautiful butt and she turned around and I said that I am here for our get together and she said that she forgot about it.She said that she was happy that it was me that I was good to her when I work for the compony.
Well I took her in my arms and kissed her.She pulled back and looked at me and said that her hudsband must never know about us and I said that I wouldn’t tell if she didn’t.She smiled up to me and kissed me and pushed her toung in my mouth and I did the same to her.
Barbra pulled away and walked over to the phone and called the receptionest to tell her that she was taking her lunch break.Barbra turned to me and said for me to leave and come back in the back door to her ofice.So I left like she said and returned in that door and was treated to a beautiful sight of her naked and waiting for me.I walked up to her and kised her and grabbed her tits.After about five ninutes I puled away and got undressed and when she saw my cock she gasp and sait that that was a huge weppon I had there.I said the more to make you fell better.And she said and HOW.
I pulled her to the edge of the desk and sat in the chair to eat her pussy.She had so much hair that I got harder.I love hairy pussies.I pulled her pussy lips apart and started licking the sweetest pussy I ever had.Barbra said that if I kept that up that she would be gushing any minute.And gushing she did cause it pored like I turned an a hose.I swallowed and swallowed to my fill.
Then I got up and and be gan to fuck her .When I put my cock in her pussy Barbra she said that I was the biggest cock she ever had and that I was in virgin terratory and that she was in heaven.Ifucked her for an hour then gave her my load that filled her up and leaked onto the floor.When I pulled my cock out there was a pop cause she was so tite to my cock.
We got dressed and Barbra kissed me and said when could we get together for mor fucking.I said that I would call her Monday and let her know.Barbra frenched kiss me for fifteen minutets before I left.

Part one of many of fun

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