My Lovely Coworker

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My Lovely Co-Worker

Wendy and I have worked with each other for over a year now. We became first acquaintances and co-workers, but that has grown to be the best of friends. Only recently has the opportunity developed that now Wendy and I are lovers.
Wendy is a little younger than I am, with a slim build and a fantastic ass. Her smile is also very, very dazzling. We talk often daily at work and know each other and our respective families really well. Only recently has that talked gone off into a different direction.
Wendy and I are usually the early birds and generally have the workplace to ourselves for the first 2 hours each day. Yesterday there was a substantial snow, but being dedicated as we are, and facing deadlines, we came into work that day. It turned out that we were the ONLY ones who came to work that day due to the snowfall.
I started noticing Wendy in a different light as our morning talks progressed to a more personal nature. She had explained how sex with her husband was quite boring and only on a rare occasion did they get it on. Reaching middle age as we have, her hormones were raging and she needed satisfying.
My sex life was also in a rut and due to insomnia I had a hard time getting and keeping erections. After a blood test my doctor discovered my testosterone was low. He prescribed a supplement that would take generally 30 days to notice results.
On this morning, as we sipped our morning coffee, Wendy mentioned how her husband had a difficult time shoveling the snow and was so tired last night that he fell fast asleep. She had wanted to have sex with him but to no avail. She knew I had gone to the doctor a few weeks ago and asked me how I was doing. I mentioned I am on this new prescription drug. She was innocently prying, asking questions, just being concerned. I told her I was taking testosterone for 2 weeks now and it was making me feel better.
Immediately her eyes dropped to my crotch and she noticed that I had a semi due to us talking and sharing intimate details of our life. She asked me if I was wearing any new pants or boxers and I boldly said no, just the effects of the testosterone, our conversations and our blossoming friendship. She reached over and placed her hand just above my thigh and patted my leg a few times and said that she hoped I would start enjoying the benefits of the drug soon. My semi turned into a raging hard on in seconds that she obviously noticed, and Wendy said that she wished her husband would get so easily turned on as they did when they were a young couple. I started to put my legs together and Wendy leaned over and kissed me on my cheek and asked if there was anything she could do for me…..
With that, I looked deeply into her eyes, seeing her in a really different light than I had ever seen her before. I told Wendy that I would love to kiss her. We had our first real kiss, and as we embraced her hand went up to my raging cock. She slowly unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers, exposing my 7″ flagpole. She grabbed my shaft with one hand, my balls with another, and as she massaged me she started sucking my cock. She would look up to me as she sucked and keep taking all of me in her lovely mouth. As I started feeling the beginnings of a quick orgasm, she grabbed the base of my cock tightly and said “I need to ride that dick of yours!” She stood up, unzipped her pants and panties and told me to lie down on my back. She then positioned herself and slowly let me enter her. She ordered me not to come so soon, she had been waiting a long time for this. She slowly built up her rhythm of riding my shaft much as a rider is in sync with a horse. She asked me to take off her sweater and I undid her bra and touched her cute 32B boobs. She had the largest nipples for a small breasted woman I have ever seen, and she moaned as I gently kneaded them, softly pinching her nipples, then sucking each one. As I was doing this, her pace slowly quickened as she rode my cock and then I felt her orgasm begin. Besides drenching me with a large amount of pussy juices, she would tighten her grip on my man and literally bounce on and off my cock screaming in ecstasy. Being spent she collapsed onto my chest with my dick still inside her. After a few moments of catching her breath, Wendy said she was not done with me yet.
She left for a second to get her purse and came back with a small tube of jell. She said she needed that at times since her vagina had a tendency to become dry. But she said she wanted me to fuck her ass as this was a fantasy that she’d always had but her husband had always refused. She squirted some of the jell onto my cock and then put a large amount on her hand and covered her anus really good.
Like I said, she has a fantastic ass! She went over to the credenza and she leaned over and said “It’s now your turn!” I positioned myself between her hips and spread open her butt cheeks and placed my dick at the opening of her ass. She slowly leaned backward onto my dick, going slowly at first and getting used to the feeling. She then pushed back more, taking about half of my dick in her. She then said to start fucking her slowly.
I proceeded to slowly and rhythmically pump her ass, reaching around to touch her boobs and pinch her nipples again. Suddenly she started pushing back into me, plunging my dick until all 7″ which were inside her. She really started going to town, pushing back and asking me to pump her real hard which I gladly did. As she heard me start to groan and my orgasm build, she contracted her muscles so tight around my cock it felt like another super blow job. I suddenly exploded inside that beautiful ass as Wendy also came again, this time letting out loud screams that echoed in our empty office. After a few minutes and after my dick slid out, she turned around and said that was the best fuck she ever had! We started to get dressed since she had goose bumps on her arms and then she suddenly dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick again, looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes. As I got hard again, she said don’t come, I do want to feel you in my pussy. She lay down on the floor on her back and I mounted her. We then fucked like two teenagers again, kissing, sucking each other’s nipples, her fingernails digging into my back. I again exploded inside of her and as I was just finishing, she had her 3rd orgasm, groaning and bucking like a wild bronco.
We finally got dressed and we both went to the bathroom and cleaned up, got some more coffee and spent the day holding hands, kissing, fondling and once again fucking, this time with our clothes on just before leaving for the day. As we were getting ready to put our coats on and leave, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, rubbing it to erection and unzipped her pants and then pulled me close to her. She then hopped onto my cock as I held her in my arms. She bounced on me several minutes until we both came again, exactly in unison.
Wendy got off, and as she pulled her pants back on, she said we would both have to find other ways of being alone again!

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