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For years i had been working for this day. Finally I started my new job at a marketing company. It was exactly the job I had hoped for, way through my study. It was well paid, I had my own bureau and secretary and it was in my hometown.
Carefully I removed every fuzz from my suit, for I wanted to make a good impression on everybody. As I entered the building, I felt pretty uncomfortable, and couldn’t remember anything I had learned. What if I wouldn’t know what to do, and my first day would reveal, that I was nothing but a cloak to them? But it was too late. The receptionist sent me to the bureau of the big boss, who would personally introduce me to my future tasks. As I opened the heavy door to his bureau, I grew more and more curious how my bureau would look. I however first had to stand a half hour speech of Mr. Braugham, about this company exceeding the expectations of the customer, for the sole reason of customer service, competence and discipline.
But thereafter, the moment of truth had finally come. He brought me to my department, introduced me to the co-workers, and showed me everything. The tour ended at the door of my bureau, where a woman sat at a desk, busily sorting files. “And this is Miss Garner, your secretary.” Mr Braugham said, while paternal laying his hand on my shoulder. Then he left with the remark, that we’d better get to know ourselves alone, as bosses tend to aggrieve the mood.
I kinda felt uncomfortable in the present of this woman. She was in her mid thirties or maybe even begin forties, and had a lot more experience than I had. In our conversation I soon came to know that, though she hadn’t studied, she knew in fact even more than I did, just by learning from her experience. I couldn’t quite connect to her, as I always had the feeling she would just play her kindness towards me.
Later in the day, after I had started actual work, I needed to get some report from the archive. As I went to Miss Garner’s desk, to ask her to fetch it, she was that awfully stressed and working to full capacity, I didn’t dare interrupting her. So I went to the archive myself, and got myself the report. On my way back, she saw me walking with the file in hands, and catered for me on that. She asked, why I had not asked her to go fetch them, and if there was something wrong with her or her work. I didn’t even dare directly looking at her, but declined as vehemently as I could. To escape this awkward situation, I quickly flit back into my bureau, closed the door, and took a deep breath.
This however kept on bothering me, and I ended up with the plan, to invite her for a casual dinner this evening. So as I was done with work, I with pounding heart approached her, and asked her if she felt like going out tonight. She thankingly accepted, and so we left the building together, heading straight for a little restaurant, I knew was good, but not too smug or expensive. After all, I didn’t want to brag with my higher salary.
We made ourselves comfortable at a table in the back of the local, and unassertively started to talk. Our topic was Work for the beginning, as neither of us knew the other good enough to know what else to talk about. But during meal, and especially during the wine, our tongues got loose, and our conversation grew more and more free and easy.
By the time we were finished, I felt like I had to tell her about my feelings that day, when I had circumvent her help, so she didn’t feel offended for it. Her formerly brightly laughing face grew solemn while I told the story, and I could feel her eyes on my face, precisely scrutinizing my facial expression. After I was done, a slight laugh had returned to her face, as she looked deep into my eyes, and asked me: “So you feel inferior to me. Well, would you like me to behave accordingly?” At first I didn’t understand what she meant by that, but the more I thought about it, the more clear the picture got. A tender, yet clearly understandable “yes” came from my mouth, without me really intending to say so. “So then come”, she said, while taking my hand, and pulling me with her.
She straight led me to her flat, that was just a few blocks away. After entering the apartment, she told me to have a seat at the couch, while she would prepare. A few minutes later, she called for me again, to enter her bedroom. As I entered, the light was dimmed, a video camera was put up next to the door, and there were a couple leather belts attached to the bed, and a chair next to it. Then I saw her, now in a short black leather skirt, leather boots and a red satin blouse. Her shoulder long black hair now fell open covering a part of her face. In the afternoon I hadn’t even recognized her hair, as she had pinned it up, but now the shade it threw on her face just added to her beauty.
She ordered me to undress to my shorts, sit down on the wooden chair, and strapped me fast. She then shoved up her skirt a little, spread her legs and sat on my lap, face to face with me. I wanted to kiss her, but she kept her distance, every time letting me just come a centimetre short or her lips. Then she bent forwards, and kissed me rapturously. As she withdrew again, leaving me strapped down on the chair, she had a candle in her hands. She must have taken it from the table behind the chair, while she had kissed me. She now stood beneath me, running her hand softly over my face. She then held the candle in front of my face, and slowly started to lean it more and more towards me. As the first drop of hot wax fell on my chest, I shortly flinched in pain, but didn’t make a sound. “You’re a good boy” she said, whispering “you’re not gonna scream, will you.” The chance to prove her that I wouldn’t followed soon, as more and more wax dripped onto my chest, each time giving me a short gust of pain, that however soon would abate.
She then put the candle back, and stood right in front of me. Slowly her fingers rand down her blouse, making me want to touch her so badly. She then started unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, and always keeping an eye on my reaction, tempting me even more to touch her, and rip her clothes off. When she was done with the blouse, she slowly slid down her skirt, leaving her in her black lingerie. She came close, leaned forward, so my face would come directly in her décolleté, but stopping just centimetres away from it.
While being in that position, she loosened my restraints, so my arms were freed. However, she withdrew too fast for me, to touch her. She then ordered me, to make myself loose from the other straps, and lay down on the bed. I did like I was told, but before I lay down, she also pulled my last piece of cloth, my shorts down, leaving me totally naked.
As I had lain down, she strapped my arms and feet to the bedposts, again giving me no way to move, or take influence on the action. Again, coming very close with her face to mine, she whispered in my ear “you have proven to be brave, but a little gag might now be due though”. With these words, she held a drapery in front of my face, and crammed it into my mouth. Then she took a second piece of cloth, wrapping it up to a long strip, and then burling it around my head, keeping the other drapery in my mouth.
As I lay there, I again felt the urge to touch her, as she stood there in her lingerie, looking at me. But she got a belt, folded it double, and started whipping my chest and stomach with it. It was good she had gagged me, as the strokes grew harder with every hit. I tore on the straps, knowing they would not concede, but the pain just maid me crumble up, as far as that was possible. But though my entire front in the meantime had started burning from the strokes, I felt a strange kind of joy from it. Each stroke would raise my lust, and made me desire her more.
And my cravings got satisfied. As she shortly stopped, she sat down on me, spanning me between her legs, and
sitting right on my erected c
ock. She in the meantime had undressed fully, and now made me penetrate her vagina, but still whipping me, while bouncing up my cock. I was so in ecstasy, I would have thought I would be done after seconds. But strangely, the firm strokes helped me retaining control of myself. It felt like heaven and hell at the same time. My complete arousal from her riding me, like I had never imagined before, mixed with the pain of the still hard strokes from her, made my mind go totally crazy. I lost every clear thought, and could only think about her, going on with it. Everything was blurry, and the dimmed light made the whole room starting to float.
Finally, climax came over me, like an epileptic bout, shaking my entire body and making me crump together, so hard I thought it would break the straps.

We’ve come to a fair agreement. I’m the boss by day at work, and she’s the boss by night in bed. We work pretty good together that way, until today.

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