Office Day Dream

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With my boss being out on business all week, by the time the Friday afternoon came around I was bored with not a lot else to do. I check my emails to see if there were any funnies I could forward on to friends. Nothing. I then start to spin around on my chair and I soon drift off into thoughts of my lover. It’s not hard as he’s in my thoughts 95% of my time; much to my husband’s horror if he ever knew.
My daydream started with the thought of me working late and my lover coming to meet me, wearing a suit with the top button of his shirt undone and tie loosened, showing the top of his chest; you know, that really rough, rugged and an ‘I’m here to fuck you’ kind of look.
Everyone else in the office has gone home except the cleaners who are still buzzing around emptying bins. My lover comes up to the top floor office where I work and I let him in. He comes over and sits on my desk beside where I’m sat and we talk. The conversation stops and he shuffles my chair closer to him and he undoes the first few buttons of my blouse. His cold hands go in past my bra and he starts to massage my breasts while my fingers slide up his leg, feeling his thighs and feeling how hard he is because he is here to visit me for one thing and one thing only and the thought of fucking me turns him on.
I wheel my chair closer to him so his legs are astride me, unzip
his trousers, pull out his hard cock and I suck; every now and then
teasing the end and his balls with my tongue. Just before he cums I stop
sucking and stand up in between his legs to try and reserve him. He
unbuttons the rest of my blouse while he kisses me hard; fucking my mouth deep with his tongue. He then stands up and thrusts me against the office wall, hitching my skirt up around my thighs, pulling me up so I’m sitting on his waist – then he fucks me, really hard.
I can see one of the cleaners looking through the door wanting to come in and empty the bin, but they’re too scared to interrupt. His legs start to get tired so he takes me into one of the offices, knocking everything on the desk out of his way as he crashes me down, tearing the rest of my blouse off, tantalise my breasts with his tongue and then finishes me off.
My phone then rings, startling me from my daydream. Annoyed I answer it only to hear my lovers voice. Instantly in a better mood and blushing; having the office almost to myself I tell my lover about my day dream. Clearly turning him on he tells me that it’ll be a while before he can stand and walk away from his desk without revealing his huge hard on to his co-workers. Wishing I still worked in the same office as my lover so I could take him to one side and help him out with his unfortunate problem, I end our erotic conversation.

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