Office Hijinks Part 2

“Ms. Sugar,” the Boss called from the back office as I shooed the last client out, locking the door behind them, “come here when you get a moment. I want to show you something.”
I put away the file I was holding and strode back to his office. As I walked in, I looked longingly at the leather couch, wishing I could sit down for just a moment.
He fiddled with his computer for a moment and then waved me over next to him. I knelt next to him as was my custom whenever he had a video, photo or story to show me. (Those flat screen monitors are nice, but only for close-up viewing.)
“Here we go,” he said, tapping the screen, “now, I want you to watch this and tell me what you see.” I looked at the screen and realized I was looking at an image of the room we were in. ‘What the…’ Oh….suddenly I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, thinking of what I had done in this room just last week….
Sure enough the screen filled with the image of me entering the room, turning up the music and laying down on the couch, then shortly getting up, stripping off all my clothes and laying back down.
Oh shit. This was bad. Very bad. I went from ghost white to deep scarlet as my on-screen hand wandered down my body…then reaching out to pick up his tie….With a moan of distress and embarrassment, I tried to reach across him to the mouse to get this horror off the screen, but he grabbed my wrist, stopping me. “Wait,” he said, “there’s more.”
Oh my God! I knew there was more, and it was only going to get worse! I sneaked a peek at him as he watched the screen image of me sliding his tie back and forth through my pussy lips and across my clit. My recorded image made a face of intense pleasure and his grip on my wrist tightened. I looked at him again, wondering if he was actually enjoying this?! I couldn’t read anything on his face, though, and he tapped the screen again, redirecting my attention. I mutely watched with him the images of me stuffing his tie into my pussy and fingering myself to what was obviously an explosive orgasm, and hoped that a black hole might open under my feet and swallow me whole.
After watching the comical realization that I’d probably ruined his tie strike my onscreen face and my frantic efforts to wash the tie without ruining it, he turned off the screen and turned to me with eyebrows raised. “Well?” he asked.
“Welllll……” I gulped and gave him a deer in the headlights look, wishing he would just fire me and get it over with so I could run out of there and never ever see him again.
“Well,” he said again patiently, “Can you tell me what we just watched?”
Long pause……
“Well, then, ” he said, “Perhaps you can tell me what you think I should do about it?”
“Don’t ever wear that tie again!” I blurted out, pointing at the offending item draped over the chair back.
I cursed my impetuous tongue as I watched his face turn red, then darken, and a glint of anger light his eyes.
“I believe,” he growled, “that you owe me a tie… And I also believe that I’m going to take it out of your hide.” He stood up, still holding onto my wrist and dragged me over to the couch. “Pull down your pants,” he demanded.
I looked at him dumbfounded, wondering just what the hell he thought he was going to do to me?! I also wondered if he realized that his idea of punishment-whatever it might be-was turning me on?
I defiantly dropped my slacks then gasped in surprise and pain when he dropped on the couch, pulling me across his knees and spanking my bare ass 4 times hard without pausing for breath.
Holy Shit that hurt! I caught my breath and tried to stop the immediate flow of tears.
“That’s what I do when children misbehave,” he snarled.
“I’m not a child,” I gritted out.
Smack! Smack! Smack! “That’s what I do to my women when they mouth off to me,” he said warningly.
“I’m not your woman!” I sobbed out through the stinging pain.
Suddenly the tension left his body, and shifting, he rubbed a gently hand over my burning ass, soothing it, and causing goosebumps to rise all over my body. He continued to rub lightly in small circles, running his hand down my crack and rubbing the insides of my upper thighs. “Aren’t you?” he asked softly, as he slowly slid one finger into my perversely wet pussy.
Oh yeah! That’s more like it! I squirmed anxiously, trying to get him to touch more of me.
Smack! “This is punishment,” he warned me, “not pleasure.” Achingly slowly he slid that one finger back and forth in my pussy, just barely brushing my clit with another finger on each stroke. His other hand was in the small of my back, holding me tightly against his legs while he tortured me.
I felt the sweat pop out on my brow as I tried with just my pussy muscles to suck his finger in deeper. “Please,” I implored, as my whole body started to shake with need. “Please.”
He ignored my pleas and continued to slow stroke me, adding another finger to the one sliding in and out of me and flicking my clit now, rather than just brushing it. I moaned in agony and delight, turning my head towards his body and wishing I could get my mouth on the hard dick I could feel pressing into me.
I shook and panted and begged him to finger me harder and faster. PLEASE!
Suddenly he lost patience himself, and starting ramming his fingers in and out of my clutching pussy, harder and faster til I felt my pussy explode like a giant spring compressed far too long. “Oh God!” I shouted as I came all over his hand.
He waited til he felt the last twitch of my twat then he yanked me off him and stood up to yank his pants down, bending me over and slamming his cock into me all in one savage motion. Within about 15 hard and fast strokes, he was cumming, fingers digging into my hips as he shot off deep inside me with a groan of pleasure.
We both cleaned up and rearranged our clothes, then he looked at me seriously. “I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson here.” he pontificated, after clearing his throat, “I cannot allow that kind of behavior in my office.”
Then he smiled.

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