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It all started the day the world changed forever that fateful day when the world was turned upside down when the twin towers came crashing down! For him it was just an ordinary day off to work in the autumnal sunshine a bright clear blue sky but with a slight chill that comes with the early morning dew.

His day was as ordinary as any other meetings, phone calls and the usual office banter that you associate with working in a large office company. The only difference was that today he was to interview for a replacement secretary. Little did he know that everything would change from that day forward on a personal level as well as for the world at large.

The interviews took place early afternoon and with only two candidates no problem no issues it would be straight forward, and it most certainly was. To say he recollected much about candidate one was an understatement yes some of the job requirements were there but it was candidate two that struck a chord but little did he know how much (lets call her M).

M, was slim, with shoulder length brown hair and the bluest of eyes. Confident in her ability and utterly convincing it was actually no contest. M, got the job and started a few weeks later and at first it was the usual getting to know you stuff but before long it became apparent there was something more something else that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. She would come in bright eyed, smile and spend time conversing around diaries and schedules but there was something else something more primal, a chemistry that was undeniable a kind of tension that only occurs when the adrenalin kicks in. It was the kind of feeling you get when you are just about to abseil down a cliff the heart beats loud in your ears the slight flutter in the chest and it was very real.

The weeks went by and the tension was increasing. M would bring lunch eager to share with her boss and it is fair to say he was ever more keen than ever to spend time with M. He would consider ever more elaborate plans, anything to keep her in the office. He would call from his office “have you got a minute” or “can I just check with you…” as a pretext to spending quality time discussing and spending time with M was always the utmost in his mind. His desires were getting more frequent as he would look from his office longingly at her imaging kissing her mouth and exploring her very soul. M, clearly did not mind either she could feel it as well. So much so that she started to flirt with a shy look here a confident smile there and it was not long before things started to hot up.

It began with a few emails nothing obvious but little innuendos you know the usual “what are you up to tonight” closely followed by “I wish I could be there” but nothing too heavy or deliberate.

M, always looked stunning and wore the most fantastic secretarial outfits pencil skirts, stockings heels and white buttoned blouses which were undone enough to enable her boss to see a little bit more than he should. It was during one such day that he called her into his office where the conversation flowed freely and when she leant forward he could see her erect nipples pushing out of her bra. It was such a tease (little did M know at this stage how much her boss liked to be teased) and it blew his mind. His heart raced and his stomach ached as his cock went rock hard and was pushing to break through his trousers. M, smiled, it had not gone unnoticed (I’ve just given my boss a hard-on) with a pleasing grin as she left his office.

Things got much steamier after this event the attraction was there and there was to be no denying it. Every working day first thing in the morning he would be waiting pent up with lustful thoughts as the door would open and workers arrived was it M or was it someone else?

When it was M, the coffee would be hot but her confidence was hotter. She would come and sit down lean forward take her shoes off and put her feet on the desk so the skirt would ride up her legs to reveal just a glimpse of lace at the top or her stockings. From then on they spent more and more time together in the office. When eventually one day, M, slipped her shoe off and slowly and deliberately slid her foot along and up her bosses leg. Her smile was sure, her eyes telling she wanted him but not jut yet.

Her boss was on a knife edge, about to explode she could see it she could feel it and yet she left him there all a quiver with pent up sexual desire. She smiled she knew and boy she really loved the power the control the total and absolute sexual attraction.

A few days later there was to be a videoconference with the US division of the company her boss was leading the discussion. They went to the boardroom to prepare for the meeting. At first it was normal work stuff how to set up, how the cameras work can you zoom in and out etc…

It was then it happened they were over the console looking at the control pad she turned and looked at him eye to eye. He could smell her and then their lips touched it was the briefest of touches but it was more than enough. They looked at each other and exploded their mouths exploring each other. She pushed him away and smiled and slowly began to unbutton her blouse to reveal a black lacy bra and then unbuttoned her skirt and slowly unzipped her skirt. It was 2 pm and the office was full and yet the boardroom was full of sexual attraction it was undeniable. She was off the scale sexy. She stood there with a lacy bra, silk stockings and had the most amazing high heels on. She stood there and smiled and pressed a button on the handset. The blinds came down, the lights dimmed and the music came on from the audio system “Rocky Mountain Way” and she slowly danced and teased. Her hips swayed, her hands moved with the music and with each move of the hand she was directing his eyes to ever more sensual places. Breast, thigh, lips everything was directed for suggestion. He was hard his heart racing as she moved towards him. She stood right in front of him and unzipped his trousers and pulled on his throbbing cock turned and rubbed her butt against him and moaned.

She then began to strip naked it was hard for him to endure the tease as he wanted to seize the moment and explode inside her but he loved the tease. She then grabbed him by the tie dropped his trousers and took the rest of his clothes off. She knelt before him and kissed his mid-riff (a particular infatuation she had had) and then took his cock in her hand smiled and kissed his large and very throbbing cock before covering his end with her mouth. She looked up and smiled and was very adept at using her hands and mouth in perfect harmony to maximise his pleasure (and hers).

She then stood up and lay on the boardroom table and opened her legs and beckoned with her finger for him to come over. He did they kissed some more then he gradually explored every crevice, every curve every part of her body. Stopping to kiss her breasts and nipples whilst she moaned before moving down to the cleanly shaven area of her cunt. She was dripping wet and he kissed and sucked her whilst she moaned and her back arched her hands pressing on his head pleading for more and more pleasure.

He then stopped and could wait no longer he slid his hard throbbing cock insider her and they writhed and penetrated each other. It was totally sexual total lust and it released the sexual desires that each of them had had from the first day.

It was only two days after that he received an invitation to meet up in the evening. On arrival there was a note on the door come in and press play. He did there was chair waiting in front of the TV he pressed play and the DVD played. She had recorded the whole passionate affair in the boardroom. She then walked into the room wearing a long silk dressing gown lingerie, stockings, red high heels and said do you want to go again?

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