Old and Young

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I am from India i was just 25 yrs old and i travel to china for official purpose, In hongkong my boss uncle he is 58years came to pick me up and next day we need to travel to china. It almost evening so we went to hotel room i took bath we 2 went for dinner. he was talking about the china office. Then we came back i went to my room he said he will come and meet me after some time. Night he called me and he came into my room. The movement he came he said your not looking like 25 yr your looking much younger. I just smiled i was little scared and little excited to see old man talking like that. Suddenly he came and sat next to me and talking some thing about china and slowly started his hands on my thighs i was acting as if i didnt notice. He just complimented me and left. Next day we both travelled to china once we reach there we both have to stay in same apartment so i checked in i took bath i can see that he is trying to see me but i just unnoticed. I was watching tv he just came from back and sat next to me and slowly started pressing my boobs i was excited and slowly he undressed me and i am totally naked on sofa and he started playing and i pulled out his dick its 10inchs hejust pounded in my pussy i screamed with pain with pleasured. after that throughly we both enjoyed for 1 month.

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