Rosemary 1 – The Beginning

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Rosemary 1 – The Beginning

It was Friday, I was visiting the office in Chicago and doing some work in the Underwriting department. Mike Slatterly the Vice President had been looking after me, picking me up from the Hotel and showing me the building. At four thirty when it was time to leave, Mike said that he could not drive me back to the Hotel but because of a previous commitment.. On hearing this Rosemary an underwriter said, “I go past the Hotel, I’ll be happy to give Peter a ride.”

During the week I had been working with Rosemary and Ellen the senior underwriter. She was about thirty five, five foot five tall, with a nice figure, she had auburn hair, I think that it was dyed. On the way to my Hotel she chatted about herself, she told be all about her divorce and that she lived alone. She said, “what plans do you have for the week end” I replied, “None, I thought that I might go downtown and check out some of the interesting places, I’d really like to go to the top of the John Hancock building.” Rosemary said, “you know I’ve never been up there, tomorrow why don’t I pick you up and we can spend the day downtown?”

As I had nothing planned I said, “that sounds like a good idea as long as you don’t mind taking me.” She replied, “it will be my pleasure, it’s a long time since I explored Chicago.” So it was agreed.

As we neared my Hotel Rosemary asked, “what are you doing for dinner tonight?” I replied, “I thought that I would try the restaurant across the road.” She said, “why don’t you come home with me and have dinner? I have everything prepared and I’m sure that you will find it more relaxing than your Hotel room.”

I really did not know how to react, women in the States were more forward than at home in England and I was not sure if I should get involved. However, as I had nothing to loose I said, “that very nice of you, I would be happy to accept.”

So I went up to my Hotel room and changed while Rosemary waited in her car. Then she drove to her house that was about fifteen minutes away. In fact it was not a house it was an apartment located on the second floor of a large building.

Rosemary showed me her apartment, it had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a large room that contained a dining table and large sofa. In no time she was preparing dinner, she asked, “do you like salad and steak?” Of course I replied, “Yes thank you.”

We sat down to a large salad that was followed by a huge steak and baked potatoes. To finish she produced a strawberry shortcake. She had opened a bottle of red wine which we finished, and to end with she made coffee. I was stuffed, this was the most food I had eaten for a long time. I helped Rosemary with the dishes, well I placed them in the dishwasher and then we sat down on the couch and she turned on the TV.

As we sat there I wondered if she had an ulterior motive for inviting me. She was a good looking lady, she was petite and dressed in a very nice business suite. As we sat there she turned to me and said, “I’m uncomfortable in this suite, do you mind if I change?” I replied, “no, go ahead, I’m so full I may have to loosen my belt.”

She left the room and went into the main bedroom returning after five minutes dressed in a silk dressing gown that accentuated her body. She sat down beside me and said, “that’s better I feel more relaxed now.” With that she got closer to me and put her hand around my head and pulled me toward her so that she could give me a kiss. I was a little surprised but I did not pull away. She said, “I hope that you didn’t mind but it’s been a long time since I have spent time with a man. After my divorce I did not want to date but you make me feel special. I know that you won’t be around very long so we should make the most of our time together.” She went on to say, “You almost certainly have a girl friend at home but that does not make any difference.”

As we sat there Rosemary said, “why don’t you get more comfortable? I have a bath robe that you can use, put it on so that you can relax properly.”

She led me into the bedroom and showed me the robe but did not leave as I undressed to change. I took off my shirt and trousers she said, “you have a nice body.” I left my under pants on and folded my clothes and put them on a chair. Then she got very close and said, “I’d like to feel you all over, why don’t you sit on the bed?”

What happened next was completely unexpected, I was kind of speechless, here I was in this women’s apartment, she worked for the company that employed me and she was offering herself. I had been told many times that you never got involved with people that worked in the same company and to an extent I had followed this rule.

As I was thinking of all the things that could go wrong, Rosemary was feeling me all over. My robe did not stay on and hers was quickly discarded. Looking at her I discovered that she had a small build, her breasts were kind of pert and there was no hair in between her legs. She was exploring every part of my body in ways that I had not felt before.

She kept on insisting that she had not been with a man since she had divorced her husband and I began to believe her. I asked, “do you have protection?” She replied, “no but that will not be a problem.” So I began to respond to her advances, she suggested that I rub some oil over her body to get into the mood. I said, “won’t that make a mess of you bed?” She replied, “everything is washable so let’s enjoy our selves.”

I must admit that the oil did increase the sensation and her small breasts were very responsive to my touch and her nipples became hard and erect as I sucked on them. As I was concentrating on her breasts she was rubbing oil between my legs and making me very hard. So I then moved my attention to between her legs and was surprised to find that she was very tight. I thought that this was unusual for a lady that had been married for over ten years and could not help saying, “your very tight.” She replied, “yes I have always been that way, you know I exercise a lot, that may be the reason. Why don’t you try too see how it feels.”

I was not slow in taking her up on the invitation, I got on top, spread her legs and came down very slowly, inching my way in bit by bit. It was almost like entering a virgin, I could feel every movement that she made. I took my time as I was enjoying the experience. When I had every last bit of me in her I began to move in and out slowly, she was groaning and panting, she said, “this is wonderful, please don’t stop.” I was not thinking of stopping I could not believe my luck for I did not think that I would have an experience like this on my travels.

We must have been going for at least fifteen minutes and I was getting tired so I said, “how would you like to change places?” She said, “OK” and quickly got on top and began moving up and down while gripping me, it was great. It did not take long before we both climaxed, she lay on her back gasping and saying, “that was wonderful.”

I must admit that for a small lady she had performed very well. We lay together on her bed just holding hands. Then she suggested a shower to get rid of the oil.

The shower in the bathroom was a big one so we got in together. I really like the sensation of hot water running over my body and to have a woman rubbing soap on you as well is as good as it gets. I was behind her making sure that I massaged her tits while my cock was pushed against her ass. We must have stayed in the shower for twenty minutes, all that rubbing and hot water had invigorated both of use. So we dried and she removed the oily sheet from the bed so that we could lay down.

I was interested in finding out Rosemary’s history so I asked, “how old were you when you got married?” She replied, “I was too young, only eighteen, he was the first man that I had dated and when he asked me to marry him I thought that everything would be fine. However, he was
abusive to me, he drank too much and played around with other women. We separated afte
r one year but it took me another nine years to get a divorce. In the mean time I had to get a job to support myself, it was lucky that we did not have any children.”

All that was very interesting but there was something else that I wanted to know. While we were in the shower I noticed that she had a small scar midway on her lower stomach, so I asked, “how did you get that scar?” She replied, “you don’t miss much do you? I had an operation when I was nineteen, it was because a pregnancy went wrong. So you see I don’t need protection because I can’t have children.”

Now I was interested in knowing what made her invite me to her apartment, so I said, “why did you want me?” She replied, “as soon as you came into the office I knew that we would go well together. You do realize that we are friends, I don’t want anything from you apart from good sex.”

I was amazed, Rosemary was a very nice lady in some ways very naive but in others she knew exactly what she wanted. She had been out of relationships with men but I think because I did not live in the country, she did not consider me a threat, in other words I would not want to live with or marry her.

We lay on the bed talking for about an hour, we were naked as we had not bothered to dress after our shower. I said, “it’s getting late, I should get a taxi back to the Hotel.” She replied, “why don’t you stay for tonight, I’d really like to get to know you better.” I replied, “I’d like to spend the night with you.”

Rosemary then surprised me again, she said, “I can give the best head that you have ever had, just lie there and I’ll show you.” So I did as she asked and found that she was right.
She slowly licked and sucked my cock from my balls to the tip, using her tongue in ways that I have never felt before. I did nothing although I was tempted to use my hands to explore the tight opening between her legs. It was not long before I said, “if you continue I’ll come in your mouth.” She replied between sucks, “that’s Ok you know it’s good for you and me.”

I could not hold back anymore and climaxed shooting my load into her mouth. She made sure that she did not miss a drop. Now it was my turn, I said, “that was wonderful, you were right, you are the best, now let me see if I can turn you on.”

I started at her tits, not touching them with my hand, just licking and sucking each nipple in turn until they were hard. Next I used my finger to enter her, it was very tight but she was wet and I found her ‘hot spot’ without difficulty. At the same time I continued to suck on her nipples.

I did not rush things but Rosemary was getting more and more excited, she spread her legs as wide as she could and wriggled so that I could continue my exploration. Then she climaxed, not just once but three times. She was groaning and saying “yes, yes, yes” over and over again. I thought that that would be enough but as I was withdrawing my finger she said, “no, I want more, please let me come on top.”

It took me some time to become hard but with a willing partner rubbing me I managed and she came on top, sitting up so that I could continue my breast work. We stayed like that for a long time, until she reached another climax and collapsed on me.

We must have drifted off to sleep because I woke up and at first did not know where I was. On looking to my left I saw Rosemary who was sound asleep and the memory of the evenings events returned.

I went back to sleep and woke up when the sun began to shine thought the bedroom window. Sitting up I was as hard as a rock and that fact did not escape Rosemary’s notice. As we lay there her hand circled my cock and she said, “you like it early in the morning?” I replied, “normally, no but with you I could make an exception.”

Rosemary mounted me and guided me directly inside. She was wet with anticipation and we moved together until we both climaxed.

After a shower we got dressed and Rosemary made breakfast. I asked if our trip to downtown Chicago was still on, she replied, “yes, we need to see some sights otherwise Ellen and the others will ask questions.”

So off we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We went into the submarine and down in the coal mine, it was a very interesting place. Next we stopped at the Art Institute, looked at the pictures and sculpture and had lunch in the café.

It was a nice afternoon so we walked down to the lake and sat watching the boats and the people passing by, it was very pleasant. Rosemary suggested that we go back to her apartment and have dinner. I said, “you made dinner last night, why don’t we stop at the Hotel so I can change then I’ll take you out to eat?’ She replied, “that would be fine.”

We arrived at the Hotel and went up to my room. While Rosemary watched, I began to undress so that I could change clothes. As I got down to my under pants she said, “let’s wait for dinner, I see something on the menu that I would enjoy.” With that she started massaging me and using her mouth in the same way as she had the previous evening. It was not long before we were both naked on the bed and locked together.

After we had finished I suggested a shower, because I really liked having fun under the water. We spent twenty minutes having fun in the shower and then dried each other, dressed and went down to the Hotel’s dining room to have dinner.

We enjoyed a bottle of wine with a nice dinner, when we finished it was nine o’clock. I said, “what would you like to do now?” Rosemary without thinking replied, “I want to go back to bed with you.”

Back in the room we quickly undressed and got into bed. Once again we explored each other and had as much pleasure as possible. The fact that I did not have to wear protection and that she was tight made for a very pleasurable experience.

After our busy day we were drained so it took no time for us to fall asleep

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