Rosemary 3 – The Parting

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Rosemary 3

On Wednesday evening after work, I was sitting on a stool in the Hotel bar when Rosemary came and sat beside me. She said, “I’ve missed you, I wanted to talk to you at work but Ellen suspects something so I have had too keep my distance.” We had a drink then she suggested that we go up to my room. I knew exactly what she wanted

When we reached my room Rosemary said, “I have something for you.” I replied, “what have you got?” She reached into her bag and brought out a packet of photographs and handed then to me. She said, “these are for you.” I took the photos out of the packet and looked at the first one. It was of Rosemary sitting naked on a bed, the others were similar, all pictures of Rosemary in the nude in various poses. She said, “I thought that these would be a nice reminder of your visit to Chicago and our time together.” I replied, “who took the pictures?” She laughed and said, “why I did, my camera has an automatic delay button, I just line it up hit the button then strike a pose”.

Apart from the odd girly magazine I had not seen pictures of naked women. I must admit they were a turn on although not pornographic the poses were very suggestive I thanked Rosemary for the photos and told her that I would treasure them forever.

Rosemary said, “now you have seen my photos don’t you want to see the real thing?” I replied by undoing her blouse and skirt. She said, “I like it when you undress me, no one has done that before, I think that it’s really sexy. So I continued until she was only wearing her white lace panties.

She looked at me and said, “now it’s my turn.” She removed my clothes until I was left with my under pants. We looked at each other and she said, “I want to make this the best experience you have had in Chicago.” True to her word she gently began to stroke my cock until it was hard and pre cum was at it’s tip. I was using my fingers on her tight vagina and as the heat rose she said, “I’m going to turn, I want you to enter me from behind”.

I have normally used the missionary position or the women on top position, taking Rosemary from behind was new but very good. I felt my cock go in as far as it could, then she moved milking me for a few minutes until I could not stand it anymore. I shot my load while holding on to her tits. She yelled, “Oh yes that feels so gooood”.

It was getting late so I asked Rosemary if she wanted to stay for the night, she said, “I’d really love to but I have to go home to change and it would not be a good idea for Mike to see us together in the morning.” So we said our good-byes and she left.

Thursday was my last day in the Underwriting department with Ellen and Rosemary. They had bought in a cream cake to have with coffee in the morning to celebrate my leaving.

My next four days were to be spent in the Claims department and in the Sales department, so as I said goodbye to Ellen and Rosemary.

Bob the Claims manager took me to a steak restaurant in the evening and I had the biggest piece of meat that I have ever seen. We washed the meal down with a couple of beers, then I returned to my Hotel.

When I got to my room there was a message for me to call Rosemary. She was pleased to hear from me and wanted to know if we could spend my last week end together. As I had no other plans I said that it would be fine.

On Saturday morning Rosemary picked me up and we drove out into the country. She said, “it would be a shame for you to go home without seeing a corn field. We stopped by a lake and had lunch in a restaurant that overlooked the water.

After lunch we started on our way back to Chicago. Rosemary took a different route, we were going down some small country road when she took a right turn into a wooded area and stopped the car by a small lake.

There were no other cars to be seen, Rosemary said, “I thought we could have a walk in the woods.” We got out of the car and walked round the lake, it took about half an hour. She was holding my hand while we strolled looking at the flowers and birds.

When we got back to the car and Rosemary lent over and kissed me, my hand went beneath her sweater and I lifter her bra to feel her breasts. Her hand went down to my crotch and she unzipped me and was holding me gently. My next move was to move my hand up her skirt until I could feel her wetness. She said, “I have never done it in a car, have you?” As my mother always told me to tell the truth I replied, “Yes”. “I want you now” she exclaimed and with that she pulled down my trousers and underpants while I removed her panties.

She came on to my lap with her legs straddling me, I guided my cock into her vagina and we remained locked together, kissing occasionally.“ I could feel her gripping my cock, she had a knack of milking me until I could not stand it any longer, I said, “I’m coming”. She replied, “so am I”. She was moving up and down on me while I shot my load into her. The car was rocking as we completed the act.

We sat for a little while before she began to drive towards Chicago. I had seen hundreds of corn fields so Rosemary said, “I’ll take you back to my place and we can have a nice dinner”.

The week end was wonderful, most of it was spent in Rosemary’s bed but in between we had food and drinks.

The rest of the week was without incident, various managers took me out for dinner so I was not able to meet with Rosemary again.

I was scheduled to catch my return flight from O’Hare at 5.00 p.m. on Thursday, as the managers had an all day meeting no one was available to drive me to the airport. I said, “that’s OK. I’ll just get a taxi.” Mike replied, “Rosemary has volunteered to drive you if you don’t mind. She is very well meaning and I think that she wants to make sure that you catch your flight.”

So it was arranged that after lunch Rosemary would drive me to the Hotel so that I could pay the bill and collect my bags, then she would take me to the airport. We arrived at the Hotel just after twelve so there was plenty of time to spare. Rosemary suggested that we stop in at her apartment as it was on the way.

When we got into her apartment Rosemary said, “I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you for the time we spent together.” With that we went into her bedroom and we had the best sex ever. As we only had an hour, she lost no time in arousing me, and I once again we reached simultaneous climax.

Then it was off to the airport, we kissed goodbye at the gate and I took my seat for the flight home. It had been very interesting and enjoyable trip, I had experienced new ways, had learnt new things but I was happy to be on my way home.

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