Rosemary 4

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Rosemary 4 – The Convention

At work on Monday I had to start preparations for my speech that I would be giving at the convention. Apart from Anthony the Vice President and Ken my immediate boss, I was the only office person travelling to Chicago. I wanted to make sure that my presentation was the best so I spent a long time on the outline before actually writing it out in long hand. I have always found that you can remember a speech better if you write it, I don’t believe in the five by three cards, I wanted to appear spontaneous.

The two weeks went by quickly and then it was Saturday and a taxi was going to pick me up at seven in the morning to make the nine thirty flight to Chicago. Fiona my wife was a little tearful but knew that I had to go so she wished me goodbye as I was driven off to Heath Row.

I had arranged to meet Anthony and Ken at the check in counter. They had just arrived and we presented our tickets, left our bags and walked towards the departure gate. This was the first time that I had traveled first class so the journey was just fine. The food was much better than that served to the passengers in coach, the seats were wider and more comfortable, I enjoyed the flight.

We arrived at O’Hare just before noon (Chicago time). A limo was waiting so all we had to do was point out our luggage, the driver put it onto a cart and loaded it into the car. We were driven to the Hotel on Michigan Avenue, this was where most of the convention people were staying.

My room was not just a bedroom and bathroom. There was a sitting room with a couch, two easy chairs, a fireplace, a side board and a large liquor cabinet. In addition, there was a large floor model television and a small kitchen that contained a cooker, refrigerator and china cabinet. The kitchen had a small counter with two stools and beyond that there was a dining table next to a large window with a view over the lake.

After seeing all the rooms I was not surprised to see that the bedroom was huge. There was a very large double bed, a walk in closet, three easy chairs, a chest of drawers and a great view of the lake. The bathroom was almost as big, it had two sinks and an area for make up, I did not think that I would be using that, plus a bath and a separate shower.

Anthony had offered to buy dinner for Ken and myself, we were due to meet in the bar at seven thirty, so I decided to have a sleep and try and get over the time difference.

Knowing that this could be a formal dinner, I dressed appropriately, my new suit, white shirt, tie and new shoes. It was good that I did take care of my appearance because Anthony father, the company president joined us for dinner.

The convention was being held in a place called the Temple, there must have been at least five hundred people there. I took my seat at the back of the hall and listened to the first speaker, Thomas Pebble. He talked for an hour, mainly about the history of the company, it’s accomplishments and how the employees were the backbone of the organization. The presentation was followed by the awarding of prizes to the outstanding salesman and sales manager of the year.

My presentation was set for the following day so I took the opportunity to look around the hall during the morning coffee break. More presentation followed and we broke for lunch at twelve.

I decided not to have the lunch provided, I went outside and walked to the lake, just to get a breath of fresh air. It was very cold, not the kind of cold that we have in England. On my way back to the hall a bus arrived outside and I saw a number of the Chicago office employees, they had been given the opportunity of attending the afternoon session.

I said hello to those people that I knew and was just going in the door when I saw Rosemary, she came over and said, “let’s go inside I’m so happy to see you again, I did not know that you were coming.”

The meeting had started so there was no one in the lobby, we sat at a table talking for a while, I told her that I was married and she did not appear to be dismayed, she congratulated me and then we went into the meeting.

The afternoon session got a bit boring so after the break at three I told Rosemary that I was going back to my Hotel. She asked if I would like her to accompany me and was that was a problem.

As we talked a taxi arrived, we got in and were driven to the Hotel. Inside the lobby Rosemary said, “I can not stay long as I have to get back to the office to pick up my car.” So I said, “come up and see the huge room I have”.

So off we went to the twenty fifth floor and I showed Rosemary my suite. She was very impressed, she asked, “how do you rate so high? They must think a lot of you to give you a complete suite, it’s fantastic.”

We sat up at the counter while I made a pot of coffee. I asked, “so what have you been up to recently? Have you got yourself a boyfriend?” She looked at me with her big hazel eyes and smiled, “you know I have been out several time with a man but he’s not what I would call my boyfriend. He is just someone to go places with, there has been no sex, I really don’t fancy him in that way.”

As we sat drinking out coffee her hand went down on my knee and she smiled again, “you know you are the best, it’s been a long time since we were together. Can I see if the excitement is still there?” She got off the stool, grabbed my hand a pulled me towards the bedroom.

Rosemary was wearing a very smart dark blue business suit, that included a short skirt and a crisp white blouse that was open down to the crease where her breasts began, she looked great. I asked, “how long can you stay?”. She replied, “About three hours, then I’ll miss the traffic.”

At first it was a bit awkward, I had been with Rosemary many time but this was different. She made it easier by taking off her jacket while standing and then she put her arms around my neck and gave me a long gentle kiss.

“Why don’t we get comfortable?” she asked. So I took off all my clothes, except my underpants, I then helped Rosemary remove her skirt and blouse so that she was left wearing her bra and knickers.

Looking down she said, “I can see that you are pleased to see me again.” We lay on the bed and cuddled. I must admit that it was nice to be with Rosemary again, she oozed sex, she had very soft skin, and her hands were gentle as she touched me. I removed her bra so that I could kiss her nipples, she began to moan and wriggle so I slid my hand down to slip off her knickers and reveal her shaved triangle.

I remembered what she liked so I moved my head between her legs and used my fingers to open her lips so I could use my tongue. Immediately she began to lubricate, her hand was on my cock gently squeezing it. I came up for air and our lips met, she said, “I’m ready can I come on top?”

She took my cock in her hand and inserted it into her waiting vagina. It slid in but she was tight, I could feel my cock hitting the sides as it moved deeper and deeper, then I was there. She put her legs at the side of me and was sitting up so I had the maximum penetration.

We stayed on the bed enjoying each other for a couple of hours, then Rosemary said, “I have to get ready to go, can we have a shower together?” Of course I agreed and we spent half an hour in the shower.

Rosemary got dressed and wished me goodbye, I said, “I will be here until next Wednesday, if you want to visit and I will be coming into the office next Monday”. Her eyes brightened and she replied, “I would love to see you again, I’ll give you a call to make sure that you are free”. With that she left and I got dressed and went down t
o the dining room for dinner.

The time came, I was introduced and I started by speech. I had timed it f
or half an hour and I finished right on time. There was loud applause from the audience as I left the stage. Anthony came up to me back stage and said, “congratulations that was a fine presentation, you made all of the British contingent proud”.

I stayed at the convention until lunch and after eating I decided to visit one of the museums. The Chicago Historical Society had been recommended so I made my way to Clark street and spent the afternoon looking at the exhibits.

When I got back to my room there was a message from Rosemary. I called her and we arranged to meet on Wednesday evening.

Wednesday was mainly a sales day at the convention, there were no speakers that I wanted to hear so I slept in and then took a leisurely walk down Michigan Avenue.

Rosemary arrived in my room at five, she was still dressed in her business outfit and she was carrying an overnight bag. She explained, “I did not want to wear by business clothes this evening so I bought a change, I hope you don’t mind.” I replied, “of course not, would you like to go out for dinner or would you prefer to have a meal in the room?” Immediately she replied, “I would like to have dinner here, there is a magnificent view over the lake, it would be very romantic”.

I ordered from the menu and within half an hour our food was delivered. We sat at the table with just one light on so we could see the view. The food was good, in addition I had ordered a bottle of wine. When we had finished, I made coffee and we sat together on the sofa. We talked about happening in the office, I told her that next week I was to meet with the Vice Presidents to discuss new computer processing system.

It was all very nice, Rosemary sitting there in a small red dress which showed off her figure to its best advantage. She asked, “Can I stay the night with you? I have been looking forward to being with you so much.” I was tempted to say no as I was married and did not want Fiona to find out what I was getting up to while I was away but she must have read my mind. She said, ”I realize that you are married but I have no claim on you in any way, I just enjoy being with you and we fit so well together.”

I turned to her and gave her a lingering kiss on the mouth. It was then that I decided that this would be the last time for I felt certain that we would be discovered and that certain people would only be too happy to tell Fiona. So I told Rosemary of my fears, he response was, “I have been very careful, no one in the office suspects that we see each other and I did not see anyone that I knew when I came up to your room. In fact I used the service elevator just to be safe.”

This information put my mind at rest but I insisted that we could not continue because it would mean that she could loose her job and I could loose my marriage. She understood and said, “then I want this to be the best night that we have spent together ever.”

It certainly was a good night, Rosemary was brilliant. First she kissed me starting at my mouth and moving down to my chest, stomach and finally my crotch. All the time she was rubbing herself against me. I was tempted to use my fingers on her tits and vagina but I resisted and just lay there.

Rosemary was giving me the best blow job ever, she had the full length of my prick in her mouth and was gently massaging my balls until I reached a climax and discharged my sperm into her mouth. She swallowed everything I had to offer and then slid up the length of my body to kiss me. Our tongues intermingled as we remained linked for at least a minute.

We remained side my side our bodies touching and occasionally our lips met. I knew that Rosemary wanted more but I needed time to recover so I decided to give her the same treatment as I had received.

I slowly moved down from her lips to her tits, I licked round the left one, then the right. Next I took a nipple in my mouth and used my tongue to swell it until it felt like a cherry. After working on both tits I went down to her stomach and her belly button. I had never tried this before and was surprised when Rosemary reacted, she was getting hotter and hotter.

My last port of call was her vigina, I gently opened the lips and inserted my tongue. Rosemary opened her legs wide allowing me to have maximum access. By this time she was moving with every stroke of my tongue and I had begun to get hard again. I still concentrated on her luscious opening but my hand was making sure that her nipples remained hard.

Her hand had strayed down and she was gently squeezing me. This could not last so I got between her legs and she guided me into her waiting cunt. We were locked together as I slowly moved in and out, I could feel her tightness and how she was milking me.

We were in perfect unison, two people with one objective, mutual satisfaction. The climax was magnificent, our juices intermingled as we exuded them. Then the moment was over.

We did get some sleep but when the alarm rang at seven neither of use wanted to leave the bed. Rosemary got out and made coffee, she was completely naked and as she came back with the drinks I said, “you really look wonderful.” She blushed and gave me an early morning wake up by using her mouth on me.

To finish a wonderful night we showered together. I stood behind Rosemary and rubbed the soap all over her body, paying particular attention to her tits. When she was covered in soap she turned to me and we stood letting the water wash it away.

Rosemary had bought a clean blouse so she put on her business suite and left for the office. I caught the bus to the convention and made sure that I visited with all the vice presidents that I would be meeting with the next week.

The morning session was a lead up to the latest sales drive incentive program so I decided to go off by myself for lunch. I found a diner and had the biggest roast beef sandwich that I have ever seen, it was accompanied with tomatoes and lettuce. I washed this feast with at least three cups of coffee and I only got charged for one.

The afternoon session was mainly inspirational speeches and the awarding of prizes. The last session was scheduled for Friday morning, it was really a goodbye to all the attendees. Just as I was getting ready to leave Anthony grabbed me and said, “I hope that you have enjoyed the convention, please meet me tonight in the Hotel lobby we are having a special dinner planned.”

We met as arranged in the Hotel lobby, then went outside to a stretch limo for a short ride to the Hancock building. Once there we took the express elevator to the observation deck and spent some time looking over the city. With the group was Ken, then Anthony said we are going down to the 94th for dinner, follow me. Our group included Mike Annota and Ray Godeski from Chicago, Alan Condyman from Canada and Chip Rogers and Gordon Dandy from Boston. We followed Anthony to an elevator that took us to the 95th floor.

There was a bar located on balcony that overlooked the main restaurant. We sat at a table with a view over the lake and had cocktails. Then we went downstairs for dinner.

It was a nice meal and I enjoyed talking with men from different parts of the continent.

When I got back to my room I was a little weary and glad to get to bed.

I woke up early on Friday morning and decided to go for a walk before breakfast. The temperature was about fifteen degrees so I only went round the block. In the dining room having breakfast was the group that I was with the previous night.

After breakfast we boarded the bus for our last ride to the convention. The convention was now at an end. I decided to return to the diner where I enjoyed a new type of sandwich for me. It is called a BLT and consists of two pieces of toast between which is spread mayonnaise, and
it is filled with crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. Once again I had three cups of coffee to accompany
the food.

It was still cold but I needed a walk so I set off down Michigan Avenue towards the Hotel. I had been walking for about ten minutes when a car stopped beside me and the passenger door was opened. It was Rosemary, I got inside her car and she drove off.

I was surprises to see her and asked, “what are you doing down town? Aren’t you working today?” She replied, “I was asked to pick up some things from the convention and on my way back I saw you walking”.

“Do you have to go back to the office?” I asked. “No, the things are not that important, I’ll take them in on Monday, I have the afternoon off, what would you like to do?” Now that was a leading question, so I said, “I would just like to be with you, why don’t we go to your place and see what transpires?”

Rosemary drove down Lake Shore Drive, I was interested in seeing the lake at close quarters so she turned off and went to Montrose Harbor. She parked the car right next to the Harbor but as it was winter there were no boats, in fact ice covered the lake for as far as I could see.

We took a short walk down to the shore, there was no one around, probably because it was very cold. We got back into the car and were glad that the heater worked. It was a very secluded area, there were no other cars in sight and there was a grassy bank behind the car.

To keep warm I put my left arm round Rosemary and my right hand on her knee. She turned and we kissed, a long lingering type of tongues in the mouth kiss. My hand had slipped up under her skirt and was touching her panties. She put her hand under my coat and undid the zip to my trousers. It was lucky that the car had a bench seat because there was plenty of room to maneuver.

My hand did some more exploring and found the clasp that secured her skirt. In a flash it was undone and I moved the skirt down and my fingers found a warm place to explore.

As I was exploring Rosemary, she had my trousers down and then she put her head between my legs. By this time the car windows were steaming up but there was no one around so we continued. She said, “this is the second time that we have made out in a car, isn’t it exciting?” I agreed and lifted her so that her legs were either side of me and I gently guided her down.

We stayed in that position for some time, then she began to move, slowly at first and then I got hold of her hips and we went at it not caring that the car was rocking from side to side. We came at the same time, it was a bit messy but Rosemary cleaned up with a tissue.

After we sat and adjusted our clothes, she was smiling, “I really enjoyed it. When my friends at school had boy friends with cars I was the one that was left out. Now I realize what I missed.”

I cleaned the windows so that Rosemary could see to drive and we went to her apartment which was about fifteen minutes away. It was late in the afternoon so she said, “I’ll make us some dinner, you must be hungry after all that physical exertion”.

Rosemary made Tuna sandwiches, followed by Italian ice cream and coffee. When we had finished we sat on the sofa and watched the TV news. I told Rosemary that the kind of news presented in Chicago was not the same as I was used to in England. The news men on the BBC were very proper, whereas the Chicago news people appeared to be having fun. However, I did miss knowing what was happening in the rest of the world. All the American network news programs concentrated mainly on what was happening in the States.

We talked about the differences between American and English TV and she was amazed to know that we only had two channels. I asked, “do you want me to stay tonight.” She replied, “I would like you to stay for as long as you want.” I had to be available on Sunday because Anthony had arranged a breakfast meeting. I said to Rosemary, “well I can stay tonight but I should go back to the Hotel Saturday as I don’t have a change of clothes”. She replied, “that’s wonderful, perhaps I can come and stay with you Saturday night.”

We watched a couple of television programs and then she said, “are you ready for bed?” Of course my reply was, “yes”.

I must admit that sleeping with Rosemary was not as good as sleeping with my wife. However, I had got used to having someone beside me in bed and Rosemary was just fine.

In the morning, Rosemary got up and made coffee, she bought it into the bedroom and put it on the table beside the bed. She then got back into bed and told me that my coffee was ready. That was not the only thing that was ready and she found out by running her hand up my leg. She came and laid on me so that I could feel her breasts, she wriggled about making her nipples hard and then got hold of me and guided me into her moist depths. I found this very enjoyable, a nice way to start the day.

Of course Rosemary suggested that we shower together, she knew just how much I enjoyed the feeling of water running down my body and the fact that I could massage her all over. So we got into her shower and spent twenty minutes soaping each other and doing things that feel much better under a stream of water.

We were in no hurry to return to my Hotel so we spent another half an hour on the bed. Then we decided that we were hungry so I suggested that I take her out for breakfast.

Along Western Avenue there is a nice family restaurant which provided one of the biggest breakfasts that I have ever eaten. We got back into the car and it started to snow, I asked, “are you sure you want to drive downtown in the snow, I can easily get a cab from here”. Rosemary looked up at me with her big hazel eyes and said, “I don’t care about the weather, I just want to be with you as long as possible.” So off we went to Michigan Avenue and my Hotel.

The Hotel had an underground parking garage that was free to guests so it would not cost anything for Rosemary to park. We left the car and took the elevator to my room. After that big breakfast we both decided to lay down on the bed and watch the snow come down over the city. It was hot in the room so we removed our clothes. I drew back the curtains so that we had a magnificent view over part of the city, to the south and the lake front. We talked for a while then we both nodded off for about an hour.

I was the first to wake up and it was still snowing, lights were on all over the city even though it was only one o’clock. Rosemary was laying on her back looking wonderful, I could not resist kissing her on the stomach. Immediately as she woke up her hand went down my body and she smiled turning towards me and giving me a long kiss.

We cuddled for some time and she said, “if only we could stay like this for ever, it’ so romantic.” I had to agree but at the back of my mind I knew that what I was doing was wrong. In fact I was committing adultery but I reasoned with myself that this was probably the last time that Rosemary and I would be together so I would not upset her and I would enjoy the moment.

Our lovemaking lasted for a couple of hours. We had got to know each other very well, I knew what turned Rosemary on and she certainly knew how to please me. I lay there playing with her nipples, as I have mentioned before women’s breasts really turn me on and Rosemary’s while on the small side were no exception. I made her nipples hard with my tongue, then continue sucking gently, this certainly made Rosemary happy. Later she took my male accessory in one hand and ran her fingers up and down, she was also an expert when it came to using her mouth. Hers was the gentlest mouth that I have ever experienced, I never did feel her teeth and when we kissed her lips were like a smooth velvet cushion.
br />It was still snowing and I asked, “if this keeps up all night, will you be able to driv
e home tomorrow?” She replied, “I expect that the ploughs will be out, you will be surprised how quickly they deal with the snow.”

We decided to order room service for dinner as we did not want to venture far from the Hotel. It was like we were living in a world of our own. The blackness outside, the snow coming down and twinkling as it was being caught in the lights from the buildings and the street. I said, “you know we could spend our lives in this room, it has all the amenities that you would ever want.”

After dinner we sat and watched the television, the news came on and they stated that the snow would continue all night with an accumulation of between six to nine inches. There were pictures of cars in the ditches and people shoveling their driveways. As Rosemary had said, the snow ploughs were out clearing the roads, it was lucky that it was Saturday because there were very few people on the roads.

This was to be our last nigh together, we both wanted it to be memorable so we tried everything that a couple could and fell asleep with our arms around each other.

In the morning I had to call Fiona my wife. I had promised that I would call every three days just to make sure that everything was all right and to hear her voice. I did not want Rosemary to be in the room when I made the call so I went into the kitchen.

Rosemary and I had breakfast in the room. On looking out of the window we could see that it had stopped snowing. The streets were empty of cars, the only vehicles moving were the snow ploughs.

So our weekend of fun was over, Rosemary got her things together and we said goodbye.

I was amazed to see that all the snow had been removed from the main streets. However the paths or as they say in Chicago, the sidewalks, were a different story, so I hailed a cab to get to State Street.

I now had the afternoon and evening to myself so I decided to see what was showing at the cinemas in the area. I bought a paper and could not believe how big it was. There were different sections for just about everything and adverts for nearly every store in the area. Eventually in the Arts and Entertainment section I came across the listings that I wanted. There was a Western showing at a cinema on State Street.

The film was nothing special but I was interested in the people that were watching the film. It appears that most Americans can not watch any sport or entertainment without eating and drinking. People were coming in with colossal buckets of popcorn and gargantuan cups of coca cola. The floor was sticky, I assumed that that was caused by the popcorn and drinks that had been dropped.

When the film was over I crossed the road to a German Restaurant where I had a veal dish that was just wonderful. I was lucky to get a cab back to the Hotel as it had started to snow again.

Back in my room I watched the evening news on the television, they were saying that we should expect another six to nine inches of snow during the night. I was happy that I had a car to pick me up and take me to the office as I was not looking forward to using the public transport.

At the office, our meeting was held in the main board room on the fourth floor. There was coffee and doughnuts provided, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. After the morning session we had lunch in the staff cafeteria, it was nothing special but I was glad to see some of the people that I had worked with on my previous visits. I saw Rosemary having lunch with her co-workers and stopped at her table to say hello.

The meeting came to a close at four thirty and the car and driver were there to take me back to the Hotel. I had one more day and then I was going home.

The last day was devoted to underwriting and claim systems. New guidelines were discussed and we agreed on new standards that would reduce the number of doctor reports needed to service the policyholders.

On my way out of the building I bumped into Rosemary, we met by one of the elevators and she suggested that we walk down instead of waiting for the lift. “Have you ever seen the basement” asked Rosemary, I admitted that I had not. She kept on down the stairs until we came to the basement which in fact was an underground garage. She took my hand a led me to a small room that was tucked away in a very dark corner.

Inside the room were all kinds of filing cabinets, she said, “we keep some of our application here before they are sent to the warehouse. I just wanted to say goodbye again, we won’t be disturbed.” With that she put her arms around me a gave me a big kiss, then she moved her hands down and undid my zipper. She was leaning against the wall and as I put my hand up her skirt I discovered that she was not wearing underwear. “I came prepared” she said.

It took no time for her to pull down my trousers and I found that she was wet with anticipation. “This will be the last time, I have never had sex standing up but this will be something for us to remember.” She gasped. I had no trouble entering her, it did not last long but she was right it was very memorable.

We put our clothes back and she told me what stairway to take while she took another. I came out to the lobby and got into my car which was waiting. I asked the driver about the conditions at O’Hare and he said, “they have a lot of snow moving equipment so I don’t expect that there will be a delay tomorrow, plus it is supposed to get warmer.” I was relieved to hear this and arranged for him to pick me up at two thirty the next afternoon.

The flight was on time departing and once again I was in the first class section. After a very nice meal I settled down to sleep and only awoke when we were half an hour from touchdown.

Getting out of Heathrow was a bit of a hassle, my bags were the last off the carousel. So after about forty five minutes I was on the road heading for Chessington, home at last.

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