sandy’s office part one

It was a small series of rooms, many of them empty most of the time. Sandy did her paperwork while listening to music or often searching around the internet for whatever piques her interest. Her long chestnut colored hair kept in a ponytail most of the time.
Some days she wore shorts and flip-flops and a loose fitting t-shirt, others she dressed a bit more professionally.. to be honest there was no clear reason why she chose to wear what she did. The empty lonely offices likely played a part in her decisions.
Her large breasts often hidden as well as her devastating hips and beautiful ass.
Often the only contact was over the phone or with a delivery person late in the day.
After lunch one Thursday she was feeling a bit wild so she slid her fingers nervously down to unbutton her shorts, inching the chair closer to the desk Sandy clicked on some porn, watching on her personal screen of course.. a muscular well hung man was fucking a woman tied to a bed.. she was on her hands and knees as her pulled her head back with each powerful thrust the woman screamed out.
Sandy slipped one hand down her panties, her nipples firm at just the idea of playing with herself at work.
Her eyes darting upward to the door as people walked by from other offices in the building.
Heart racing, as she continued rubbing her now moist lips, parting them as she slid a single finger up and down the slick length, her other hand reaching for her right breast, groping herself through her shirt. Sandy watches the woman on screen squirm as she cums, getting slammed with that large powerful cock.
Sandy begins to rub herself more furiously, working her swollen clit as she moans.. unconcerned with anything else at the moment. Her head tossed back she reaches up her shirt, squeezing her tits.. she imagines someone else’s hand working her pussy.. someone’s mouth licking at her full sensitive tits as she arches her body. Hips jerking as she cums, in short quick breaths.
Sandy opens her eyes to see her empty office, an empty outer office, the familiar emptiness she’s come to expect.
“How pathetic.” Thinking about more than just this moment but rather a full assessment of her life in general.
As Sandy gathered her things to leave early, she had no idea how this moment would change all of that.

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