Sex at work

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My boss Jim asked me if I could stay a few minutes late. I told him ok. Later when everyone left, he came over to my desk,,and while he was talking to me I noticed He had a big boner in his pants and he was making his cock throb….When he noticed I was looking .. he took it out !….Oh his cock was so big and gorgeous and nice and thick with a big pink helmet head, that instantly made me want it badly I love big long thick cock …He said “Oh Dorothy could you please help me with my cock… I’m sooo horny I need an expert blow job”….. there was pre cum oozing out ….I had always fantasized about sucking Jim’s cock,, for years I had dreams of sucking on his cock with him shooting big loads of his hot cum in my mouth and me swallowing every drop,..Now seeing his big cock I couldn’t resist I wanted to suck him … So I grabbed it and licked his pre cum..Mmmm it tasted so yummy…Now I could hardly wait to taste and swallow all of his hot juicy cum, ….first i kissed it then I wrapped my lips around his cock, Jim started moaning oh Dorothy oh Dorothy ……..I thought finaly I had his big hard cock in my mouth and i was loving it, my tongue was making circles around the head of his cock.. licking more pre cum ….Mmmmmm… then I stuffed it deep in my small mouth till my lips touched his balls I held it there deep down my throat and It felt so good I almost came… my pussy was soaking wet..then I slowly pulled his cock out keeping my lips clamped tight around his shaft, up and down I went tasting his delicious hard meat , Jim was moaning as I continued to suck and lick his big delicious cock,..I licked up and down his long shaft .I stopped to give his cock a big wet kiss, I even licked and sucked on his hairy balls .I knew soon I would have there juicy rewards of cum in my mouth,on my tongue and in my belly yummy yum …. His cock was now going in and out of my mouth faster and he started grunting,I didn’t want him to cum so soon,This was my fantasy come true this was the biggest cock I ever sucked, I wanted it to last forever..I was really enjoying his cock fucking my mouth, So I tried sucking very slowly letting my tongue rub on the bottom tip of his cock..I kept my lips clamped tightly around his cock,..back and forth I went ,Then he said…. ” Ohhhhh Dorothy baby I’m gonna cum”,…His cock throbbed and pulsed in my mouth as I held his balls.. I felt his cum shoot in my mouth and flow on my tongue,He was groaning as He shot stream after stream in my mouth some cum shot right down my throat.,I could taste his cum on my tongue yummy MMmmmm..I let my mouth fill , I wanted to savor the taste so I swallowed slowly gulp after yummy gulp, Now I started cumming as I was swallowing him..when he was finished I licked the the head and shaft clean kissed it and he thanked me and said I was an excellent cock sucker,. And he wanted me to suck his cock everytime I come to the office. Now I want to fuck him soon as possible….I want to feel that big fat cock deep in my pussy sooo bad,

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