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Sky got off of the elevator and walked down the hall to John’s office opening the door she was warmly greeted by his secretary Samantha. Samantha had done wonders for John’s office; she had managed to get everything running smoother then before her arrival.
“Good afternoon Sky. How are you doing?” she asked cheerily.
“Well Sam, I am doing pretty well if I must say.”
Sky honestly enjoyed the older woman’s company and friendliness. They had gone out for drinks on more than one occasion and had become close. Samantha buzzed John over the intercom and smiled a knowing smile at Sky.
“Should I,” she cleared her throat “hold all of John’s calls?”
“Yes please.” Sky smiled warmly back at Samantha.
Sky adjusted the long black trench coat and walked back to John’s office. She softly knocked twice on the door before opening it, stepping inside, and closed the door behind her and turned the lock. Sky turned around and looked at John talking away on the phone, he smiled at her and mouthed, “Be off in a minute”.
Sky nodded and sat her purse on one of the chairs by his desk. She turned and took off her trench coat and gently laid it on top of her purse. John was still yapping away on the phone as Sky turned the blinds down so that no one could look into John’s office. John was still talking but Sky knew that his eyes as well as his mind were all on her. Sky had on shiny black mary-janes, white bobby socks, a blue plaid school girl skirt that hit mid thigh, a sheer cream blouse that buttoned down the front and a white lace bra underneath her blouse. Her silky long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail; she had on no makeup aside from her strawberry flavored lip-gloss.
Sky walked around to the other side of John’s desk and pushed the chair he was seated in away from the desk. His eyes were focused on her-she could tell he was barely paying attention to his conversation, as a matter of fact Sky could tell John was trying to wrap up his phone call as soon as he could. Sky perched herself on the edge of John’s large mahogany desk, she parted her thighs just slightly so that he could see up her skirt. Not a whole eyeful, just enough to see that she had on no panties and had freshly shaved this morning. After hanging up the phone John scooted his chair closer to his desk and rubbed his hands up her thighs, softly stroking her inner thighs up and down. John had pushed her skirt as far up her thighs as it would go and was gently pulling her thighs further apart. He bent his head down and kissed his way slowly up her left inner thigh. When he reached her pussy he started to kiss and lick and suck on her lower mouth. Sky leaned back on the desk, moaning in pleasure as John continued to taste her. He slid a finger into her pussy while gently sucking her clit- when she found herself getting close she pushed his head away from her crotch. John’s confused look almost made her laugh out loud, instead she smiled and sat up straight. Sky lowered her eyes and bit playfully on her lip, then she licked her lips and leaned forward and rubbed John’s erection through his pants. John leaned forward and kissed Sky full on the mouth, forcing his tongue roughly between her lips, barley tasting her strawberry lip-gloss. She freed John’s erection from his pants and was stroking him gently, she then slowed down because he was distracting her from the task at hand. He had started kissing her on her neck and making his way over her collarbone as he began to unbutton her blouse. He kissed the tops of her breasts as he unhooked her bra; greedily peeling the bra away from her round firm breasts and clamped his mouth hungrily on her nipple. He sucked greedily, kissing and biting as she shifted off of the desk so he could grab her ass; his hands cupped her backside while he switched to the other breast. She braced her hands on his shoulders while leaning slightly on the desk.

John pulled away and stood up out of the chair, he unbuckled his belt and slid it out of the belt loops on his pants, and he sat the belt on the desk and circled his pointer finger in the air. Sky obediently turned around and placed her hands on the desk. Bent over her skirt still partially covered her butt, john pushed her head down to tilt her hips up more and lifted her skirt up all the way to expose her backside fully. He rubbed his hands gently over her cheeks and pulled them slightly apart, he bent down and flicked the tiny puckered hole with his tongue. Then he alternated between licking her ass and her pussy for a few minutes. Then he stood up.

He rubbed a hand over her round cheeks, warming them up slightly and pulled his hand away. Sky’s body tensed up in anticipation; she was dripping wet, she had been wet since seeing the hungry look in John’s eyes when she took her coat off. He slapped her ass gently at first barely stinging, then harder and even harder. John didn’t stop until her cheeks were bright red and hot to the touch. He gently kissed them to cool them down, sliding his tongue up over her ass again, flicking her tight little hole teasing her. Sky’s body relaxed into john’s as he slid two fingers into her pussy, she moaned as her muscles clenched his fingers. He pumped a couple of times and pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy and rubbed his middle finger up against her asshole. He slid his finger in all the way and all the way out slowly. He fingered her ass with one finger for a minute, then eased a second finger in and pumped deeper inside her. He continued until he heard her moans turn to groans, and then he added a third finger deep in her ass. After a few more minutes he could tell she was ready and he slid a fourth finger inside and felt her asshole relax and squeeze his fingers. He pulled his fingers out of her and slapped her ass so hard that there was a handprint across her left cheek. She jumped and gasped at the shock of being given pleasure and pain so close together. John picked up the belt folded it in half and ran it gently over one cheek, and then the other cheek; he pulled it away and smacked her. He spanked her harder and harder until her cheeks were fire engine red, he knew there’d be welts there for sure tomorrow- but this was now. He spanked Sky gently again, and then he started spanking her harder. When she wasn’t sure that she could take anymore he threw the belt on the floor and ran his hands over her cheeks, gently prying them apart and kissed her cheeks. He undid his pants and dropped them onto the floor and wrapped his hand around his cock.

He guided himself into her tight wet pussy and felt her body welcome him. She moaned as he thrust himself deep inside, and pulled himself almost all the way out leaving just the head resting inside of her. He smacked her on her right cheek, rocking her hips up against him causing her to be filled up again. He rocked her hips back and forth with his right hand until he felt her controlling his penetration with her muscles. She pumped and squeezed him so sweetly that after a few more minutes he had to pull himself out. He gently slapped her butt and wrapped his hand around her ponytail, gently pulling her back to a standing position. She turned around and looked into his blue eyes, he glanced down at his dick; now covered with her juices. Then he looked back into her eyes and nodded his head. Sky got down on her knees and took him in her mouth, tasting herself on him. She kissed the head, then proceeded to suck his length gently and gently cupped his balls as she teased his shaft with her lips and tongue. John closed his eyes and enjoyed how skilled Sky was at pleasing him, moaning as she brought him so close to coming and then she slowed down then stopped altogether. John signaled for her to stand, she stood up and bent over his desk, lifting the skirt up as high as it would go. John slide easily into her pussy and pumped himself deep inside of her a few times, pulling all the way out and rubbing the head over her asshole and then sliding back into her pussy. When he could feel her body silently begging him to take her he
slid deeply all the way into
her ass and pulled out. Then he pushed himself back in and pulled out over and over again until Sky’s body was pleading with him and he knew she was ready. He started slowly until he felt her body urge him to go ahead, he started pumping harder and faster until they both came. He flooded her ass with his come and he felt her body clenching him tightly as their breathing slowed down. He slapped her on her ass and she stood up, with him still inside her and turned her head and kissed him sweetly on his mouth. He cupped her breasts and kissed her roughly tasting her strawberry lip-gloss. After a minute to compose himself he squeezed her breasts firmly and slide his hands down to her waist. Kissing the back of her neck he allowed himself to slide out of her ass and he pulled himself away to wipe himself off with some Kleenex that was on his desk. He offered the box to her and she shook her head no. he sat the box back down and pulled up his pants, slid his belt back into place making sure that he didn’t look like anything had just happened. He eased himself into his chair and looked at her. She had put her bra back on and was buttoning her blouse back up, her head was bent down as she fixed her shirt. Then almost as if the weight of his gaze made her realize someone else was in the room she met his gaze with steady grey eyes.
“what brought that on?” john asked with his hands folded in his lap.
She shrugged- “just decided to fill an old fantasy of mine.”

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  1. swagsta

    Delightful little tale.I really enjoyed it and the way it made me wet n horny. U have definately won me as a fan

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