Soccer Mom Fantacies

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My low self esteem carries me on endlessly wandering but not verbalizing my ideas or thoughts. The infatuation I have developed from a simple thought that would later develop into endless ideas..Who am I thinking or talking about? A Soccer Mom of course who so happens to be a staff member. By my own definition a Soccer Mom is an overburdened suburban woman who devotes her life to her children; is restricted, plain and too conservative. Ms. Hill is a Soccer Mom that hardly even notices me at work. I have to catch myself from looking to hard not to show that I’m glancing over her body, carefully dissecting her sweet spots and thinking the nastiest things possible. I would occasionally pass by and drop a line or two only to say hi. Conversations only last seconds but in my mind time slows as seconds becomes minutes to hours. In that moment in our conversation I would draw a blank and go into another world… -She’s telling me how her kids are doing in sports but leans over because she is looking for a document that has been misplaced. She turns away from me still in search of the document but is still conversing with me. Her breasts are brushing the desk and her ass is tooted in the air. The heels she has on makes the view much more pleasing. The business attire skirt is borderline business as far as I can see. I move up behind her as to help her look for the document. She tells me to search behind her on the floor next to the other paper work. I couldn’t help but to look past her calves and up her thighs. She opens her legs just a little as to tease me. My arousal triggered me to brush up her legs swiftly right behind her. She pays it no attention as she disregards the slight touching. I unzip my pants and left up skirt. She grabs my penus the same time I grabs her breast. She rubs my penus in between the lips of her pussy going back and forth. She leans all the way down placing her face on the desk and pulls me inside of her. Please Fuck me! She tells me.. In that instance I snapped out of my moment as “Please Fuck me” was actually her saying “Trust Me I’ll find that document one way or another.”

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