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As the scene begins, you are knocking on the door of Mr. Charles Pennworth, a partner of your father’s firm. You and he have never really hit it off, as Mr. Pennworth has seen qualities of yours that are less than desirable for someone in power over the fates of

He has called you into his office after everyone has left, so that he can confront you personally about your last of many escapades.
Mr. Pennworth is a tall man, around 6’4, weighing in at 225 lbs. He sports a mustache and has very dark brown hair, wavy, cut fairly short, given his position at your father’s company. He is wearing grey gabarding pleated pants with a charcoal grey shirt, sleeves
rolled up.

He is looking rather perturbed and is scowling as he hears you knock.

Come in. What is it?
Oh. It is you. Colin.
Well. At least you did this right, boy. You are on time, for once.
I think you had best wipe that smirk off your face, Colin, as I have called this meeting between the two of us for a reason. Would you rather I called your father away from his meeting in Brussels to hear what I have to say?
Are you sure?
Are you calling my bluff? Young man?
I thought not. Best you hear what I have to say first. Then, you can decide if you want your father to be notified of your latest criminal activity.

You are starting to look somewhat puzzled, aren’t you?

To get right to it, Colin. I had a phone call from the vice president of the bank, who has informed me our accounts are coming up short. Their accountants have gone over our bank accounts with a fine toothed comb. It would appear that over 1000 pounds are missing from the accounts receivable.

Would you be knowing anything about that?

Hmm….Here in my hand…have a look at this, boy…and, don’t lie…it will do you no good whatsoever…….
These are signatures that somewhat resemble your father’s.
Unfortunately for you, they cannot be his, which is how we discovered the discrepancy, as he has been out of the country these past several weeks.

Colin!! How could you?
You have stolen funds!! Don’t you realise this is an offense punishable by a prison term?
You could be put away for years for the amount you have stolen.
If it isn’t one thing, it is another with you.
Your poor father will be heartbroken to hear of yet another mess up of yours.

He hired you in good faith and all you have done since you started here is to abuse the other employees, having them do your bidding.
You call them names.
You make them call you sir, when no one else does.
Who do you think you are?

He has done nothing but spoil your rotten ass ever since you were a child and you don’t deserve to breathe his air.
Yet, you treat him and all the rest of us as if we were dirt under your lily white

The other day, Miss Bradford came to me in tears. In tears, I tell you.
She threatened to quit if you didn’t stop harassing her.
It is not her job to bring you breakfast and make dates for you with her daughter. Her daughter is off limits to you, do you hear?

I see you are not so sullen now. I see by the look on your face that there is just the beginning of fear creeping in.
I have here a petition signed by every employee at this firm.
Would you like to know what it says?

Let me read it to you. Save you the trouble of finding your glasses.
Don’t you dare leave this room, Colin. If you so much as step outside this office, I will call the police so fast, you won’t have time to take a leak.
The next phone call I make will be to your father if you don’t sit down and sit down NOW!

Where was I?
Ah Yes. The petition. Did I mention that everyone signed it? Including the maintenance man, who, by the way, has been here for thirty years and told me of your desire for him to wash and polish your car three times a week. He has never in his life been asked to do that for an employer and I can tell you he isn’t going to start now.

The petition clearly states that either you are fired today or they will all quit.
That’s right. You heard me. They will quit.
They have had it with your arrogance. They have decided that job security is not worth having to put up with you.
I see now you are looking quite a bit more humble, boy.
What have you to say for yourself before I dial this phone. It seems I have little choice in the matter.
Tomorrow morning, when the rest of the staff arrives, your things must be gone.

Why, are whimpering like the little spoiled boy that you are.
What? I cannot hear you with all that blubbering you are doing.
Don’t tell your father? Don’t call the police?
Why not? Why shouldn’t I?
You won’t do this ever again? You will change your evil snide ways and treat everyone with the respect they are due? Why does that make me want to howl with laughter.
You will pay back every cent you stole?
Do you even have it to pay back?

Hmm…I need to think. Take your nasty self and go stand in that corner over there whilst I think this over. I shouldn’t do this. I should just make the calls and let the fates decide your course and cheer when they take you away.
I am leaving to have a cup of tea. When I get back, you are to be standing in that corner, with your face pressed to the wall. I will let you know of my decision in twenty minutes or so.

Well. I see you CAN follow directions, Colin.
Come over to the desk and lower your pants. You heard me. Let’s see how much I can take you at your word.
Lower your pants and your underwear, Colin, and bend over this desk so I can spank your bottom with my hand 30 times.
NOW. Or I lift this phone and make my calls. After I spank your naked bottom, I will tell you my plan for your redemption.

Do not pull your pants up, Colin. Stand in front of my desk with your pants down around your ankles. It seems to me you should look foolish as I tell you what I have decided.
Frankly, I should be taken away for not taking advantage of this situation.
But, I just cannot see breaking your poor father’s heart.
I have spoken with the employees at this firm; and, reluctantly, they have
agreed that you may have a second chance.
Don’t look so relieved, boy. The spanking you just got will be a walk in the park compared to what you are going to receive.
Yes, you should look puzzled.

They are all coming to work, now. Each one wants to see you brought down and humbled.

They all require that you be caned in front of each and every one of them.
You heard me correctly, Colin. Caned. On your bare bottom until you cry or bleed, whichever comes first.

Do you agree to this? You do have a choice. It is either this or I make two phone calls.Wise decision, Colin. Possibly the first right choice you have made in the two years you have been here.

They should be arriving any moment now. I want you to remove your pants and your underwear.
You are to be naked when they come in.

Miss Bradford especially wishes to have a few swings with the cane on your ass. Can’t say as I blame her.
Oh, and here they come.
Welcome, all. Miss Bradford. Mr. Edwards. Mr. Harkwhen. Please. Gather round for this.
Our young gentleman here, if we can call him that, has agreed to be caned in front of you

all, in exchange for our silence regarding his behaviour.
As an act of good faith, Turn around Colin and show them your bottom, he has already been
spanked with my hand. Rather hard, too as I have much anger toward him and his bottom does present a target worthy of my ire.

As it happens, from my school days in Scotland, I have with me one of the canes used on my bottom as a boy. It was a souvenier from one of my teachers. He gave it to me
after I had taken a particularly brutal caning. It is a worthy cane. A strong think one and I think it should do nicely, don’t you all agree?

Well. If there are no questions, I think Miss Bradford may begin on
Young Colin’s ass. After all, Colin, you have abused her the most. What do you think, Miss Bradford? 12 of your best? To start?

Colin. Bend over the desk. Don’t be shy , boy. She’s done your laundry. Now she can spank your buns. Bend over and don’t waste my time or hers.
Everyone gather round my desk for this.Stand on tiptoe, Colin and point your toes inward. I want your skin stretched to really feel the sting of the cane. Stick your bottom out. Do not make Miss Bradford work too hard.
Mr. Harkwhen. Yes. You do have quite the grudge against this young pup, don’t you?
How many would you like to bestow upon Colin’s ass? 15? Now, that IS enterprising. Let’s hope our boy here can take it like the man he pretends to be.
Colin, bend over the desk again. Stick your bottom out. That’s right. Have at it, Mr. Harkwhen. You just spank him as hard as you can swing.
That hurts, doesn’t it , Colin? Now, perhaps you have an idea of how angry we all are with you.
But, you are not done yet. Mr. Edwards wishes to turn you over his knee and paddle your behind with his paddle.
Do it , boy. Do it now. Perhaps, if you cannot sit for a few days, you will remember to be kinder and more humble with your father’s employees.

Stand up, Colin. I want to see your bottom. I don’t really think it is red enough yet. What do you think, folks?
No. I quite agree.
Lay yourself over my knee, Colin. Here, Mr. Edwards, give me your paddle, please. Let me finish this youngster’s punishment with some of my own paddling on his bare bum.

This, Colin, is for stealing. 50 with the paddle should just about make it impossible for you to sit for the next few days.
Now. Stand in the corner with your red spanked bottom sticking out. We all want to gaze upon the downfall of one of the mightiest brats of all time.

I hope you have learned your lesson, Colin. There will be no next time.

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