Submissive at work part two

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Submissive at work
I had a great trip fucked by a ton of guys, now back to reality. Dressed in jeans and a tee shirt I sit at my cubical and turn on the computer before going for my morning coffee. No one knows I am wearing panties and stockings under my jeans as I walk to the coffee shop. I return to my compute and as always the screen is black when not touched so I wiggle the mouse and a picture pops up of me dressed in women’s clothing being fucked in the ass. I look closer to find that it’s from just last week’s little getaway. I quickly look around and change the picture before anyone comes around. I have worked here for almost three years and no one knows about my sexual activities, so I am shocked at first about the idea of being pulled out of the closet.
The day goes on like any other boring day would but with the thought of being exposed in the front of my mind making it hard to concentrate on my work. A email message pops up and I open the mail to find yet another picture of me being banged and a message that read ‘Do you want everyone to know you’re a whore?’ I tried desperately to see who sent it but the return address was blocked. I had no choice but to reply. ‘Who are you and how did you get these pictures?
I waited in earnest for a reply to my email after a few minutes one came. ‘You will become the companies little dirty secret and be given orders who to fuck and when. From now on you’re our bitch!’ I stared at the screen not sure what to say or do. The day finished and I was getting ready to leave when another email popped up from my bosses’ boss. ‘Need to see you before you leave today’
I went directly to Mr. Web’s office. ‘Can I help you? His secretary asked.
‘My Web just emailed me to come and see him’ I answered.
‘Mr. Web is in a meeting with the company president, I will go in and make sure they want you in there’ she informed me. She went into the meeting coming out a few moments later. ‘They told me for you to wait until they come and get you, their talking promotions so good luck to you’ she said and packed up her stuff and left for the day. I sat in the hard plastic chair for over an hour when the door opened and a bunch of men left the meeting, their coats in hand. After about half an hour Mr. Web came out and invited me in. the office was a large room with a board table in it. Mr. Web closed the door behind us. There were about ten men still in the office even though at least ten had left. I sat down nervously looking around the room.
‘How are you? One of the men asked me.
‘Fine thank you’ I answered
‘We are in a precarious situation aren’t we? He said. Not knowing what to say I stayed quiet. One of our board members was on a little trip and came across someone who to say the least help him out. He was so grateful he asked for you to be his personal assistant. However after talking with him we feel you services can be more useful here’ I wasn’t sure what was happening and stayed quiet. ‘After learning of your exploits we are going to change your job description to floater and you will work evenings and nights from now on’ They all looked at one another with large smiles on their faces. ‘You will be given a small raise in salary and some other types at night, if you know what I mean’ he said and they all broke out in laughter. ‘In short you will work on us at night and if you don’t those pictures go to every employee and over the net’
I was trapped and I knew it. I was going to be the companies whore, not totally a bad thing, think what I could get on each of them and if anything happened black mail them like they are doing to me. ‘Ok’ I said and once again they started to laugh as some started to leave and others turned to one another with papers. I was asked to sign some papers. ‘This is the new job description it says you have to be dressed in a skirt or dress, stockings stilettos and a blouse. I know you know what we want so dress for the part. We have been told you look great all dolled up so make sure we feel we chose wisely’ he said having me sign the papers then tucking them away in his brief case. Then they asked me to leave go home and get ready for tomorrow night.
I arrived at my apartment horny to be honest and went to my closet and looked through all my girl outfits, when a knock came at my door. I opened it to find one of the men who was in the room when my offer was made. He handed me a large bag of what looked to be dry cleaning. ‘These are what you are to wear tomorrow’ he said ‘Oh and be sure your nice and smooth and lubed’ he said capitalizing on the lubed part. He then left.
The next day I dressed as required by my new job description. I was given a tight black stretchy skirt that went to just above my knees and was very hard to walk in. It stretched so much that one could see through it easily. My top was a black lace blouse that left nothing to the imagination. Under it I wore a black lace bra. I knew what was expected of me so I wore a black lace garter belt with sheer black stockings. I also wore a long hair wig, did my nails and make up then slipped on my extra high stilettos as I am very short I doubt it was going to matter. I showed up at work and went directly to Mr Web’s office, where he was waiting for me.
‘Aw come in, you look great’ he said moving me into the office with his hand on my ass. In the room were two men fully naked sitting in a large leather chair. ‘I have to go out for a bit, entertain these two good men will you’ he said then left. The two men jumped up and out of the seats and move towards me like vulture on a fresh kill. They pushed me up against the paneled wall, their hands moving over my body, feeling their way around. I was soon moved over to the board table and bent over it as my skirt was hiked up to my waist and a finger pushed easily into my ass. Then one of them sat on the table and moved over in front of me pushing my head down on to his hard cock while the other gently sank his cock into my ass. They both moaned at the same time. As I worked one and the other worked me we became comfortable with one another. After just a few minutes they came one in each end not pulling out but making me take their sperm deep in both ends. Once they were done with me they called Mr Web and got dressed.
Mr. Web walked into the office as they were finishing getting dressed. ‘I give him a nine point five’ one said. ‘I give him a ten but he needs to take the hormones asap’ the other replied as they quickly moved out the door. Mr. Web just stood there looking at me.
‘You do look hot’ he said undoing his belt. ‘I think we have to amend your contract’ he said as his cock bounced from his pants as they hit the floor. He pointed to the floor in front of him and I moved and kneeled before him. He lifted his cock to my lips and put his hand on my head pushing his cock in to my mouth. I began sucking his cock and when it got hard he forced it deeper into my throat and began moving rapidly. ‘Grab my as’ he ordered and my hands did so now rocking his hips in and out of my mouth. Then he started shooting his load in to my mouth but kept fucking my mouth as he did so. I tried to swallow his load but with him still moving and going deep some slipped out and ran down my chin and dripped slowly onto my blouse. After Mr. Web was finished he walked me to another office. The hallway went along the outside of the building where large window were everywhere. He held onto my arm like a bad school girl being lead to the principal’s office. We stopped and looked out the window.
‘Did you know if you sat in your car down there with binoculars you can see up the women’s skirts, and before this desk was in the hall it was a table and I got some nice panty shots of Mrs. Wrigley? That’s why the glass table is back, you will sit here when you come to work and you will do all you work at this desk’ he said pulling me to one side and looking at my skirt. ‘I want your skirts to be much shorter three quarters up the thigh from now on. So tonight you get off early, wear something extra sex tomorrow’ he said pushing me up against the glass desk and reaching under my skirt and squeezing my balls and cock. Then he turned and walked away.
The next day I went directly to my desk wearing a mini dress that went just past my crotch. There were papers on the desk with my name on it I looked though them to find a prescription for a patch that I was to have on for now on. A man came up behind me and pushed me face down onto the table. I could hear him unzipping his pants so I spread my legs. He made me lift one of my legs onto the desk as he began to fuck my ass and I tried to push back. It felt great as I was becoming accustom being the company whore. He fucked me and finished but held me down in the same position as someone else did the same thing. After the third guy filled my ass, my legs was getting soar from being on top of the desk. They said nothing just fucked my ass then moved on. Once they left I looked around before moving my leg off the desk. I turned to walk around the desks with the papers in my hand when the president stopped behind me.
‘Who are you?’ he asked
‘Mr.Web hired me’ I said nervously.
‘Why are you still here?’ he questioned.
‘I am here to finish what wasn’t done during the day. I work nights’ I said and it seems to appease him and he went on his way. I sat on the chair and thought of someone looking under my skirt so I opened my legs for a good look. The president walked back dropping his pen he was playing with in front of my desk. I watched as he picked it up and snuck a peek up my skirt. When he stood up I smiled at him and him at me. Only once more did someone come to me that night and got a blow job. Each night the president would walk by and talk to me, what I do if I was married and less and less did I have to work for Mr. Web. After five months the president asked me out on a date and I accepted. It was late after my shift with no action. We went to a Chinese place. It was quiet and no one in the place.
After the food came he asked me ‘Are you a guy or a girl?’
‘What do you think?’ I asked him
‘You’re a guy in woman’s clothing. Very hot by the way’ he replied
‘Thank you’ I said ‘I guess I can’t fool you’ I said smiling. The night went on and he saw me to my door. ‘Would you like to come in?’ I asked and he accepted. We sat on my couch a talked for a long time. He was single all his life and sex was not in the cards but now he was regretting his life. The more we talked the more I felt close to him even though he was twenty years older than I am. I could no longer help myself and I leaned in and kissed him and he kissed back. He slowly moved the spaghetti straps of my dress off my shoulder and exposed my petite breasts that begged to be touched. He cupped one of them and sucked on my nipple that had become very sexually sensitive from the patches that I wore. My hand went for his pants as I fondled his cock soon I was naked riding his hard cock on the couch. The first time he exploded into my ass felt like he wouldn’t stop, the second time he exploded in my mouth, and the last two more times filled my ass. He said he was making up for lost time. He left in the early morning leaving me naked on the living room floor.
I showed up at work to find Mr. Web waiting for me at my desk with some papers I had to sign. After I signed them I gave him a blow job then he had a doctor examine me right there on the desk. I was told to be at the doctor’s clinic in the morning. Not knowing what this was about I showed up and asked. ‘The patch you have been on is to make your breasts grow and it is working very well but now you will be getting a hair transplant and some laser hair removal from your body’ he informed me. I was given a needle and put to sleep and when I woke up I had a full head of hair, long hair just past my shoulders. I way lying on a table bed type thing and noticed I was naked, I looked at myself there was no more hair to be found and my nipples were being pulled by some suction thing and small droplets of milks came from them.
‘Your awake’ the doctor said walking in. ‘great news, your breasts are supplying milk which means they are forming perfectly and the hair transplant went perfect too. Now just remove those balls and we have a woman’ he looked at me while playing with my balls.
‘Not today’ I said. He removed the suction cups from my breasts and let me dress. I felt entirely different. I felt like more a woman than I have ever before, even the way I walked, my hips swayed from side to side and my ass was begging for some hot action. It was time to go to work. I showed up at my desk and Mr. Web waiting he took my hand and lead me out of the building and to his car. He opened the back door and told me to get in I started to move in when he told me to lie down on the seat. He left the door opened as he fucked me hard tying my feet with the seat belts up in the air. He squirted his load deep inside my wanting ass, then pulled his spent cock out crawled over me and forced me to suck his cock clean.
‘You’re the companies whore do as your told’ he said to me. After he was clean he sent me back to my desk where another man waited. He pushed me over the desk and started fucking my ass without remorse. Then just as I was waiting for his load to be shot inside of me he pulled out and shot all over the desk. The next guy was standing waiting for us to finish. He pushed my head into the cum on the desk while he fucked my ass.
‘Lick the cum off the desk’ he ordered. As I did he seem to get more excited and pulled his cock out and made me take his load all over my face, then shoved his cock down my throat making me clean it before he left. Then he left. I cleaned myself up and the cum off the desk when the president walked in.
‘You still here?’ he said
‘Yup’ I answered
‘Would you like to go to Paris with me this week end, kind of a romantic getaway’ I thought for a moment.
‘I would love that’ I said when Mr. Web walked in.
‘Sir I was just about to her that she has to work this week end, you know the Japanese clients’ Web said and the president turn to me, winked and said ‘Another time’ and walked away.
“Go to the board room right now’ Mr Web said in a hush tone. I moved quickly and opened the door where I found a long line up of men. Web followed.
‘We need to know how much that sweet little ass can hold before you beg to be left alone’ he said holding my arm tightly and leading me to the front of the line. The first guy grabbed me and tore off my dress from me, so I was standing in my garters, stocking, and bra. He grabbed a hand full of hair and forced me over a leather plush chair and forced his hard cock into my ass, although he did not take long before finishing in my ass. I was moved to another chair this one a hard wooden chair where I was tied with both legs to two chair legs and both of my hand to two chair legs bent over with my ass exposed. Man after man fucked my ass. The more they fucked me the more my ass loosened up. Sperm ran freely down my legs and over my stockings as I was re filled time and time again. It no longer hurt but felt good. Not impressed Mr Web moved me to a glass table that were plenty around the office. I was tied down ass up and fucked over and over letting all the sperm drip onto the table only to turn me around and put my face in it after it had accumulated some. They love to make me lick up all the cum and suck it off the table. I heard one guy say that he could do this all night. After six hours of this I would have thought my ass to be to sore but found that it had loosened up so much I enjoyed the ride. After everyone had left Mr Web walked over to me to untie me.
‘Most whores would be crying by now. It’s time to go home slut’ I sat up and felt my ass, it was sore when I sat so I stood up and when I went to put on my dress it was torn and could not be worn. I took some old clothing I found in the lost and found and went home.
The next day was Friday and I went into work as ordered and Mr Web was waiting for me. He had a dress he wanted me to wear. He ordered me to put it on and to have nothing under it. I removed all my clothing and slip the dress on over my head. It clung to me like a wet towel and I was very sheer. ‘That’s looks better. A whore should look the part’ he said. We went to his car and drove to the airport where we met a bunch of oriental men then back to their hotel. The men made all kinds of moves on me but never moving to get me to bed. They asked me to lie down on the coffee table in the middle of the room then they all started jerking off and before long shot their loads all over me covering me in sperm. Then they grabbed my hair and forced me to lick one of the guys ass. Making me rim him that got him hard again. They held me down as he pulled my hair and kissed me and played with my cock making it hard. They loved pulling my hair forcing me to take their cock up my ass to swallow their loads. It was somewhat rough but I was enjoying it. I could not understand what they were saying or what they wanted. They stood in a line well someone tied my hand behind my back then make me crawl from one cock to another as they face fucked me hard and when they were going to shoot they would force me to show them the load before making me swallow it. This went on for most of the night. I thought we were done as I had swallowed a ton of sperm but they had other ideas.
‘Hello’ I heard a voice as I sat in my lingerie with a cock down my throat and my hand tied behind me. It was a bunch of young Japanese men in suits. They all yelled something and the guys began to undress. I was surprised at how big their cocks looked. I was untied and put on my back as one after another fucked my ass as someone held my legs up. Every young guy fucked my ass to completion. I lied there as they started to get changed, I could see some still with hard on’s. I walked over and pushed them to the ground one at a time and mounted their cocks riding each cock and kissing the men until he gave in and gave me his sperm. With my ass full of fresh sperm and my belly full with the old, I started to get dress. I plan to visit the president on Monday.

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