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I am an accountant that works out of his home, I have lived in the same house now for 6 years with my wife of who works in the city for a law firm. My next door neighbors the Smiths (Janet and Greg) are good people and have to grown children and one more daughter ready to go to University this fall. Greg mentioned to me his daughter was going to school this year to become a business major, asked if I had any advice or wisdom for her. I told him I had a better idea, she could intern with me for the summer to see how money and accounting works to get a better feel for business workings. He said he would send her over if she was interested.
I had seen Rebecca all the time coming and going here and there, she was an attractive petit little thing like her mother, about five seven, skinny shoulder length dirty blond hair, and brown eyes. But when she came to see me she was dressed conservatively in a grey knee length skirt, and jacket with a white blouse and pumps to match her dress. The suit was a little tight, so it showed off her ass really well. When she undid her jacket when sitting talking it exposed her small but wonderful breast, poking at the material, her nipples reacting to the air conditioning (lucky me). We talked for a while and she was going to start the next day, I told her since this was my home casual dress was fine, unless clients were coming by.
So thing went fine first week or so, she likes to dress in skirts and shirt for comfort. Which is fine but the skirts were getting shorter by the second week.
We were taking a break in the kitchen one Thursday afternoon when the conversation drifted to the usual boring subjects to the fact her bedroom window faces our bedroom window.
“I can see you sometimes when you and your wife make love” she said with a coy smile. I had no idea, and was a bit embarrassed.
“don’t be shy, you two are very sexy when you screw…… and rally hot when you just fuck.”
“I am sorry”
“don’t be you guys liven up a boring evening “
That night as we were getting ready for bed I looked out our window to the Smiths, and realized when I saw Becky at her computer she wasn’t lying. The thought made me hard, I seduced my wife and we made love on the chair beside the widow, I noticed the light out across the way but I knew we were being watched.
The next day as she was leaving Becky said she had decided to return the favor tonight about midnight. I got out of bed as my wife slept and walked over and sat in the chair looking out the window with no lights on. About five after 12 her desk light came on revealing her leaning against the window sill naked and wet from shower. She was touching herself and rubbing her neck, and slowly meticulously working her way down her body. Slowly rubbing and pinching her nipples, and licking her lips. One hand went down to her pussy and began massaging the clit like it was a tense back muscle. I could just make out the expression of ecstasy on her face as she pushed 3 fingers into her vagina and pumped them till she came. She then turned out the light and I jerked off then went to bed.
The next morning was business as usual until lunch we were eating our lunch and she broke the silence. Did “you jerk off to my show last night? I hope so it was all for you”
“I did, thanks for the show”
“oh its not done yet” she said putting a hand on my arm
“you know I am married”
“yes and you have a beautiful wife, but you can also have a younger lover, who is eager to please”
“I I mean we shouldn’t”
” I have watched you since I was 13 and you moved in here, in summer wearing string bikinis and tight short shorts. Sure it always got me any boy I wanted except the on e I wanted.”
“this seems strange, why would a 19 year old girl want me?”
“a 19 year old who has been dating her own age, and getting no satisfaction for it, and here you sit a man who knows how to please and alone every day”
“Let me think about it”
I got up and went back into the office thinking that would end it, but I was wrong she followed me to the office and sat next to me on the leather couch in there. By the time she was beside me her shirt was off and could see rock hard nipples.
“this isn’t from the air in here, you turn me on. Think how lucky you could be. You and your wife screw almost 5 times a week I can go at least that many.” she began un doing my pants. “besides we fucked last night there was no actual contact.”
She pulled my cock out of the fly and caressed it like an expert, after she licked my ear and began jerking me off I could no longer hold back. She made me rock hard and ready to go.
“I love cock so much” she said as she started sucking long and soft on my member. After about a minute I was at the point of no return so I went with it.
I grabbed her hair and raised her up kissed her and sat he back on the arm of and ripped her panties off, I raised up her skirt to he thigh and proceeded to eat her already sopping wet pussy. I lapped her like an animal. She was so turned on she began humping and grinding into my face, as she played with her own tits. I licked my way to her tits and sucked on them through a pink lace bra.
I stood up to take off my pants she stood too and help with my pants as I took off my golf shirt. She licked my chest as I turned her so her back was to the desk’
“bend me over this bad boy” she begged so I did I turned her around so her hands were spread on the desk and widened her legs a little as I put my hand on her neck pushing her down and entering her from behind.
I left one hand there as I placed the other on her hip and began to pump her hard and fast. Gradually placing the 2nd hand on her thigh as well and she rose back to her hands. I was thrusting her faster again as she begged for it. I backed out of her and spun her around quickly pulling her to the couch she pushed me down on my back and sat on my cock and began bucking again. I grabbed and fondled her tits as she fucked the hell out of me. She came like thunder grabbing and mashing my chest but still kept going, leaning forward and using the arm for balance as she stopped bucking and began grinding. She licked my chest and nipples as she ground her way to another more subtle climax.
“its okay to come inside me I am on the pill” she growled. I pushed her forward and sat up repositioning her so I was standing and she was on her shoulders on the couch her knees bent over my shoulders, as I leaned in holding the back of the couch as I fucked her silly. I blew my load inside her with a coming like I have never felt it was long and intense. So intense I immediately dropped to my knees falling out of her collapsing on her tummy.
“this is going to be a great summer” she said stroking my hair
“then again at Christmas break”
I am the luckiest man alive this summer getting it from 2 amazing women. Not much work gets done though, but at least my wife has no idea, and neither does Greg we still play golf once a week.

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  1. Now THIS one was HOT!! A great turn on…I am SOOOOOO wet and so ready for a fucking good time with my man…wake up Lover…your PW is cumming…

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  2. Cum on guys….won’t you tell me what you think of this one? Tell me what you would like to do with me right now…

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  3. bigeasy

    liked your little brother seducation much better. mor erotic

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