The Hotel part 2

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It has been a few years now and I have taken over the role left by Mr van Heyden. He handed me the role when he left to start up a new hotel on one of the Greek islands. And I can remember the specific evening that I made the transition to management and stepped up into Mr van Heyden’s role.

It was a planned gala event for the regular guests of the hotel. It was Polly that was arranging the affair (as she had been promoted to Events Director some time ago). Everyone was involved really. We needed to have close scrutiny of the guests, as we did not want any wrong messgaes getting out and as this was going to be as close to a public affair that the hotel had, we needed to control any information.

So, the evening arrived and the guests were arriving. I have to admit at being amazed at the attire some of the guests chose to wear (or not to wear as the case may be). There was a serious amount of bare flesh and sensuously tight fitting dresses and trousers that left little to the imagination. The outfit of the vening went to a particularly curvaceous woman that had henna tattoos down her body and a silken sarong tied at her waist. Amazing.

Anyway, the evening progressed well until almost simultaneously a coule appeared in the lobby locked in a sexual embrace and exposing more than just flesh and a news crew walked into the main entrance. The cameraman immediately swung the camera around and started to record the action. I had one of the staff attend to the couple and I went over to the news crew, well, the cameraman and the reporter.

‘Can I help you?’ I asked. The female reporter turned to me, along with the camera, and asked,’Is this the sort of behaviour you encourage at this establishment? Is this a licensed brothel? Are you the propietor? Don’t you realise that what those two were doing in public is illegal in this state?’

With a firm smile I responded to the barrage, ‘I am sorry, but this is a private function, and as you can see, sometimes people can take things a little too far.’ I offered to direct the reporter and her cameraman off to one-side. She was being a little pushy and started to move toward where the couple had been taken, back toward the main function room.

Again, more firmly this time I moved in front of her and stated, ‘This is a private function.’ Then a question arose for me. ‘Might I ask how you gained entry to the property ma’am?’ Knowing that the gate house should have reminded them of the use of electronic equipment and recording devices. Her response was the standardly terse, ‘I’m from the press. I can go anywhere I choose.’

‘Well, I am sorry to inform you, that unless invited, you cannot enter here and most certainly not with that equipment unless quthorised.’

She stopped and looked at me with a condescending grin on her face. ‘Is that so? Well, buddy, let me tell you, that when flagrant abuses of the law are taking place right under the noses of your neighbors, your authority is no longer required.’ She moved to push past again.

‘I really am sorry, but at no time has there been any illegal undertakings on these premises. Can I ask how you came to believe this?’

She pulled out her iPhone and scrolled the screen to a received picture message of a large room depicting a mass orgy. It was pretty much what I expected to be going on in the main function room. ‘Do you deny that this is not going on here?’ she demanded.

‘Not at all.’ That stopped her. She looked at me and no longer was advancing down the lobby. ‘What do you mean?’ she quizzed.

‘As I mentioned, there is a private function taking place in our main reception hall. That is all I am at liberty to say. We do reserve the right of all of our patrons to the utmost privacy. The laws of the state do attest to privacy. If you would like to come with me, hopefully I can explain things a little better.’

We moved toward the offices behind the lobby counter. I asked one of the staff to accompany me.

We arrived in the largest of the office meeting rooms, and while not palatial, it could seat 12 people comfortably. Just as we began to start, the reporters phone beeped again and she had received another message. She opened the note and was even more startled. She showed it to me and asked, ‘How do you explain this?’ The picture in front of me showed two women sitting facing each other with a large dildo connecting their moist cunts while they were servicing large, hard cocks with their mouths.

I was more curious as to how the messages were being received. ‘ As I said, this is a private function.’ I made a note for my colleague to find out how the messages were being sent and received. Then as he left, there was another beep. I caught a glimpse of the message. It was asking where she was.

I thought I saw her catch her breath and noticed that her tight blouse now had definite points where her nipples were showing through the fabric.

‘Look, I really am sorry Miss..?’


‘Miss Fulton. But you see, not only is this a private function, but we also operate our own telecoms network across the hotel area. Right now you would be roaming onto that network. And as we own and operate this network, we have the right to search through records where we and the authorities believe that something illegal has occurred.’

I smiled at her and noticed that she was starting to realise that the ‘I’m from the press’ line wasn’t going to work here.

‘On top of that, when anyone arrives at the property they are advised of our communications policy because we value the privacy of our clients above everything else. Yes, we operate a hotel. What our clients choose to do while they stay with us is a matter for themselves.’ A thought flashed to my mind at that point of the very sophisticated video editing suite just down the hall and how clients made use of that facility. Miss Fulton didn’t need to know that, well, right now at least.

Just then, the couple that had burst into the lobby at the beginning of the tale appeared ot th conference room door, followed by my colleague and Mr van Heyden.

Mr van Heyden then took cotrol of things. ‘So it seems we have interrupted a small spy ring here.’ He indicated across to the couple and then cast his cool gaze on Miss Fulton. ‘It seems that a previous guest with a desire to take some advantage tried to engineer a black-mail operation.’ Still staring at Miss Fulton. He produced a few sheets of paper that had some call data records with time stamps and sent and received numbers.

‘Miss Fulton, I assume your number is 701 555 6002 and that Mr,’ he paused to look at his notes, ‘Parry has the number 233 443 1020. Is that correct.’ Quiet nods.

‘Good. As such I can say that you are all in breach of our communications policy which is subject to federal authority. These records can prove your attempt and charges will be laid and defended should you wish to proceed.’

Miss Fulton, Mr Parry and his partner were obviously astonished.

Mr van Heyden then turned his attention to Mr Parry’s partner. ‘Miss Fulton as well I understand.’ She blushed. The reporter dropped her head. ‘You were the guest of one of our guests some time ago. I fail to understand what you thought you could achieve here, but then, as I now see that we have a representative from one of our local TV stations, with the same name, things fall into place a little. Needing some more cash to support that shopping habit? Can’t quite afford the latest Versace number or D&G sunglasses since you parted with Mr. Douglas?’ He moved over to her and she slumped into a chair as he leaned over her.

‘Couldn’t you please him any more with your “attributes”?’ He deftly moved his hand across her dress and her ample breasts spilled out. The studs holding the remainder of the dress in place quickly popped open to reveal a shapely figure, shaved cunt and lithe long legs. ‘It is a pity that someone with your statistics should drop to something like this.’ He reached out and gently massaged one of her full breasts. ‘Hmmm, low grade silicone as well. That won’t be so nice in a few years.’ Mr Parry gave her a querying look as he reached out to massage the other breast. ‘It should be almost undetectable from the real thing. Compare.’ He was standing next to the reporter when he said that and had a firm hand flat against her tits. ‘Feel that one. That’s what it should be like.’

The reporter Miss Fulton glared at the obvious intrusion but remained silent. Mr Parry leaned over and took pleasure in having his hands full of warm breasts. ‘Either way for both of you Miss Fultons, you do have excellent assests. Look.’ He said indicating the camerman who was sporting a large bulge in his trousers.

‘I am happy that this will not progress any further, will it.’ he questioned staring around the room. ‘I’ll keep hold of this evidence in case it is required, just to be certain.’ With that he left.

Mr Parry in the mean time was not able to help himself and had a mouthful of breast and was sucking and licking across his partners tits while still massaging the reporter sister. The first one had also shrugged off her dress and was playing with her clit. She then said, ‘Wow, that guy is just so hot! I mean, the power when he looks at you, like, you just want to melt.’ Her cunt was so obviously wet with the passion that had welled up. The camerman moved to take some advantage and released his cock from his trousers. Both of the Fulton sisters gave in to their desire and flung themselves at the available meat of Mr Parry and the camerman.

I left them to their desires. Soem time later, the reporter Miss Fulton appeared out of the meeting room and she saw me so I beckoned her over. I had already had a copy made of the activities in the room and it was in an envelope on my office desk.

‘I think you need to se this.’ I said. She came over to my office. ‘Close the door’ I said. She did, then I loaded the memory stick into the PC and opened the file recording. It started to play the meeting room scene and I could see her catch her breath again. ‘But how…?’ she began. ‘All part of our services here.’ I responded. I noticed that her hand had gone between her legs when Mr van Heyden entered the room and started his talk. I moved behind her and at the moment Mr van Heyden touched her breast in the meeting room, I did the same again. She took my hand and lifted it to her mouth and sucked on my index finger. It was then that I noticed a line of cum in her dark hair and a wet stain down the front of her shirt. ‘Do you want me to add to that?’ I asked she nodded taking my other fingers into her hot mouth.

I reached in to my trousers and released my throbbing cock. She grasped it in her firm hands and stroked a few times before swallowing it down. After about 2 or 3 entries into her wet mouth there was a tap at the door and Mr van Heyden walked in. She stopped mid stream. Mr van Heyden walked over to the desk and placed a hand on my shoulder and took the other hand and shook my hand.

‘Well done Adam.’ he said. ‘You managed that situation very well, to the point of having an excellent response from our local media outlet.’ At which point he opened his trousers and fed his hard cock into her waiting mouth. ‘You really did an excellent job’ again he placed both hands on my shoulders then pulled me in and kissed me deeply, letting his tongue dwell in my mouth. As he withdrew there was a line of saliva that moved slowly. I reached up and collected it. I then reached over and opened his shirt found his tight nipples and gently twisted. He removed Miss Fulton from his cock then let her rimm his arse while she extended her hand and jacked his hard member.

I slapped her butt then entered her wet pussy from behind while she bathed Mr van Heyden’s arse with her spit. The previous meeing room scene was still playing on the PC so there was more to look at than I could really contain. Too quickly I just let fly a soaked Miss Fulton skirt and back with my man juice. Mr van Heyden turned and gave her a hefty load of spunk in her hair and face.

‘I hope we can do more business on better footing next time.’ I said a she straightened her attire and left the hotel.

Mr van Heyden looked at me again with a smile and said’ I knew you were the right man for the job!’

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