The Sexy CEO

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She is the CEO and always looks and smells great. She was always intimidating and I was always nervous when I had to meet with her. She worked long hours and I suspect she earned every cent she was paid. Her working hours also made me wonder what her personal life was like.
Her jet black hair, the smell of her perfume and small but proportional body are things I know I should not be focusing on in any meeting with her but I couldn’t help myself. She was educated with two degrees and in an economic status three times my own.
With my IT budget finally approved and the meeting over I watched out of the corner of my eye as she left the board room.
When the new laptops arrived I was told by her assistant that the CEO wanted one of the new laptops. I was surprised as hers was only a year old. I was not unhappy to spend some time in her office though. As I watched her leave for lunch I unpacked her new laptop.
I sat down at her current laptop and started to copy her files to the network drive to copy back down to her new computer. She had photo as her background on her desktop that she wanted me to apply to her new laptop.
While looking for this photo I came across a folder that contained several explicit photos of my CEO. These were all pictures taken in front of a mirror. I was shocked at the way they were taken but I was more surprised at the fact that this straight laced no-nonsense CEO would have photos like that on her laptop.
If someone else had found these the implications would be disastrous. As I copied the rest of her files up to the network I pondered the idea of just deleting these photos off of her laptop and leaving it at that. In the end I decided to copy the entire contents including these photos to her new laptop and leave her old laptop in her office. I would then have a discrete conversation with her later that day.
Later that evening I went down to her office. Her light was the only one on in the entire office. So I wouldn’t startle her I moved some boxes around just outside her office. She was busy working on a document but turned when she hear me and asked how I was doing. “Great I said, how is the new computer working out?” I asked.
Its Great she said! “There are a few things I need to point out about the laptop; do you have time I asked?” “Sure, come on in.”
She sat at her chair as I stood behind her and pointed out some of the new features of the new version of the Office suite that came with the laptop. I then told her that I was able to copy everything to her new laptop and all went well.
As I sat down in one of her leather visitor chairs I told her that I needed to have a delicate conversation with her and that I was not here to judge but that I had a concern that needed to be discussed. At that, the confusion and concern was obvious. “What is it?” she asked.
Could you please open your Pictures folder? As she complied, I asked her that before we go further that she understand that I had to have conversations like this before and they are really no big deal. She started to get irritated and demanded I get to the point. I apologized and told her to drill down to her last sub folder and open it up.
No! she screamed… I jumped up with a start and told her to calm down. Without looking at me she asked. “What do you want” I don’t want anything I said. I just wanted you to know that if someone else had found these that it could have been disastrous. “It is a disaster she said.”
Think about it I said. I came to you and this is as far as this is going to go. It’s not the disaster you think it is. With that she got up and closed her office door. “Did you make a copy of these?” No, I did not. There is a copy on your new computer and, your old computer is next to your desk on the floor and that has a copy as well. I thought you might want to delete them yourself.
She sat down the leather sofa and put her head in her hands. “I am so humiliated she said.” That is the last thing I wanted I said. Everyone is human and you are no exception. This should be a learning experience and that’s as far as it should go I told her.
“I was drinking wine that night. I don’t really have a personal life and I was having a bit of fun.” I am really shy when it comes to meeting men.” I do not need an explanation, I told her. As far as I am concerned this never happened.
But it did! I am so sorry you had to see those. “Believe me, I am not I said.” At that, she shot me an icy stare. I knew instantly that was the wrong thing to say. I told her I misspoke, I was sorry and I got up to leave. Sit down! she said. Explain that last remark she demanded. I stammered a bit but she insisted I explain in detail what it is I meant by that.
In a lower tone of voice and without making eye contact I told her that it was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. What she said? Explain that! I looked her directly in the eye this time. In the context of who you are, being the CEO, you have always been very professional but you are a very beautiful woman. To see photos like that of you was frankly, one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.
She just shook her head as she stared at me. “Do you have any photos I can look at?” I don’t I said with a bit of surprise at the question. With that she got up, staring at me the whole time she walked to the office door and locked it. “It was the most erotic thing you have ever seen huh?” “Well I want to see you naked and if you don’t have a picture I don’t really care.”
This is not happening I thought to myself. What do you mean I asked? Stand up and take off your clothes she demanded. I started to say something but she said “just shut up and do it.” “I know what you think of me and I have not had sex in over a year.” “In your words, we are all human right?”
With that I took off my clothes. Standing there feeling vulnerable she took in the full view of me standing there with a hard cock. With a smile, she looked at me and said “Now we are just about even.”
She came over and wrapped her hand around my cock and put one had on my ass. “This is very nice she said.” I could cum just standing here holding this.” Be my guest I said.” With that, she got down on her knees and slid her tongue along the length of my cock and then took it into her mouth. As I ran my fingers through her jet black hair her rhythm got faster.
She looked up at me and said “I really need you to fuck me with this.” She stood up and removed her clothes and said “Fuck me on my desk.” I turned her around and put both hands on her tits and made my way down to her sweet spot. She spread her legs and moaned. Her pussy was dripping wet. I laid her on her desk and started to suck her tits. I made my way around to the front of her .I then put my face between her legs. She arched her back and let out a loud moan. “I am cuming she moaned.”
As she eased her back down on to the table her breathing was heavy. I stood up and rubbed my cock on her clit. I entered her slowly. She said “fuck me hard and fast and when you are ready to cum I want your cock on my mouth.” “That was not going to take long I told her.” with that she moaned again as I fucked her hard and fast.
I told her I was ready to cum. She slid off the desk onto her knees, took my cock into her mouth and put both hands on my ass. I exploded instantly and she took everything I could give.
She finally melted to the floor and lay on her stomach. I lay down next to her and kissed the small of her back. The closer I got to her ass the louder she moaned. I slipped my hand between her legs putting one finger in her sweets pot while softly massaging her anus. As I ran my tongue lightly between the crack of her ass she screamed and moaned. “Fuck me there she said.” “Please fuck me there !”
As she got up on her hands and knees I buried my face in her sweet spot alternating between the crack of her ass and her now dripping pussy. She pushed her ass against my face as she moaned. “Fuck me she said.” Fuck me hard in that other place.”
As I got behind her I eased the head of my cock against her anus. She pushed back hard against me and let out a scream. I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could. “I am cumming, cum in me! She yelled.
We both fell to the floor in a heap. After a while she rolled over and asked “What did we just do?” “We acted like humans I said with a smile.” She jabbed me and got up. “I feel this is probably worse than you seeing the photos.” I am your superior and this type of activity never ends well for anyone.”
I was going to tell you this next week I said; but I have been offered another position and I am submitting my two weeks as of now. As she pulled her dress on she looked at me in shock. “Really she said?” Why? I just felt it was time for a change and now more than ever I think we can both agree it’s the right move.
I will be sad to see you go but now that you are, I will be working late for the next two weeks. Now get out of my office she said with a smile…
Finding the photos is true, The CEO is as hot as described.. I will be leaving this company in a few weeks. I will still have the conversation with her about the photos that are on her computer and just keep the rest a fantasy…

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